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I know it's been a while (to put it mildly), but @Darios and I are tentatively looking into the possibility of Amber ToB. No promises of course. But we are alive and kicking.   

On the positive note I had more writing done that I remembered. Much, much more. The flipside is that I remember next to nothing about anything. 😂

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Guest Janissary

Salutations Meira!  Glad to hear you two are considering looking back into her.  Even if new content doesn't ultimately get released I'm sure you'll enjoy going back to your writing, IMO Amber was one of the best written Baldur's Gate NPC's, mod content or otherwise.

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I'm grateful you're once again back in the community.

I'll be honest, I really like Amber, and that's why when I was asked to play the ToB portion made by someone else I didn't, because I knew it couldn't match the sheer quality of the things you and your coterie released.

I don't know if you will release the ToB version, but know that 1) I'm grateful for what you've released already, 2) I hope you'll stay with us for a very long time


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I played Amber way back when she was first released (and had her in my party many times after that), and admit that I still check back every few months to see if there have been any updates. I am glad you and Darios are still kicking! No pressure, but if you did end up finishing Amber, I'd definitely be over-the-moon. In the meantime, she is a welcome fixture of my annual SoA playthrough. :)

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Guest Guest Agashi

Oh my gosh! Seeing Amber for ToB would be a dream come true, if it happened! She's definitely one of my favorite mod NPCs and probably my favorite of the female ones, full stop. As someone who can't NOT play as a female Charname, I always loved that Amber could potentially romance P2. Not only is the mechanic a great way to squeeze an extra romance into a playthrough, I always thought the fact that it's a romance without the angst of all the Bhaalspawn stuff made it uniquely appealing and refreshing... Not to mention Amber lets you actually characterize a player who isn't Charname. ANY content that gives a second PC a voice is already a cut above the rest, in my book, but it helps that Amber herself is a complex, interesting character that I always wished I could learn more about.

Hopefully this project comes to fruition, but even if it doesn't, it's great to see you guys haven't forgotten her! We definitely haven't! 😘 Good luck!

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Oh how wonderful to hear that this mod is not dead and that we may yet see the ToB-portion of her story one day! Best of luck to the authors, we are cheering for you! 

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