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I can't believe it.

I never thought that Meira would return to work again with her mod.

This really warms my heart.

I have always loved Amber's character, her voice (truly, whoever voiceacted her was really good), her romance, her story...

I have always taken her in my Adventures in BG2.

And it was always so sad to have to leave her on ToB.

Now finally we can end the Tale with her in the party.

And maybe, hopefully, ToB content would be plenty: because the main problem of ToB is that the game is driven more by battles than plot or dialogues. It is unbalanced, unlike SoA where you could find a lot of battles but also a lot of plot, sidestoryes, and such. In SoA we could litterally spend hours only walking around and talking to people in the maps. I loved that.


So, welcome back Meira. I do really hope that you will make you gem shine even more brightly! (P.S. i hope you will add more voiced dialogues too)

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Shes my 2nd favorite Npc to romance mod wise after Fade (Which I'm doing a 2nd time). I played thru Amber about 3 years ago, used her all the way thru SOA, took her into TOB and although no voice or content, kept her till the end.

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