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Quest Reward Fix


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IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 38 // from: 37.1 37.0

SAY #32192 /* ~Yes... yes, of course. I... I think this is all I can offer you, my <PRO_LADYLORD>. I hope that is sufficient.~ */

IF ~~ THEN DO ~GivePartyGold(500)

AddExperienceParty(28000)~ GOTO 36



IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 39 // from: 37.2

SAY #32193 /* ~You... you are very kind. It is good to know there are valiant and generous folk still in Faerun...~ */

IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddExperienceParty(25000)~ GOTO 36



REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~AddExperienceParty(25000)~ ~AddExperienceParty(27500)~
REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~AddExperienceParty(28000)~ ~AddExperienceParty(27500)~


I went with 27500 since that makes the most sense. There's no true way to know what Bioware actually intended.

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Is this a bug, though? Are we sure we're not confusing a deliberate difference in quest rewards with a typo? I realize it's easy to type an 8 instead of a 5, but if quest is meant to give different rewards based on reactions, etc., then I wouldn't consider that a bug.

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I honestly believe they were both supposed to be 25K. Whatever.


The perfect thread to hijack:

- The wizard version of Farsight has really funky timings (I couldn't find any logical pattern, so I just set it to the stated 3 + 1/level to match the priest version and description).

- The Dispel Magic scroll uses the priest description, instead of the mage description.

- AR1404 has AR1404.MOS and AR1404N.MOS area maps (despite not being an extended night area). I simply COPY_EXISTING ~AR1404N.MOS~ ~OVERRIDE/AR1404.MOS~ so that the map will always be correct (this is the "evil" temple ruins forest area).

- AR0522.BCS has the following gem:

 Global("SamuelAttacks","LOCALS",0) // Area objects can't check locals
   SetGlobal("SamuelAttacks","LOCALS",1) // Area objects don't get locals
   CreateCreatureOffScreen("AMNCEN1",0) // Amnish Centurion
   CreateCreatureOffScreen("AMNLEG1",0) // Amnish Legionary
   CreateCreatureOffScreen("AMNLEG1",0) // Amnish Legionary
   CreateCreatureOffScreen("AMNLEG1",0) // Amnish Legionary
   CreateCreatureOffScreen("COWENF1",0) // Cowled Enforcer

- Mazzy is supposed to have one dialogue after her stupid altar, but it never plays because of funky variable manipulation in the area script and her dialogue. This is particularly important, because the missed sequence ActionOverride("uhrang01",StartDialogueNoSet(Player1)); since Merella is just a body, it's pretty easy to ignore here entirely.

- The Cloak of the Wolf is actually in the game. It's on Wallag's body. You just can't ever access it. Not really a bug (UB to the rescue!).

- Quayle the slime will cause the nearest PC to continually fart if Aerie is in the party. He only has one top-level state that checks to make sure Aerie's not in the party; if you get within 5 feet of him and Aerie's InParty(), he'll continuously try to initiate dialogue (and since he has nothing to say, the feedback window will fill up with "Bumbling simpeltons, get out of my way!"). Simply adding an action SetNumTimesTalkedTo(1) to state 0 (EXTERN from AerieJ) should solve this.

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I'm at work, not at home, so I cannot access any game files to peruse all of the dialog. I am speaking in a more general sense, however. Changing some of the quest rewards may not be appropriate.

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I'm at work, not at home, so I cannot access any game files to peruse all of the dialog.  I am speaking a more general sense, however.  Changing some of the quest rewards may not be appropriate.

Yes, I agree with Icelus.


(Thinking, in particular, of Nalia's reward for completing the de'Arnise Keep--I don't think it's a bug that she pays you a lot less if you don't take her in your party or if you brush her off after the quest. If she paid you a lot less when she didn't have reason to be upset, then it would be.)

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I'm at work, not at home, so I cannot access any game files to peruse all of the dialog.  I am speaking in a more general sense, however.  Changing some of the quest rewards may not be appropriate.


I personally do think the greater quest reward for being a greedy bastard is the bug though, but as I said, exactly what number it should have been is completely arbitrary.


We'll go ahead and change it to 25k experience, but perhaps this should be one of those "possible bugs" and an optional component of the fixpack?

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Maybe Bioware differed XP rewards (apparently) arbitarily in some cases, becaus they didn't want to pander to "good is better" reasoning?


And a request: devsin, please don't hijack threads. I for one, cannot keep track of all the random bugs posted off-topic in completely unrelated threads.

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Since it's an experience bonus you get, perhaps the reasoning is that you've gained greater experience in bribing people (as in PST, where greater rewards generally DO bring greater experience with them). Yes, it sucks, but still... food for thought.

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OK, here's the lowdown on Lloyd.


27500 OR 25000 xp for suggesting the alliance with Madulf. (state 60, 71). AFAICT there's not much difference in the paths to get to these different rewards. One of them requires a bugfix as it does not set the global "Lloydy" to 1.


For killing the shade lord you get 25000 xp, or 28000 XP & 500 gold if you press the mayor for a monetary reward. If you demand an advance from the mayor then demand more gold later, you only get 25000 XP, though you can get another 267 gold on top of the original advance (300 gold).


In the ranger quests, 25000 XP seems to be the standard reqard for doing pretty much anything. If Atta dies in the ogron attack the reward is only 20000.


I'll preface my comments by saying there's not enough evidence to suggest any of this is a bug, strictly speaking, so these would all be in Optional But Cool. However, given that 2/3 of the rewards for killing the Shade Lord are 25K, I'd suggest the third should be as well especially given that the other 'mercenary' option does not net any extra XP. The Madulf alliance XP inconsistency should also be fixed.


The one legit bugfix is this:


// add SG so Madulf has proper array of responses

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