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Unidentified Potions / Gemstones


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A long time ago, I remarked on how odd it was that, no matter what your character's class might be, or how much INT or Lore you might have, you (and, indeed, everyone else) are an expert gemologist, able to identify any precious or semiprecious stone, no matter how rare it might be, with perfect accuracy and in the blink of an eye.


I suggest all gems and potions be given Lore values, and made to be unidentified when you find them. After all, one can hardly assume that all Emeralds look exactly the same, or that all Potions of Power will be neatly labeled, or that, should you be lost and badly wounded in the wilderness, it's perfectly safe to crawl into a cave, break open a dusty old chest, and drink the contents of whatever blue-colored bottles happen to be inside.


While I'm at it, it seems logical to grant Racial Lore bonuses, with Elves and Gnomes at the top and Humans and Half-Orcs at the bottom. Too bad the Lore can't be selective, like Dwarves get +20 Lore when identifying gems, etc.

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It's good to make TuTu Tweaks as cusomizable as possible. So having two Mods that lead to two opposite choices is not a problem, I believe. I usually am keen on modifications that makes the game more realistic without sacrificing playability and balance and this tweak would be something I'd like to install. :p

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To gain some sort of hierarchy, I'm playing a BG1 game all the way through--when I'm done, I'll go visit all the stores and take inventory of all the gems and jewelry I've sold them, and also tally up my cache of potions as well (I'll try to keep a record of all potions consumed in-game).


100 / number of instances of that item = item's Lore. Extremely common items, like Andar Gems and Healing Potions, will probably wind up having 0 Lore.

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Well, what about "cursed items's description is the same as the non cursed one"?


IIRC, in PnP Identify should reveal a magical property per casting, and cursed items were identified as actually being a benign counterpart (EG I recall a long sword -2 which would be identified as being +1) :p

And, scatter some cursed items along the player's path :p

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