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Constantly interupted by NPCs?


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Is there any mod that will turn off the constant and even worst Repeated questions by the NPCs?


Could I have installed a mod wrong or something, it's freaking ridiculous. I could be in the middle of Stealing from a house with my group OUTSIDE, they still ask questions, technically not even in the same zone.



Help, thanks for any tips.

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Hm, could this be an InMyArea() check doing this? Because sometimes opponents follow inside a house - does it count as subarea / the same area if it is no "all party member required" entrance or something? If yes, I should reconsider uisng that trigger.


Acleacius - no there is no mod that shuts up all or certain NPCs. If you want help on this we need some more information.

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Thanks for the replies. :cringe:


Miloch, sorry n00b error. I should have listed the mods I am using.




BG2 Tweaks

BG Mini Quests

BG1 NPC Project

Level 1 NPCs

Tutufix 1.8

Tutu GUI



NPC specific:






jastey, I have seen enemies follow me through a zone, though I don't really know enough about the scripting to answer. In the cases where the Party NPCs initiate dialog too often and in many cases force me to repeat the same dialog line I just answered 15 to 30 minutes ago, there was not actual combat occurring.


Senka it sure could be as I have that mod installed. This is the first time I have ever played BG with mods and played the game in a long long time. So I certainly could have installed a mod wrong or not understood the choices, due to lack of experience. I will run the program to check the current setting.



Thanks again for the help. :)




Ardanis not sure I have that mod installed, I will check.

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Rule of thumb - if asked for mods installed, post contents of your WeiDU.log, it often will allow to pin the issue down much more swiftly.


BG1 NPC Project has the accelerator too, so my guess is that you have it installed.

Jason Compton's Accelerated Banter Script

This component installs Jason Compton's Accelerated Banter Script, which basically makes banters happen more often. It is the same one as included with mods such as the Banter Packs for BG2, so if you have installed it there you don't need it again. Don't worry, the installer will tell you if you already have it installed.

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Rule of thumb - if asked for mods installed, post contents of your WeiDU.log, it often will allow to pin the issue down much more swiftly.
And one does that by opening the game directory, then finding the WeiDU.log and then opening it with the Notepad... just like any other text file....
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Thanks for the file name Ardanis and location/extraction Jarno Mikkola.


Not so sure it's a mod, first I tried to turn off More Interjections, then tried to remove Ajantis mod and he still wouldn't shut up. :cringe:


So I thought, maybe it's becasue he is in the frontline next to the PC, so I moved him back. Didn't help, now he's out of the party at the FA inn. Damn never want to have to live through that again.


I would have loved to try the Ajantis mod but constantly having to answer the same questions over and over, makes me not want to play the game, yuk. I think the one he wouldn't shut up about was "What will you do when you find......". I fully remember having to answer that three times between getting him at the farm map, traveling to and wandering around in Beregrost (3 or 4 maps at the most).

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I think the "Ajantis mod" is BG2. So if you're hearing from Ajantis in BG1, it must be BG1 NPC or the like.


I also thought for NPC mods there should be an option when they initiate a banter, such as "Shhh... I'm robbing a house now, can't you see that, you fool!" Er, uh, maybe something more demure like "Could we talk of this later perhaps?" for the more sensitive types. Not slamming the NPC mods, but there's times for chit-chat and times not, but the game engine doesn't really respect that without some really serious scripting or something.

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What kind of scripting would disable NPC comments while the PC or another party member is engaging in burglary? We can keep dialogue from firing during combat, we can (try to) keep dialogue from happening while either the PC or the NPC is invisible, although it's harder to detect when somebody is hidden in shadows. We can even prevent NPCs from talking indoors, if that's your fancy.


Most NPC mods use some kind of See(Player1) trigger. That should cover InMyArea() checks, too. BG1 NPC uses it. The vanilla game does not.


If Ajantis is asking "What will you do when you find..." over and over and over again, chances are good that you have a script loop. Since BG1 NPC has been stable for years, it's possible that your instalation has somehow managed to scramble scripts. Did you uninstall or reinstall anything recently?

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I think having an option to initiate dialog with the NPC would be good, if possible. This way when the PC wants to speak, they can get all the update they want from a specific NPC. Then the NPCs could banter between themselves but maybe under conditions like just loaded a level.


Iirc Dragon Age did this, all the companions initiated dialog banter On Map Load, this way it gets it all out of the way, then you are free to navigate level/zone.


Edit: just remembered DA had map triggers too, for banter. It's been so long since I played it.

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I used the installation guide listed in this forum to install those mods. The only ones I really changed was a couple in BG2 Tweaks and now removing Ajantis which did seem to effect a lot.


I could try to reinstall everything. I really don't need him as a Romance option, just got it since it sounded like it improved dialog interaction.


Just out of curiosity is the reason there is no Iomen romance, becasue the community agree she's a little sister type? I have heard of worst fates than falling in love with your best friend. :cringe:

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If you're in the BG1 portion of the game, you shouldn't even have BG2 Ajantis installed. Since both BGT and BG Tutu both contain BG2 resources, you probably *could*, but it would not affect anything in the BG1 portion of the game.


If you want Baldur's Gate to be like Dragon Age, it cannot be. The underlying framework that supports such a system frankly isn't there. To have dialogue trigger regions, they need to be embedded in the area and they aren't. There is no party camp for dialogues to take place. There could be. It's one of my back-burner projects. But even then, it wouldn't be perfect.


What Baldur's Gate does have is the ability to add NPCs to the game easily without a 4 GB download. Scripting is also a heck of a lot easier.


Edit: Oh, and there is an Imoen Romance. It's for BG2, though, not BG1.

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Thanks for the reply, berelinde.


I had no idea about the Ajantis mod being for BG2 until you and Miloch mentioned it, sure possible it caused the problem. Guess I will do a reinstall and leave off the added NPCs this time, it's been so long I will probably do it canonically anyway.


Nah, I don't want it to be like DA, guess I was tired at 3am. Just the first thing popped in, to control automatic NPC interjections and prevent inconvenient interruptions.


Thanks for the tip about Iomen.

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