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BG1 Unfinished Business - Bug Reporting Thread

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On 1/19/2020 at 5:36 PM, jastey said:

NimFurlwing and her dogs will be further south in the next version. Although bg1ub is way older it is easier to move the Furlwing encounter in this mod.

Thanks for update to 16.2 v. and fixing this issue Jastey, you are the best. :) Although I found it by the chance when checking https://github.com/Pocket-Plane-Group/bg1ub/releases, no word of it on " Infinity Engine Modding News" either. 


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@Greenhorn You are right about no news feed and no info here. ??? Not sure what happened there. Other than that I forgot to post it, obviously.

EDIT. I think the newsfeed I skipped because the version is not on the official PPG download, yet. Actually, Kulyok doesn't even know about it yet, because I wanted to do all new versions in one go etcpp.

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I'll put this here, now!

The mod updates to v16.2!

v16.2 comes with changes as listed below. Main change is that the component "Coran & the Wyvern" is now again enabled for BGT!

Currently, the new version is only availbale from the official PPG GitHub Mirror.
PPG Download page will be updated when I send Kulyok all updated mod packages.

- Re-eabled Coran and The Wyvern component for BGT
- Svlast will be at his place at all times of day.
- Moved NimFurlwing and her dogs further south to make the encounter compatible with Aurora Shoes and Boots which spawns a great horde of monsters where bg1ub placed the Furlwing encounter originally.
- Chapter 6 Dialogue Restorations: Watch on level 6 will now have same random dialogue as the watches on the other library levels (spawn watch9.cre instead of custom version of watch2).

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Guest Newbie


Sorry at bother you but I think I'm having a problem with the Chapter 6 Dialogue restorations. If I understand correctly the description of this component on GitHub (english is not my language), after talking with Koveras I can continue to explore the other floors and on floor 6 talk to Tethtoril before getting arrested.

But in my game whether it's my PC or someone else I always get arrested for murder without having time to talk to Tethtoril.

Is it normal? If that's the case, what do I have to do to talk to Tethtoril knowing that Koveras automatically talks to me?

I also specify that I refused his ring and that I have the version 16.2 of the mod (I don't know how to update a mod that is already installed...)

Anyway, thank you very much for creating this mod and for continuing to update it! :D

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bg1ub updates to v16.4!
v16.4 comes with an updated Spanish translation by OmegaZeroVIII and some improvements.


- Changed syntax of Kivan's interjection with Tazok to make it more stable (I_C_T instead of I_C_T2).
- Spanish version updated and completed by OmegaZeroVIII.
- Corrected entry for "Beregost_House08_L2" in cpmvars.tpas.
- Readme updated.

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