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EET Worldmap / Areas reference

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This topic has been created to provide an up to date worldmap and areas reference for EET and compatible mods. While the EET itself is fully compatible with the BP-BGT Worldmap, it also comes with it's own unique worldmap that covers all supported games, generated on the fly during EET installation, using areas, links and strings exported directly from vanilla BG:EE and BG2:EE maps. Keep in mind that coordinates for BG:EE areas are provided externally.


Whole game is using a single worldmap that doesn't change even in ToB (worldm25.wmp is not used at all). Same is true if you are using BP-BGT Worldmap. The map itself is basically BG2 and ToB maps merged together and expanded with areas north with BG1, SoD and Icewind (used by unreleased optional IWD-in-EET mod) landmass.


When it comes to BG2 and ToB areas it allows for cross-platform modding without separate script blocks for patching EET Worldmap. Modder can use same weidu code as for SoA/ToB worldmaps, by simply assigning additional X and Y coordinate correction depending on the platform. BG2 and ToB icons have the same numbers as in vanilla BG2:EE. BG1 icons also preserve the numbering, but you need to add a starting number correction, if you want to use the same code for worldmap patching between BG1 and EET - more information in the mod documentation.


Example code for setting up platform specific variables:

  OUTER_SET wmp_xCoord_SoA = 0 //in relation to BG2/BG2:EE WORLDMAP.WMP add 0 px correction to X coordinate
  OUTER_SET wmp_yCoord_SoA = 2283 //in relation to BG2/BG2:EE WORLDMAP.WMP add 2283 px correction to Y coordinate
  OUTER_SET wmp_xCoord_ToB = 893 //in relation to BG2/BG2:EE WORLDM25.WMP add 893 px correction to X coordinate
  OUTER_SET wmp_yCoord_ToB = 3011 //in relation to BG2/BG2:EE WORLDM25.WMP add 1681 px correction to Y coordinate
  OUTER_SET wmp_mapIcon_BG1 = 29 //in relation to Tutu YAC22MAP.BAM add 29 cycles correction to map icon
  OUTER_SET wmp_mapIcon_ToB = 85 //in relation to BG2 25MAPIC.BAM add 85 cycles correction to map icon
  OUTER_SPRINT wmp_worldmap_ToB "worldmap" //when editing ToB worldmap use WORLDMAP.WMP instead of WORLDM25.WMP
  OUTER_SET wmp_xCoord_SoA = 0
  OUTER_SET wmp_yCoord_SoA = 0
  OUTER_SET wmp_xCoord_ToB = 0
  OUTER_SET wmp_yCoord_ToB = 0
  OUTER_SET wmp_mapIcon_BG1 = 0
  OUTER_SET wmp_mapIcon_ToB = 0
  OUTER_SPRINT wmp_worldmap_ToB "worldm25"

Example usage from Almateria's Restoration Project for both EET and vanilla SoA worldmap patching at the same time:

LAF sc#addWmpAre
    mapIcon = 16
    xCoord = 1095 + wmp_xCoord_SoA
    yCoord = 660 + wmp_yCoord_SoA
    tTime = 2
    inclSv = 0
    visible = 0
    reachable = 1
    visited = 0
    visibleAdjacent = 0
    areName = ~ar2700~
    strName = EVAL "%GrovName%"
    strDesc = EVAL "%GrovName%"
    worldmap = "worldmap"
RET areNum = areNum END

Below image (art by Kirara) shows the EET Worldmap as a whole and can be also used as an Area Reference for EET content and all supported mods. If you compare the map with actual Faerun continent maps you will notice that in order to provide focused presentation of the visitable areas default EET Worldmap ignores part of the landmass – there is a jump from Delimbiyr River (near Daggerford) right to The Spine of the World. Without this there would be a lot of nothing in between. Initially the map was meant to end on Delimbiyr River (which would cover all space needed for SoD) but has been expanded with The Spine of the World, in order to support upcoming IWD-in-EET mod (its inclusion is also justified even in vanilla game due to TotSC Ice Island where you're teleported from Ulgoth's Beard).




Reference image will be updated whenever new mod that adds areas to worldmap becomes compatible with EET and author decides to make it support EET Worldmap too. Hopefully this will make it easier for modders to assign icons without worrying about compatibility with other mods.


