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EET Worldmap / Areas reference

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45 minutes ago, Jarno Mikkola said:

Yep, at SHSforums, here. The old BP-BGT -preface is just that, a preface. Those are not needed.

I was talking about the new World map picture in the OP. I want to add that one to my BGT game, but cant install it because I dont have the EE of BG.

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I love your worldmap! @K4thos@White Agnus@AWizardDidIt@CrevsDaak

I enlarged viewable areas including two labels. When I drag the map up and left in order to view the far southeast, it will let me drag it beyond the frame.
What controls this please?

screenshot and code at https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/79201/enlarged-worldmap-dragging-issue


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Is there any way to use the BGT map (clearer version) in the OP for non-eet game?

If I install the BP-BGT-Worlmap v10.2.6 from Spellhold, the one I have is quite blurry.



If I replace the with the WORLDMAP.MOfile K4thos uploaded here, the map is nice but the locations are wrong...


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2 hours ago, marcnivar said:

the one I have is quite blurry.

Yeah, that happens when you are not using a proper screensize & resolution and widescreen mod settings. See there's no need for the black in the picture. And the resolution setting if properly sized for your screen, can make the pixes large enough to not look disjointed as cheese.

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Like Vlan posted above, I am really interested to use your awesome World Map from EET in both my BGEE and BGEE 2 games (I don't use EET atm because certain mods I like are not compatible. I've used it before though, it's awesome. 👍)

Is it possible to do so?

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Hi, i am preparing preparing my EET install order.

I was initially planning to use the BP-BGT Worldmap. To be sure as i am a novice at modding my game :

- I don't need to install the BP-BGT Worldmap

- About Stones of Askavar: does the component "1- BP-BGT Worldmap version: all areas added to worldmap (requires BP-BGT Worldmap)" is compatible with EET Worldmap ?

- Any consideration to choose EET Worldmap over BP-BGT  Worldmap?


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