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Ascension updates


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Ascension 2.0.24

The new version of the Ascension mod was released. It brings English proofreading of whitespace, punctuation and such, major update to French translation, minor updates for all other translations, fixes for 3 missing translation lines, compatibility with Stratagems "Start TOB with Watcherkeep" component, and some other minor changes and fixes.

One important thing that I want to mention is that the ability to translate this mod using tra files is restored, while also keeping the translation system: Infinity Engine/Ascension @ BGforge Hive. Now you can choose which method you want to use. In other words, for those who want to use .tra files, everything returns to how it was for the past 20 years, and for those who prefer the translation system, nothing changes.

Full changelog:

  • The ability to translate this mod using tra files is restored
  • Added compatibility with Stratagems component "Start TOB with Watcherkeep"
  • Fixed creation of imoslay2.spl on classic BG2
  • Fixed not existing spell name SPIN822b.BAM to SPIN822.BAM
  • Fix for msg2po regex not supporting double quotes
  • English proofread of whitespace, punctuation and such by Jazira
  • Major update of French translation by Jazira, Selphira and Machiavelique
  • Minor update of Russian translation by abalabokhin
  • Minor update of Czech, Chinese, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Spanish translation

Translation changes:
Ascension-German.htmlAscension-Czech.htmlAscension-French.htmlAscension-Polish.htmlAscension-Russian.htmlAscension-Chinese Traditional.htmlAscension-Italian.htmlAscension-Portuguese.htmlAscension-Spanish.htmlAscension-Chinese.htmlAscension-English.html

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