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Hidden Adventures: Quest/Tweak Mod for BG2 (Kerzenburgforum)

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Hidden Adventures

A quest / tweak mod for BG2 (BGII, BGII:EE, BGT, and EET). The mod is still in Beta.



Lady Elgea's extended plot

The ransom quest around Lady Elgea is extended, so that good groups also have the possibility to get to the Silver Pantaloons. After Lady Elgea is released, Welther will appear and hand over the very special "thank you"!

Anomen's advanced plot

After the class quest of Anomen, which comes to an end with his knight's judgement, some might still have the dull feeling of an unfinished case ... Who was really behind Moira's death? Did Lord Cor's arch-enemy Saerk really have something to do with this nefarious act?
The group will now be given the opportunity to get to the bottom of the crime on the condition that *no* romance with Anomen is present. The way to solve this mystery holds both surprising twists and turns and amazing revelations!

Jerlia's Ore Shop

Athkatla is the city of gold... and weapons against the undead are truly worth their weight in gold here. Up to now you had to decide whether the illithium was delivered in the Sarles quest or used to forge a special weapon against the undead.
If you get the Illithium now, you'll not only get the material for Sir Sarles, but the ore dealer Jerlia can finally open her shop again! This gives you the opportunity to get more Illithium as an honest character to forge the ultimate weapon against the undead!

Elven holy water in the Temple of Lathander

As a powerful weapon against vampires - and part of a special forging recipe, the Elvish holy water is usually very rare to get ... This component now adds the holy water to the Lathander Temple.
(In the future it is planned to have the location changed to another merchant, as his role in the Rogue Rebalancing Mod makes him the more logical source).

Wave Blade in Treasury

Prince or king - this has always been the question in the underwater city of the Sahuagin!
To make the decision who to help a little more neutral (if you want to finish the halberd "Wave" it was clearly advantageous to kill the prince) the halberd's blade was moved into the treasure chamber. No matter who you are for - the blade goes to the group in any case!

Silver Dagger in Irenicus Dungeon

If the Silver Dagger has already proven its worth on Werewolf Island, it should continue to help the group when they fight against Wolfwere and especially Higher Wolfwere in Shadows of Amn.
So far, the dagger is the first weapon to be imported by this component to Shadows of Amn - there are plans to add more, which have a special connection to the HC and are more ... or less useful!
Note: this component is only for BGT and EET.

Bards can spend the night at their keep (5 Flagons)

For a long time, Bards were the only character class that could NOT rest for free in their own stronghold whenever they wanted. An injustice that belongs to the past - after all, as a favorite bard - as Samuel always says - the PC should also enjoy special privileges, right?

A bard for the Bard Stronghold

What to do when the theatre group has been freed and returned to its home plane - and the PC is not a bard?
To make sure the theatre won't stay abandoned, the group can now find a bard to take over the bard stronghold.
Look for the not-really-famous musician on the Promenade and help him bring new light to his dull existence!

Silver Sword against Mind Flayers and Lycanthropes

Silver's supposed to help fight werewolves... You'd think. Unfortunately, this was never the case with the Silver Sword of the Githyanky before - neither was the fact that it should be especially effective against Mind Flayers, against whom it was actually forged in the first place.
This was the very idea behind this tweak, to change these circumstances and make the Silver Sword a good weapon against these two types of enemies:
The Silver Sword gets bonuses against Lycanthropes and a special ability against Mind Flayers.

A Tunnel for Saradush, by Jastey

Who did not always want to save the poor citizens before the armies of Yaga-Shura overran the besieged city of Saradush? Teleportation was not possible because the fire giant's mages had taken appropriate measures...
A solution to this problem is provided by this component, which was originally intended as a standalone modification:
Enable the normal people to flee from Saradush before Yaga Shura's army marches in. The PC needs to regain Librarius' spell book first, then the mage will be available for help.

Temple of Mask in Docks District, by Jastey and Jarl

Places a Temple of Mask into the Docks District of Athkatla. It is accessible through the archway of the house of the Shadow Thieves' Guild. Normal temple services are offered.


Visit Mod Page at Kerzenburgforum

Download from GitHub

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This sounds really interesting and i'll try adding it to my next install.

Two questions;

1. Where would go recommend it go in the install sequence for a BGT install?

2. Is it compatible with the Item Pack mod, that adds an extra chuck of Illithium? https://sites.google.com/site/daulmakan/home/item-pack-readme


Edited by Nathan82
Ignore this, i looked in the BWP pdf like i should have done in the first place and its all there, sorry
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2 hours ago, jastey said:

@argent77 I'd be very much interested in making this compatible. :) I'm at updating another mod currently but I will come back to this. If you have sugestions how to make the mods compatible please let me know.

I see two main issues that have to be solved somehow.
1) GC adds two new opening states which override the original states when the Illithium quest is completed. These states (obviously) don't include the additions from this mod.
2) HA seems to replace Jerlia (and her dialog) by mod versions at some point which (likewise obvious) don't include the additions from GC.

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I'll definitely have a look at no. 2.

Why does Golem Construction has to introduce new always-true dialogue states? Is there a specific reason not to use the existing one (which would be 37 after all original content is done, and some more states (1 and 38 for example) to cover the times in between.) You could do EXTEND_BOTTOM with

+ ~Global("A7!GolemAbility", "GLOBAL", 1) Global("A7!Intro", "MYAREA", 0)~ + @44500 /* I'm looking for certain materials to construct golem from. */ DO ~SetGlobal("A7!Intro", "MYAREA", 1)~ + jerlia.1

Thing is, even if I wanted to, your new always-true dialogue state uses the same line as state 1, so I can't find it using STATE_WHICH_SAYS. That is not coded very compatibility friendly, nono. :nono:(Runs to check why HA introduces a custom Jerlia.)

EDIT: Question is whether both mods need to add the new store function. What exactly can be bought via Golem Construction and is it available to all PCs?

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They're not always true, but triggered only if the party has learned how to build golems. Otherwise the original always-true state takes over. In the former case the party can purchase a good number of materials related to golem construction. Problem is that the opening line of the original state doesn't really fit the party's request or I would have used it instead.

Basically this original always-true state


"A pleasure doing business with you."

is overridden by these two lines if the right conditions are met:


Initial talk: "You interested in a bulk purchase of ore? I've got fine prices for masonry as well, and crafters that can build you everything from arches to overhangs."
Subsequent talks: "Ah, the golem maker returns. Do you need another chunk of ore?"

For a potential solution, I could return to the original state if the opening line were more fitting. That would at least solve the first part of the conflict.

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49 minutes ago, Endarire said:

For the Bard Stronghold, what about integration with the Papperland mod?

If there is incompatibilities I can have a look at it. If you were asking whether the two mods could be combined: no. Hidden Adventures is a serious mod in the BGII world. Adventures in Papperland is something funny and 4th wall breaking.

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