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Flirting with Sand

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:3 Its about time someone put this up! :hm:


I was thinking about making my own.. but I didn't want to go through all the time learning how to script D:


Sand is seriously my favorite game character EVER in ALL the GAMES!!!


=w= so happy to see this coming out...


be sure to send the link when it officaily comes out!!!


Heh... I ussaully reject all the in game romances for sand in the MotB ending -returns to crossroad keep with khelgar and sand :argh: - Casavirs DOUBLE my age and seemily has a thing for girls half his age ._.;.... and bishop's just an @$$#$%& ???

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Unfortunately, things are still in a holding pattern. Fiance is home from the hospital, but he needs home care. I don't have a lot of time. I don't have much work to do to get this released, but I do need several hours together in one stretch. I'm still trying to arrange that.

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Testing is done, actually. I just need to fix the typos and release the next version. It would probably take me about four hours to do it, but I haven't done it yet. I blame the heat. I can work on BG2 on my laptop in any room of the house, including the one room with an air conditioner, but the NWN2 computer is in a room that has no AC. I don't go in there in summer if I can help it. Excuses, excuses, I know, but I have a very, very low tolerance for heat. I should just get it over with and update the mod. Really, the delay is getting ridiculous.

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I completely understand how you feel! I live in Texas and it's so hot outside that I don't even want to walk out to my car anymore. Just 20 minutes out there makes me pass out from heat exhaustion :undecided: Don't know what I'd do without air condition.


Good luck!

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Not quite, but soon.


soon like this month, next month, 3 months...? sorry, I'm excited, I've been wanting a Sand romance very very very badly, and was almost driven to write my own (I'm sure it would have sucked) now I'm beside myself watching forums for a development for download...

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