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Happy Birthday, Stoplight Red!


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@ Rob: Thanks! I get a full-on band for my birthday, I see! rock on.


@ Domi: awww. shucks.


@ cliffette: thankies!


@ Seif: old age makes you blind, I find.


@ jester: no worries. I'll get plenty of bad singing later, I'm sure of it.


@ meira: thankies!


@ Andyr: heheheh. You need to give recording that line with a Texas accent a go.


@ Grim: thankies!


@ Alar: thankies, thankies!

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Hello Stoplight Red!


A little riddle for you:


10 times you've been congratulated

9 times you thanked


Who is the one you forgot?





I wsh you a happy birthday, too:.

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