Worldmap Area Reference

BG1 areas

BG0100 //Baldur's Gate North West
BG0200 //Baldur's Gate North
BG0300 //Baldur's Gate North East
BG0400 //Upper Chionthar River (Farms over Chionthar)
BG0500 //Durlag's Tower
BG0600 //Baldur's Gate West
BG0700 //Baldur's Gate Center
BG0800 //Baldur's Gate East
BG0900 //Wyrm's Crossing
BG1000 //Ulgoth's Beard
BG1008 //Ice Island
BG1100 //Baldur's Gate South West
BG1200 //Baldur's Gate South
BG1300 //Baldur's Gate South East
BG1400 //Lower Chionthar River (Ankheg Farms/South of Wyrm's Crossing)
BG1600 //Cloakwood Grove (Cloakwood Druids/Cloakwood 3)
BG1700 //Cloakwood Crossings (Cloakwood Wyverns/Cloakwood 4)
BG1800 //Cloakwood Mines
BG1900 //Bandit Camp
BG2000 //Balduran's Isle (Werewolf Isle)
BG2100 //Cloakwood Falls (Cloakwood Nest/Cloakwood 2)
BG2200 //Cloakwood Lodge (Cloakwood 1)
BG2300 //Friendly Arm Inn
BG2400 //Peldvale
BG2600 //Candlekeep [prologue]
BG2626 //Candlekeep [ch.6]
BG2700 //Lion's Way (Gorion's Rest)
BG2800 //Coast Way (Crossroads)
BG2900 //Larswood
BG3000 //Spider Wood (The East Wood)
BG3100 //Shipwreck's Coast (North Sword Coast)
BG3200 //High Hedge
BG3300 //Beregost
BG3400 //Temple of Lathander (Beregost Temple)
BG3500 //Sharp Teeth Plain (Mutamin's Garden/Basilisk Monument)
BG3600 //The Lighthouse (Sword Coast)
BG3700 //Red Canyons (Zombie Retreat)
BG3800 //Trade Way North (Badlands/South Beregost Road/Beregost Wilderness)
BG3900 //Ulcaster School
BG4000 //Gullykin
BG4100 //Ancient Ruins (Archaeological Site/South Sword Coast)
BG4200 //Wilderness Lake (Fisherman's Lake)
BG4300 //Trade Way South (Nashkel Pass/North Nashkel Road)
BG4400 //Lonely Peaks (Firewine Plains)
BG4500 //Firewine Bridge
BG4600 //Bear River (Ogre's Reach)
BG4700 //Xvart Village
BG4800 //Nashkel
BG4900 //Carnival
BG5000 //Valley of the Tombs (Southern Wastelands)
BG5100 //Gnoll Stronghold
BG5200 //Dryad Falls (Western Cloudpeaks)
BG5300 //Fire Leaf Forest (The Cloudpeaks)
BG5400 //Nashkel Mines
BG5500 //Gibberling Mountains (Dragon's Run/Cloud Peaks)

TU0015 //Duchal Palace (tutorial area)

BG:EE new areas
OH2000 //Adoy's Enclave
OH3000 //Cloud Peaks


BG2:SoA areas
AR0020 //Athkatla: City Gates
AR0300 //Athkatla: Docks
AR0400 //Athkatla: Slums
AR0500 //Athkatla: Bridge District
AR0700 //Athkatla: Waukeen's Promenade
AR0800 //Athkatla: Graveyard
AR0900 //Athkatla: Temple District
AR1000 //Athkatla: Government District
AR1100 //Umar Hills
AR1200 //Windspear Hills
AR1300 / AR1304 //de'Arnise Hold
AR1400 / AR1404 //Temple Ruins
AR1500 //The Asylum
AR1600 //Brynnlaw
AR1700 //Small Teeth Pass
AR1800 //North Forest
AR1900 //Druid Grove
AR2000 //Trademeet
AR2100 //Underdark
AR2300 //Underwater City
AR2500 //Underdark Exit
AR2600 //Forest of Tethyr
AR2800 //Suldanessellar

BG2:EE new SoA Areas
OH4000 //Abandoned Amphitheater
OH4100 //Heretic Temple
OH5100 //Resurrection Gorge
OH5300 //Helmite Camp
OH6000 //Wild Forest
OH6100 / OH6200 //Hidden Refuge

BG2:ToB Areas
AR3000 //Watcher's Keep
AR4000 //Sacred Grove
AR5000 //Saradush
AR5200 //Marching Mountains
AR5202 //Forest of Mir - The Temple
AR5203 //Siege Camp
AR5500 //Amkethran
AR6000 //Abazigal's Lair
AR6100 //Sendai's Enclave
AR6300 //The Oasis
AR6400 //Forest Valley

