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IR v4 Beta (last update 20 June 2017)

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newest version of IR going to include some new ideas for items, or is it bugfixes?

Knowing how Demi functions, it will probably include 100+ newly revised items as well :D

You do know me! :D Jokes aside, it's not going to be 100+ re-revised items but the amount of items that are getting more than simple fixes is still quite long. Most of them are only refinements of the already existing concept (e.g. Blackblood's Acid Splash getting a small AoE or Blackrazor's Souldrinking enhancement now triggering when a target dies), but there are few cases where I dared to do a bit more.

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Before the next version is out I just want to say that Throwing Axes Speed factor is ATROCIOUS, atrocious I say. It takes *forever* to chuck an axe and with the short throw range it frustrates you out of using them.

Maybe it should have the crossbow feature with quick attack and then it sets the movement rate to zero for a bit... after all the character could be swinging the axe before they reach the max throw distance. Or not exactly as fast as the xbow, but faster than it is now.

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I do hope his 5001st post will be "new IR beta is out; come and get it.".

And here it is my 5001st post, albeit it doesn't make me as proud as I imagined it. :(


I've uploaded a new build, but it sadly misses 50% of the new cool stuff because I simply never manage to sit down in peace and mod without pressure (e.g. I was "free" this weekend but then I ended up having only 1-2 hours to mod because of damn RL stuff).


Short story: I decided to at least upload what was ready for packaging and then do smaller updates later. At least it contains the fixes for all the reported bugs and issues (mostly "minor fixes").


V4 - Beta 5 (26 October 2014)


- Mike's stuff (had no time to check what exactly he did)

- disabled Shield Bash component (at least until Arda comes back to fix all the issues it causes)

- minor fixes (effects targeting, % chance, displayed icons/strings, etc.)

- vorpal effect no longer work on demiliches

- Cursed Armor of Missile Attraction was not working because of a missing .eff file

- Doomplate's Aura of Despair was not working because of a missing .eff file

- Horned Helm of the Rock had hidden immunity to stun and sleep

- Greenstone Amulet was missing immunity to stun

- Gauntlets of Parrying now grants +2 AC bonus vs. melee weapons

- Nature's Vengeance fireshield-like effect now has range (Call Lightning animation) but allows a save vs. breath

- Cloak of Mirroring's image is triggered "when attacked" instead of "when struck"

- Pearly White Ioun Stone regeneration rate from 1 every 2 rounds to 1 every round, added -10% fire/acid resistance penalty

- Axe of the Unyelding AC bonus removed, regeneration rate from 1 every 4 rounds to 1 every round

- Blackblood's Acid Splash now has a small AoE, new animation stolen from IWD

- Bone Club's Dooming effect can stack, but causes -1 penalty and lasts only 4 rounds

- Club of Detonation now uses a custom party-friendly but smaller 15' fireball

- Paralytic Bolt added to IR, paralyze for 2 rounds instead of stunning for 6 rounds

- Suryris's Blade inflicts additional 1d10 slashing dmg on each hit, -1/2 apr penalty, Stunning effect removed

- The Wave's Fire Eating triggers when Smashing Wave does, the latter also knockdown for 1 round (save vs breath negates)

- Ravager's Dooming effect can stack, but causes -1 penalty and lasts only 4 rounds

- Staff of Command was missing its Mindbreaking combat ability (15% chance target must save vs spell at -4 or be feebleminded)

- Psion's Blade now has +3 enchantment, Mind Shield replaced by Mind Barrier (+2 AC/saves vs psionics) added Mindbreaking

- Soul Reaver inflicts 1d6 additional negative energy dmg (aka magic dmg which affects only living targets)

- Gram the Sword of Grief has a slightly extended background now

- Necaradan's Xbow now has +2 enchantment but grants +20% bonus to hide and move silently

- Drowcraft Adamantine Chain get +5% physical resistance instead of 10% (stack with base 10% from Revised Armor component)

- Drowcraft Adamantine Plate get +5% physical resistance instead of 15% (stack with base 20% from Revised Armor component)



P.S I think I sent PMs to all new beta testers but if I missed any of you just remind it to me please, I'm terribly messed up lately.

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