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A close call


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Hackers are people who change/edit/remake computer programs using 2nd and 3rd party software, crackers are people who try to get into other computer systems. Hackers are the ones who create viruses and other nasty things but stay clear of attacking computer systems on a direct level. Crackers are the ones who attack your coputer system directly in order to delete/steal information. destroy your computer, and toy with you.


All modders are technically hackers.


Hacker/cracker are not "bad" words, it's just that the only time you hear them is when someone is deleting your hard drive (or some such), never is it mentioned that most of the fixes that Microsoft/Norton/MacAffee/Zone Alarm (and everybody else) use are submitted by us. We are also the ones who prevent more viruses and computer attacks from happening and stop the current ones. If you believe that Microsoft or the government stopped them you're dilluded. The government could care less, and Microsoft spends all it's time trying to correct the mistakes THEY made.


Dictionaries are only useful for spelling and making sarcastic remarks.

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Two nights ago, someone managed to hack into my laptop.  How they achieved this I'm not sure, considering the wireless network it's on is both firewalled and password protected, and my hard drive is set to only be readable by other computers on the network.  Anyway, whoever it was decided it would be fun (and what sort of pathetic life must you have to gain enjoyment from upsetting others) to delete almost half the contents of my hard drive.  Fortunately I noticed while they were doing it, and managed to stop them from deleting everything.


What they did managed to delete totalled over 10gb, including almost all my applications, movies and games, including both Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2... but for some reason all the BG2 mods (including my own) were left untouched.  I've been posting all my LoI code and dialogue in the workrooms and a lot of stuff is backed up on my desktop system, but there's some graphical stuff that's not so I guess I've been rather lucky.


So if anyone else out there is on a wireless network, be careful.  Make sure anything that can't simply be re-installed is regularly backed up, and try to change your password(s) often.  And for goodness sake if the network isn't password protected (which far too many aren't), make it so ASAP!

Ahahaha. Mega owned.

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