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EET v13.4 released

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General installation order:

1. Optionally some BG:EE mods installed on BG:EE available in compatibility list
2. setup-EET on BG2:EE
3. Optionally any other mod with native EET support (including those with patches) installed on BG2:EE (install order using Big World Project list - same as in BGT)
4. Third component of setup-EET_end


I will add this information as a separate question in readme file F.A.Q.



EET Tweaks ideally should go to step 3 to not make additional exceptions to general rules but considering it doesn't modify dialogs it is safe to be installed at the end if you wish to do so (it doesn't matter).


The problem is EET Tweaks mod has't received proper update for new EET features, so some of it's component may not be installable yet or won't work correctly. It will be updated soon to support EET 1.0 RC release.

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Is setup-EET_end.exe generated? I don't see it in the repo.

it's at the end of tp2 file:

COPY ~%WEIDU_EXECUTABLE%~ ~setup-EET_end%exe%~
    ~EET/lib/EET_end.tp2~ ~setup-EET_end.tp2~

copied just to reduce the package size. That exe variable is used because the mod also supports OSX - although someone needs to test if it installs fine on that system.

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Congrats from me as well. :thumbsup:


I've just installed RC1 and made a quick test run. The game starts fine. I can select and start each campaign. However, I've already noticed two issues.

1. The GUI is a bit mixed up. It appears to use elements from SoD with the BG2 GUI:

2. There is a graphics bug in the opening map of SoD:

The debug files (in case you need them):


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Anyone else having trouble installing EET with the GoG versions? I'm using a modmerged BGEE but EET always returns an "Invalid BG:EE directory, or incorrect BG:EE installation".

(I'm giving it the whole path to the folder containing my chitin.key, in my case: "C:\BGEE\EET-Ready\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition")

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Update: tried it with a fresh, clean BG:EE (SoD) installation, still the same result.


The BG:EE installer has version number (which was the latest available version on GoG as of last week and should be patch 2.3, SoD has version number which was also the latest available version and should also be 2.3)

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