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The Original Viconia Relationship thread...

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This is a repost of one of my old Mod Ideas at FWP. It briefly was talking about at TeamBG last week and during some Tiefling Sisters talk (but for Inara rather than Charname) but I was wondering as to the general opinion of this idea:


First of all I would like to say that this just a suggestion and for the time being I could not write nor code this as I am too busy.  I would be willing to help with other suggestions for the project if it was taken up by someone.


This thread is actually a spin-off of another thread (and I didn't want to hijack their thread).  In Lord M's Immy Romance then there is a conversation with Viconia that goes as follows (if you are female) if you get together with Immy:




'So you and the girl are finally together. How... appropriate.  I had never imagined you had such... tastes. I don't mean the fact that she is so annoying. I did not realize you lusted after the bodies of other women. Had I known, then perhaps...'


(She approaches to you and looks lingeringly over your body.)


'... perhaps if I would have given you a try... who knows...?'


A lesbian romance with Viconia would be quite interesting for several reasons.  First of all the whole 'I am a woman, you are a man, kiss my boot, you scum' thing would be gone as both of you would be women.  Obviously the whole 'Drow finding it hard to love' thing would still go ahead.  I think the romance would have to have some parts that are initiated by the PC, as Viconia wouldn't assume that the PC is a lesbian.  I think Viconia would probably start with some of the same dialogues as you get in the Male Romance as they are the Viconia equivolent of Friendship banters.  Like I said, then some parts of it would be initated by the PC either by dialogue or by actual flirting.


Obviously this whole hypothetical mod is based on Lord M's idea that Viconia is bisexual or is atleast willing to enjoy the female body.




Once again, opinions?

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Ehhhhh.... no.... bad idea I say.... it'd be better off to make a new character, or develop a less developed one. We have quite a selection of drows already that could join the party in some way. Phaere, Sendai maybe. Viconia... nah, keep her as she is, don't ruin her.


Phaere doesn't seem interested in women either though, but we don't know anything much about Sendai. Though Sendai is a Bhaalspawn enemy, she could always surrender though I suppose... Of course you can always make your own. Changing Viconia is a bad idea. I stand by it. I've read a few fan fictions that just happen to have Viconia as a lesbian/bisexual and it REALLY doesn't work, in my honest opinion. Personally I disliked the bits in the Imoen romance and the Chloe romance that made it seem that Viconia swung both ways (actually the Chloe romance made a lot of the girls seem to have lesbian tendencies).


But I suppose I wouldn't HAVE to download it. If you or whoever wrote that wants to make it, who am I to stop you?


Edit: About the Inara thing, if you DO have Inara become interested in Viconia.. well... I think Viconia would not stand for it. Viconia is quite slutty, but I think she's only really into men. I don't know much about her past. I wouldn't put her past PRETENDING to be interested in a woman, if it got her something she wanted, then she'd probably admit having no interest when the deed is done, but I can't see her needing anything from Inara.

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Sendai would be my fav.. But how to recruit her, after you whacked her and all her cronies in her stronghold or a Balthazzar like talkaround (=workaround with a lot of talking)?? I think the different romance setting are not so much about real world sexual tendencies, but different aproaches to characters within BG2. I end up playing a lot of girls now that you can romance more than just Anomen.

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About the Inara thing, if you DO have Inara become interested in Viconia.. well... I think Viconia would not stand for it. Viconia is quite slutty, but I think she's only really into men. I don't know much about her past. I wouldn't put her past PRETENDING to be interested in a woman, if it got her something she wanted, then she'd probably admit having no interest when the deed is done, but I can't see her needing anything from Inara.

In the end I think we decided not to do an Inara/Viconia romance(but I could be wrong there), as it's really up to Miss Fitz. But anyway, back on topic.


About the Phaere/Sendai ideas. Personally I think that would cause too many drow outside of the Underdark. You could end up meeting Drizzt with 3 other drow in your party and thats just silly... Hell two is silly enough... You couldn't really use Sendai as she's ToB (and therefore not enough time for a romance) and quite frankly I see no reason why she would want to switch sides and join you - she thinks she will become one of the right hand people of a god! I seriously doubt we could come up with a decent reason for Phaere and I think it would screw up Weimer's Solaufein romance a little...


Back to Viconia however, I think it would provide a fresh angle for a relationship as you would have to work for it but not in the same way as the male romance. Obviously I wouldn't be writing this if it's made but I'd really like it NOT to be a case of giving a Viconia a quick wink and she dives into bed with you. There would have to be some serious work for Charname and there is gonna be a new spin on the power struggle from the male romance.


The important thing is not to make it a case of Viconia assuming you are bisexual/lesbian as I imagine she thinks you are straight. So it wouldn't be a case of whichever gender you are then Viconia will start doing lovetalks. She may do some of the friendship ones without you doing anything but they wouldn't be as suggestive as the male romance version unless you make a point in saying that you are 'attracted to her in THAT way'. One of the things that pisses me off about the Immy Romance is the fact that other than one dialogue about not knowing you were a lesbian, the romance is exactly the same no matter which gender you are!

