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Who's interested?

Grim Squeaker

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Who are these NPCs btw? I don't actually recognise any of them...


And you are....?



Arg, Thash are 'monster' NPC's (they are part of the new "monsters are human too" movement). Galoomp is, as Cam rightly said, the book-sellers in the Promenade. All 3 NPC's have an outline thread over at the mcwrench.com forums. I intend to update the forums over the weekend, so look for some new info then! :thumbsup:


As for Anras - think of the colour green. Now think of a aeroplane. You've just thought of something completely unrelated to Anras.


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Well, my "Chrysta" mod may only just have gotten off the ground, but I am hoping it will be fairly banter-heavy so I would request that she be added to the list...


...not that there will be much action until later in the year when she approaches release-worthiness, but I wanted to express my interest at an early stage.




Sir K



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Perhaps it would be an idea to split the list into "Released NPCs" and "NPC ideas" sections so it is clearer who is actually around and wants writing for.

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I think it's a great idea, Andyr. I would also suggest creating some sort of character profiles for those NPC's author who actively want their NPCs bantering with others and include sample banters, because with so many NPCs it is difficult to find out which you'd be interested in writing cross-material for (while I'd like Kivan to interact with as many as possible, there are NPCs that I doubt he will ever end up in the party with) and it facilitates writing if you have a character speech sample and backstory. Name alone tells me nothing about an NPC.

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