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Project Infinity - additional features for modders

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This post is an attempt to have an up-to-date list of Project Infinity features that modders can use.

This topic will be updated every time Project Infinity receives new features that can be added to the mods. The best way to receive updates is to use the "Following" forum feature.

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On 5/28/2021 at 7:20 PM, AL|EN said:
  • Direct downloading mods from the mod manager - no extraction needed, please make a request here

How does this work? Do you actually parse all of a GH user/organization account's repositories and then filter out them based on some internal conditions (apparently being a fork is one)?

Can this be changed/expanded with the inclusion of a repository where individuals can PR their mod's metadata/requirements to be listed in the tool? This would offer the possibility for smaller individual modders to be included while it wouldn't get crowded with unnecessary buttons longterm (+ it wouldn't require 24/7 either since it would still the individual modder's responsibility to offer it's mod through the tool with filing the PR) AND it would provide better controls if the particular modder uses their GH account for other parties as well (I have my C&C history, various uni projects and noideawhatelse by now on my GH, and not all of them are forks, for example).

I mean this principle works for the EET compatibility list afterall.

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@Graion Dilach 

I'm using (no surprise here) GitHub API to get all non-forks repos of an user or organisation. The 'buttons' are more an way to handle long API response than 'a filter' but I think that they serve both purpose. Externalizing is possible but it was just easier for me to handle this directly inside PI. I might revisit this but right now, adding an GitHub organization or repository from time to time is not a big deal.

If you would like to add mods from your account and your account contains other, unrelated to IE modding repos then right now, I can add them by the one-by-one basic.

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@Tygaran It's probably because PI was already blocked. Try to open WD main panel, see history of the blocked items and try to use 'Action > Allow' for PI. Also try to use 'Process' when setting the exclusion. It should allow PI without disabling AV.

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