BG2:EE new ToB Areas
OH4200 //Deepstone Clanhold
OH6400 //Clearing


Siege of Dragonspear

BD0010 //[Ducal Palace City Exterior]
BD0104 //[Flaming Fist HQ]
BD1000 //Coast Way Crossing
BD2000 //Boareskyr Bridge
BD3000 //Coalition Camp
BD4000 //Dragonspear Castle
BD4100 //[Dragonspear Castle Keep, First Floor]
BD4300 //[Dragonspear Castle Basement]
BD4400 //[Avernus]
BD4500 //[Avernus Bridge]
BD5000 //Underground River
BD5100 //[underground River]
BD5200 //[The Warrens]
BD6000 //[Abandoned Sewers & Caverns]
BD6100 //[The Ambush]
BD6200 //[sewers Exit]
BD7000 //Coast Way Forest
BD7100 //Troll Claw Woods
BD7200 //Forest of Wyrms
BD7300 //Dead Man's Pass
BD7400 //Bloodbark Grove

IWD-in-EET (IWD areas)

ID1000 / ID1100 //Easthaven
ID2000 //Kuldahar Pass
ID2100 //Kuldahar
ID3000 //The Vale of Shadows
ID3600 //Temple of the Forgotten God
ID4000 //Dragon's Eye
ID5000 //Severed Hand
ID6000 //Dorn's Deep
ID7000 //Wyrm's Tooth
ID8001 //Lower Dorn's Deep

IWD-in-EET (HoW areas)

ID9100 //Lonelywood
ID9200 //Barbarian Camp
ID9300 //Burial Isle
ID9500 //Gloomfrost
ID9600 //Sea of Moving Ice


IWD-in-EET (IWD2 areas)

IW1000 //Targos Docks
IW1100 //Targos
IW1200 //Targos Palisade
IW2000 //Shaengarne Ford
IW2102 //Shaengarne Bridge
IW3000 //Horde Fortress
IW4000 //Western Pass
IW4100 //Icewall (Ice Temple)
IW5000 //Wandering Village
IW5001 //The Fell Wood
IW5004 //Cold Marshes
IW5005 //River Caves
IW5102 //River Caves Exit
IW5200 //Black Raven Monastery
IW5300 //The Underdark
IW6000 //Kuldahar Valley
IW6104 //Dragon's Eye Exit
IW6200 //Fields of Slaughter
IW6201 //Fields of Slaughter


Almateria's Restoration Project

AR2700 //Grove


Dark Side of the Sword Coast

DSC001 //Wood of Sharp Teeth
DSC002 //Wood of Sharp Teeth
DSC004 //Forest of Forgotten Souls
DSC010 //Forgotten Mountain Pass


Eilistraee's Song

ARES01 //Eilistraee's Clearing


Fishing For Trouble

YS1000 / YS1001 //Porthpentyrch

YS0390 //Govt. West (Government District Westside)

YS0360 //Cerendor Hold

YS0370 //Cloudpeak Mountains (Cloudpeak Caravan)


Foundling: Between the Shades

L#FOU0 //Hidden Sanctuary



ARISH1 //Innershade


Northern Tales of the Sword Coast

AR01PB //Wood of the Dead

AR10PB //Field of the Dead

AR20PB //Northern Coast

AR30PB //Northern Citadel
AR40PB //Northern Wood
AR60PB //Temple of the Black Hand


Southern Edge

L#ND01 //Southern Edge


Tales of Deep Gardens

ARLDV1 //Deep Gardens


The Darkest Day

ARPO05 //Rusted Scabbard
DD1000 //Easthaven
DD1800 //Snake Woods
DD1900 //Purskal
DD2300 //Eshpurta
DD2500 //Troll Mountains
DD3300 //Riatavin
DD5000 //Hall of Knowledge
DD7000 //Orgoth's Tower
DD8000 //Deep Mir Forest
DD8001 //Haunted Forest
DD9000 //Trollford


The Drizzt Saga

F_7777 //Bruenor's Cabin
F_9898 //Mountain of the Dead
F_0111 //Bear Tribe Village
F_0222 //Storm March Mountains


The Stone of Askavar

ARS002 //Bluebell wood
ARS005 //Dystra old watch tower


The White Queen

WQ0001 //Silent Swamps

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Reference image updated with The Darkest Day areas. BG2:EE version of this mod will be available soon thanks to shadowlich. File uploaded on dropbox to make it more readable (no jpg compression). Click to enlarge.

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The map looks wonderful!


I have a question, though: let's say I will want to play just the BG parts of the game, and IwD parts are completely optional as I understand. Will the map look different in such a case? I totally understand your approach with cutting the Faerun parts with Waterdeep, Neverwinter and Luskan, but when playing without the IwD content this northern parts would seem redundant.




