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Enhanced Edition

James Harrison

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Hi all!


Got back into BG due to the Beamdog Enhanced Edition of the Game; And now I have come across this awesome site. Anyway I'm really looking forward to the possibility of this Mod becoming Enhanced Edition compatible! I'm guessing this is under-way due to the Enhanced Edition testing thread; but I wanted to just ask how that was going, and is there any information you could share with us?


If the transition to EE goes smoothly is this a Mod that could be added into a game already going - or would you need to restart to appreciate it? If you would need to restart could you give an indication as to how the conversion is going?


I'm about to start a multi-player game with a friend, and both of us agree the "Banter" is one of the best parts of the Game - and we could be persuaded to delay our start (perhaps by playing through the Black Pits) for a Banter Pack coming out in the forseeable future :)


Thanks for your time, and I understand any timing given is completely non-binding and subject to real life (and coding woes) making it potentially massively inaccurate! :-)


God bless, and peace


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There is a beta version that installs on BG:EE and testers are always welcome and very helpful! The latest install would be here: https://github.com/AstroBryGuy/BG1NPC

As far as I know, you can install, play and report any issues you encounter. :) Not sure whether the multiplayer makes it more complicated, but for single player runs the package is in testing and gets improved continuously.

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Maybe it's time to bring the beta to the official site? Not that its' an unauthorized mirror, exactly, but it's good to have stuff in one place.

Excuse me but according to this topic: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=16857 and this statement: "Follow/Contribute on GitHub", It's exactly what AstroBryGuy is doing: he contribute to the official repository in the best and easiest way that currently exist (you can see the "Network" page) and It's look to me that he is doing great job. Isn't he?

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Kulyok: AstroBryGuy, Isaya, and Shin are the official BG:EE bug-hunter and beta version updater currently. :)


There is a hidden BG:EE workroom here at G3 that exists for ~12 hours now, I have asked for access for you, too, although it's more to calm your paranoia, as no-one is planning on changing content, but to make it BG:EE compatible.

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GitHub is the place for the long-term repository - it is the one that allows commits to be submitted, but has the restriction that those commits must be approved before merging into the official copy. And way cool on the work, AstroBryGuy - looks like you have a good team of folks helping with the details!


(Still relatively in the background until June 15 or so.)

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Thing is, people come to G3 for the latest version of the mod, and when they do, they still see v20 - without any BGEE support, with old glitches long fixed in the github version, etc.


And then when a new user starts asking questions on G3 BG1 NPC forum, they will not get answers from whoever it is that is maintaining the mod right now.


Hence, I believe it's best both to update the official site - not just with a link for GitHub version, because normal girls who just want to romance Coran won't be able to deal with it - but with a steady enough new version.


And to keep this forum as the go-to place both for current developers and for BG1 NPC players.

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I'm confused - I thought this tread pointed out there is not a stable BG EE version currently - and as of recently there is one being worked on... I assume that would get linked when it is ready :)


However I'm very un-technical, so that might not be what you are arguing for... also any responses to the questions I asked in post #4?



Keep up the awesome work. :-)</p>

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James Harrison: The linked beta is "stable enough", but you'll most definitely encounter bugs while playing.

For install order, it is my advice to install the mod in testing last, so you can update quickly. Otherwise, you'd have to deinstall first and reinstall after any mods you install after the mod you want to update, which is inconvenient if you have to do it several times.


As for other questions concerning the BG:EE version I linked you to, you'll probably get faster reply from teh people working on it if you post here: http://forum.baldursgate.com/discussion/9744/the-bg-npc-project/p30

That's where the BG:EE action is, currently, and also where the people are who have more experience with the BG:EE version (not saying this couldn't change, of course.)

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I think it is fine to put up a testing version here at G3, *if *work slows down enough to get one up to test - things seem to be cooking along on that fork. Running out official testing packages when there are weekly changes does not seem to be a good idea. (If a project author has difficulties with navigating GitHub, please PM me and I'll download and set up a test package for you).


One of the side points of using GitHub is that AstroBryGuy's team of folks can work on things with folks who have enough technical expertise to be able to handle GitHub. It means collaboration and work with folks who can navigate basic modding already - saves them time. And it keeps the known, working, non-crashing version clean at the present time. Non-BG:EE'ers can always access the unofficial version from the official GitHub repository.


I'd be happy to merge the fork into the "official" github repository and run out a traditional G3 installation package, but right now, it seems easier to let the forked version do its magic, then do a clean merge, and run out an official package.


If, on the other hand, AstroBryGuy's team has a functioning testable install, I can set aside the time to set up the pull, and merge into a beta v21. I'll defer to AstroBryGuy, Isaya, and Shin - if they think we can do a merge and come up with an official Beta 21 that works, I will set aside the time to run up and post the package. I was just hoping to only deal with merging things after testing was sufficient to do an official release.

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Testing on the current version would seem like a good idea actually. With the limited testing done so far (likely not even a complete playthrough of all romances or NPC quests even once) due to limited distribution of the mod, there could still be relatively severe issues left in that we just don't know about. Several of the fixes that are currently going in (mostly related to the mod relying on BG2 files) may not even be noticed by many players in comparison, but it would be good to know if there are still major issues to be attended to. Crashes obviously, and also quests/romances/encounters failing to trigger or play out properly.

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I know that there are entire dialogs that I was working through where the source files for BG:EE reverted to BG, then were repaired to actually work, and as a result we have some interjections and such that target wrong lines. But I think you folks were already replicating that work - it was where folks ran out a tutu and a BG:EE set of dialog files and ran diffs on them to find out what was not quite making the platform transition. I'll set aside some time to browse both gits and see where we are.


If I get a thumbs-up from AstroBryGuy, I'll package up his version for testing and post it in the workroom (or wherever you want).


I am eternally grateful to the three of you (and friends) working on this conversion. I truly wish I had the resources to stop regular work and just mod and play.

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