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Yes - although there may be some bugs introduced by changes in the BG1 content. For example, Beamdog fixed Coran's Wyvern quest by doing what BG1UB and BG1NPC do and making the wyverns unique. Unfortunately, this meant that the fix applied by BG1NPC and BG1UB broke the quest.


I haven't had a chance to wrap a full v22.3, but there is a hotfix version at https://github.com/AstroBryGuy/BG1NPC/archive/master.zip


There may be additional bugs like that present in the game.

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Yes. BG1UB didn't add anything other than making the wyverns unique and some script patching (BGEE already did half the BG1UB fix, so BG1UB was already skipped half the Coran component). BGEEv2 basically includes everything BG1UB did to fix the problems with the quest (but different CRE and variable names, so installing the component breaks everything).


BG1NPC's fixes also add additional checks for expanded content (e.g., if you are in a romance with Coran, he won't leave to chase wyverns). Skipping the BG1NPC fixes entirely would break that content. The BG1NPC hotfix works make the BGEEv2 changes compatible with BG1NPC.

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I HAVE played the extension, Jaheira and Safana in party - there is nothing to restore, they are there, they work fine. Safana even has an own quest.

I hate to see a VERY GOOD mod like BG1NPC project to dragged into some internet shitstorm of people discussing about issues they have not even a glimpse of knowledge about.

It is a shame those posters are not banned from a forum like this.

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Will there be a new version with updated features that will restore Jaheira and Safana? and make that transsexual stop screaming what he/she is? I haven't tried the expansion yet but from what I'm reading in reviews I don't wanna try it :(



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I just installed the NPC project on BGEE, but it doesn't work, every dialog is "invalid ##numbers##": http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/271724334328355267/6D3CC850DCA5664C1A7EA798A1CD9904425C79CF/

Is this with the BGEE & the one DLC ... if it is, you need the modmerger installed on the base game before any other mods. Yep, google that "modmerger" .. it will find the correct topic in the beamdogs forum...

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Did you change the in game text language after you installed the mod ?

And where did you install the game to and what OS are you under ? Aka for example if you use Windows 10, you have to have the game installed in your user files/folder or any mod you install can't add edited text to the dialog.tlk file cause you don't have (over)write permission outside your user folder ...and you can't be made to have them either, even if you try.

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I have installed BGEE on Steam. The game was automatically downloaded in italian, but after installing the mod I changed the language to english because I didn't want to have dialogues half in italian and half in english. You were right about the language, I reinstalled it with the game already in english and now it works! Thank you!

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You guys, I seem to have the exact same problem. "Invalid" dialog with a bunch of numbers.


I only got the v.2 update yesterday and the only mods I installed were BG1 NPC v.22.5 and BG2 tweaks v.16.


I got the game from Beamdog, not Steam. No DLC, language has been English from the get go, OS is Windows 7, the game is installed in C:\Games.


Any ideas?

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