PS. Also, Athkatla and Baldur's Gate look drastically different on the map. Would it be possible for the city of BG to have a similar rectangle for the districts? I think this was already done in BGT-Worldmap mod.

Edited by phaelin
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I have a question, though: let's say I will want to play just the BG parts of the game, and IwD parts are completely optional as I understand. Will the map look different in such a case? I totally understand your approach with cutting the Faerun parts with Waterdeep, Neverwinter and Luskan, but when playing without the IwD content this northern parts would seem redundant.

It's extremely laborious to patch the worldmap.wmp file. It's better to try to one one picture file for everything, and then add/remove places based on that.

The reason why is coordinates, the map has to start from somewhere and you can't put places where there's no map space.

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but when playing without the IwD content this northern parts would seem redundant.

see that BG1008 place without icon in the upper west corner? That's the maze island from vanilla Tales of the Sword Coast. There you go, the northern part is not useless :p


PS. Also, Athkatla and Baldur's Gate look drastically different on the map. Would it be possible for the city of BG to have a similar rectangle for the districts? I think this was already done in BGT-Worldmap mod.

the map is currently being worked on by Kirara. Among other changes in new version Baldur's Gate will be presented in an external frame like Athkatla.

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I'm currently at work, and quoting doesn't work for some reason... huh...


Anyhoo, K4thos, thanks for more info, mate!


Wicked, I was so overwhelmed by the beuaty of the map, that I didn't noticed the maze island up there in the Sea of Moving Ice. Well, I will get used to it nevertheless. And maybe I will combine my playthrough with IwD. This whole gaming experience seems so new and exciting to me. I wonder how the Siege of Dragonspear locations will look on Your map (think I already see the Boareskyr Bridge). She'll be right.



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Wow, that worldmap looks amazing. Makes me want to try out EET!


Some comments on the IWD areas:

  • ID2000 (Kuldahar Pass) should in my opinion be closer to ID2100 (Kuldahar). I realize it has a travel distance of 8 hours coded in the original game, but I've always considered that a bug. The in-game lore tells us that the circle of warmth radiating from the Kuldahar tree normally reaches Kuldahar Pass (and it does in IWD2 - it's just that in IWD1 the tree is weakened due to main plot reasons), and that the farms there are usually worked by Kuldahar villagers. So a travel distance of 30 minutes, with appropriate worldmap placement, would be more appropriate.
  • ID3000 (Vale of Shadows) should be a bit closer to Kuldahar as well. The in-game lore tells us that it's the only other worldmap destination which Kuldahar villagers occasionally visit by themselves. (Also, think of Lysan who works as a barmaid in Kuldahar but does secret evil stuff in the Vale of Shadows during her spare time). It's not a large vale, so placing it in between some of the little peaks in the Spine of the World would do fine.
  • ID6000, ID7000, ID8001 (the three Dorn's Deep areas) should probably be closer together and a bit farther away from Kuldahar.
  • ID5000 (Severed Hand) would be much more iconic and easier to recognize if its picture showed a sketch of the actual tower, instead of the bridge at its base.
    EDIT: This stylized map from the "Survival Guide to the North" PDF manual that comes with IWD:EE, includes a depiction of the Severed Hand tower that could be turned into a map icon.
  • ID9500 (Gloomfrost) is shown on top of the "Kelvin's Cairn" mountain, but this Forgotten Realms map places it farther away. The original IWD:HoW worldmap does make it look like Gloomfrost is on Kelvin's Cairn, but that map is more artistic than accurate, and one might also interpret Gloomfrost to be behind Kelvin's Cairn on that map, the same way that Easthaven (ID1100) is behind the mountain it's painted on in the original IWD worldmap. I also vaguely remember it being suggested in the game that the Gloomfrost is farther to the East, but I'm not sure anymore. Will have to keep a look out for relevant info on my next HoW playthrough.
Edited by Ineth
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Just exit due east at BG4900*, yeah it's no exactly where the map "says" it to be in the map, but so what... you should only see it after you go into the Ulgoth's Beard, and meat the salesman*, after Belt send you there.

That was exactly my issue. I saw it on the map as unreachable, after going to Ulgoth's Beard, and I spent 30 minutes trying to figure how to get there. In the game, it's 3 maps east of Beregost, but on the map it shows in a completely different place. It's not even anywhere *near* where it shows on the map. Another easy solution would be to unlock fast-travel to the tower right away when you're told its location. Or unlock it for fast-travel where it shows on the map in addition to its actual location, if modifying the map is too much work. It should be fixed in any case, no?

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