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IR v4 Beta (last update 20 June 2017)

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Just 2 minor thing in latest beta:


-in components\main\item_content.tpa (lines 153 & 156) MAIN_BRACERS_OF_SPEED.tpa should be BRACERS_OF_SPEED.tpa or effect won't be installed

-in components\main\shared_effects.tpa (line 286) eff is not projectile

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There is the wrong ground icon for one of the game's shields.


You need to add this:


Main component? It looks fine on my install.


I checked the Shields with NI after installing the main component. SHLD05 has the wrong ground icon. I didn't test it in game.

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For the official release ask Mike, for me any build from now on looks fine enough for an official release. I have quite a few big changes in store for specific items but as soon as compatibility stuff (should be fine right now) and readme (Mike is working on it) are ready I would personally release the mod.


Anyway, I'll give you access to the current build. You'll be the one asking me if you think the mod is ready or not. ;)


@Salk, what's the problem there? The look isn't great but it's the expected one.

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Can I get access to the beta too?

I would like to also get my hands on Spell Revisions and Kit Revisions - should I ask on the specific forums, or asking here is enough?


Thanks in advance :)


BTW, thanks for your hard work - your mods has made new standard for all my BG/BG2 playthroughs.

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Belt of Inertial Barrier is bugged. (can't remeber what exactly, I think target is wrongly set to self, probably the duration is also wrong). Fixed locally and changed to no-save, 2 rounds -20%MS, can't be affected more than 1x turn. The feedback window simply gets too spammed with save vs x message.

Fireshield from Ring of Fire Control is breachable. (tweaked locally to cast a real Fireshield, not a mimickry).

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