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Flirting with Sand

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This is already out! The announcement must have gone out while we were still having problems with the RSS feeds. If you visit our download center, under "Quests and Others," you will find NWN2 mods. This mod is the only one in that category.

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Thanks for the reply Berelinde. And thanks to you and Domi for all your hard work on this module. I have really enjoyed playing it, and am very grateful to you both for publishing it. So far, I have had no bugs or issues with the new Sand material, it is all working like clockwork!

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This is my first NWN game ever! I'm so looking forward to romances, and although I just met Sand, I can't wait for the full romance. I adore the heck out of him already. :)


I hope that as a total NWN 2 virgin I'll do all right and not step on any land mines. I also need to read this entire thread. I'm just so excited that I couldn't hold back my excitement and thanks.


I never finished NWN 1, (thanks o my being unable to win Solaufein's unwinnable, for me, anyway, battles) so I hope that doesn't hurt me. Tho now that I know Valen is romanceable, I just may have to since it seems the BG 2 one is, sadly, dead.

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I never finished NWN 1, (thanks o my being unable to win Solaufein's unwinnable, for me, anyway, battles) so I hope that doesn't hurt me. Tho now that I know Valen is romanceable, I just may have to since it seems the BG 2 one is, sadly, dead.


The good news about NWN1 is that, in order to romance Valen, you only really need to go through the 2 expansions (SoU and HotU), not the OC, since the PC in the expansions is supposed to be a different person from the one in the OC. Which is just as well, since the OC is, frankly, quite boring.


Although I'm not sure what you mean about Solaufein's unwinnable battles. That's from the BG2 Solaufein mod, isn't it? Because, as far as I remember, there's no Solaufein in NWN1...

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This is the mod I mean for Solaufein. I got stuck and had to give up the game. It was too hard for me. But I may give it another go because I like it. Maybe I can have my hubby try the battle for me?


Anyway, thanks for the info regarding Valen! I didn't want to start another campaign, that would be besides the regular one I need to finish AND the Solaufein one. I want to Romance Valen and I've got Steam versions now I am playing full force. I just have to keep telling myself I can play something other than BG. Lol


NWN 2 is a blast, tho it took bloody forever to get to Neverwinter. Several nights and I finally got there, and can't flirt with Sand yet! Lol


Being pretty physically inactive lately due to injuries, I can at least play games and this makes it all much more pleasant. I just need to hope that berelinde DOES give us a full Sand romance! I adore him already.


For Valen, it is great you told me what to play. I did give up on the OC a few years ago because it WAS a bit...tedious. :). Thank you!

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Oh, I'd never heard of that mod before. I thought you meant the original BG2 Solaufein mod (this one seems to be based on it), especially since it's also infamous for having very difficult battles.


But yeah, NWN1 has a serious problem with companions: even if some of them are interesting, since you're only allowed one, there's no banter, and they never comment on anything. SoU still has the single companion problem, but at least, they do chime in about some stuff (that, and it's a pretty short expansion). HotU is the only one of the lot that allows you 2 companions AND banter. And it brings back most of the OC companions for its first half, so it's really a win-win situation.


Anyways. I should really get started on NWN2 myself. After reading up on it, I'm not expecting much from the storyline, but Sand definitely sounds like an intriguing character. So I'll be giving the flirtpack a try as well ^^


Oh, and I hope your health improves!

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I have to say that I absolutely adore the romance pack, it's great.
I have a few questions concerning Sand's romance mod, though.




1. Does flirting with Sand, Casavir and Bishop at the same time upset the romance "line" of any of them? Or are they independent?

2. Does Sand ever confess his love, or just states sth like: "you have your moments" or "sorry if I have mislead you"?
3. Will there be full Sand romance? :)


End of spoiler.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hello guys.


I'm just checking but will there be an update about this mod ? With full Sand romance ?


I hope it will. The job done until now was very good and it would be a shame if that stops.


Please, let me know if you have news on it. :3


(Oh and sorry. English is not my first language so...)

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