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More than ever now, when we are crossing perhaps the darkest period for the IE modding community, I can but thank people like Demi and Mike who are working so hard (and for free!) for us players!


Sincere thanks.

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I'll thank Demivrgvs and Mike1072 too.


perhaps the darkest period for the IE modding community
But could it be that the Moders have done something extra special in honor of the 10 year, and we can't see it, cause we weren't invited... yet? :)
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Thank you all for playing IR and SR and contributing to them! That is the best thanks a player can give to a modder! :)


P.S I couldn't reach Mike yesterday because we're both quite busy but we've agreed on catching ourselves tonight (though my "tonight" is far from his :hm: ). He shouldn't have to check much, but I do prefer him to check what I've done, I don't trust myself! ;)

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