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G3 welcomes Miella and Kivan of Shilmista projects


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Two new projects have joined G3, and one almost completed to boot! Briannandoah is working on Miella, a neutral good human priestess who will offer you her friendship and a shoulder to cry on when needed. Domi is wrapping up Kivan of Shilmista (currently at a closed beta), a WeiDU mod which adds a joinable NPC from BG1, Kivan, and under certain curcumstances, his elven wife Deheriana to the cast of BG2 actors. This mod is a first cut at telling one of the most romantic stories of BG1.

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Good God, more mods! :( Do you realize I simply don't have the time to play them all? I guess I'll die of old age before I have tried all the mods that interest me... :)


Anyway, keep 'em coming and good luck! :(

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I first started coming here (and still do) because of Delainy, but look how things have grown.


Miella sounds very interesting, and Kivan and his wife bring some BG1 couple flavor into the game, which I don't mind a bit.


The only problem will be making room in the party for all these fine characters. Heh. I guess I'll just have to play the game several more times. Awww, poor me. :)

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