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Uhh... like I said, it's your decision to make it or not, but I just feel that making Viconia bisexual is making her a different character. She is who she is because she likes strong males (maybe why she goes for Half-Orcs too). She will put up with a lesbian being in the party, because, as NiGHTMARE said, in the Underdark Drow can have who they want (doesn't Drizzt's sister try to seduce him?) but I doubt she'd show any interest. Just my opinion again.

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True she does seem to like that strong male character. She may also like a strong female character. The relationship may also start from a mutual respect from friendship talks thing and lead from there. It may even just be a few talks and then Charname says 'I've heard about drow erotic arts, care to show me?'. There's lots of ways it could work, but whichever way it does work, its gonna require some skilled writing...

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Well, I've never seen Vicionia as interested in women either, so I wouldn't be very interested in a lesbian Viconia mod. What I would like to see, however, is a chance to develop a friendship with her without having to romance her. She is likely to spend the rest of her life on the surface, after all, and it seems a little bit strange that she would only want to talk about her situation with someone she's interested in sexually. She's an interesting character and she has an interesting back story, but since I read her ToB epilogue I haven't been able to romance her. There's something about "if you love her, she dies" that ruins the mood for me...


So a friendship mod for Viconia, open for female characters and male characters who don't want to romance her, would be an interesting idea.

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Interesting idea, though, since I for one have always had the feeling that she might... swing both ways. He struck as the kind of girl who'd want to discover just about anything there was, a Faerûn Sensate, so to speak. She might not see too much of interest in a normal woman, besides something she could have a wee fling with, but a bhaalspawn? In that case, the prospect might be a different. After all, a woman bhaalspawn could give her something few other coul: power, which is something she craves for, especially in the beginning. Power struggles will be abundant, of course. And maybe, just maybe, she might actually grow fond of the PC. She'll give her hell before, of course.


She'd probably be even more ambigious around a female PC because she'd both be more ready to trust a female with her views and feelings, but also even more closely guarding her secrets and... plans, since she wouldn't trust the female not to use that against her. The PC would have an even harder time trying to prove herself than a male would and should be careful not to be too Jaheir-ish, otherwise cat-fights would ensue, heh... or maybe more something like the dreaded Fab 5... :D


Viconia: So, tell me why haven't already taken the world by the force that is rightfully yours, as the female little godling you are...?

PC: Well, Viconia, basically because I don't believe in lording over others, it sickens me. You make it sound as if that sort of slavery is preferable...

Viconia: You have so much power that any Matron mother would gladly kill her entire family to have but a shred of it, and yet you intend not to use it? Feh, no wonder you surface females are under the bootheel of mere males.

PC: Heh, yes, I would imagine some would rather be under yours, if only to have your beauty to sweeten the sour pill of slavery.

Viconia: Ah, so I'm beautiful, (CHARNAME)? Hah, yes, it is a pity all cannot have my charms. But perhaps, I might just teach you some tricks the next time we visit an inn. How to actually comb that dreadful mop you call a hair, for example.

PC: Then I'll pick a new set of clothes for you. Blue just isn't your color. It makes you look fat.

Viconia: Is that so? Why, does my behind look big in this chain mail, hmm? *presents*

Etc, etc, etc.



I for one am interested, both in the romance and in the friendship-thingie. I'd even write some, if it came to that. I write a bit in my spare time, anyway.

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I think it would definately have to be a friendship mod that you'd have to work at to make into a romance unlike the current Viccy romance in which the friendship stage is just Viconia getting to know you before trying to get into your bed.

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I agree with what JPS said about a friendship mod, and I was going to suggest that myself (but I thought I wrote enough anyway), something along the lines of KOTOR. If you've played then you know what I mean, you can have multiple conversations with all the NPCs, Canderous tells you stories of his war accomplishments, Carth bemoans his life, Mission talks about her life on Taris and her brother.

Back to Viconia. I reckon she'd respond sourly to a woman trying to chat her up, probably telling her to keep her eyes elsewhere if she wants her to stay in the group. I think friendship is the way to go, though that would be a bit unfair to other NPCs. Maybe have her tell women different details of her life than she tells the male romance interest.

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New here, but I came along (From the Imoen Romance mod board) just because of this subject...


First of all, the Realms are a lot more tollerant of non-standard sexualities that we would be given to believe by the people with the money. Here is a message by Ed Greenwood to the Realms_L list (hosted and run by WotC) which addresses a question I asked about how well homosexuality was accepted in the Realms.


Homosexuality has never been directly addressed in any way by the makers of DnD FR based computer games (Bioware, Black Isle, SSI, and anyone I might have forgotten who has made Realms based games)... Nor has anything been printed about it in the FR products themselves - this has a lot to do with our society though. What we see of the Realms is sadly distorted by the big bucks.


Given the society in which standard Lolth drow live, I would say it's not beyond the realms (excuse the pun) of possibility that Viconia is bisexual.


I would be happy to help write a Viconia Romance (and Friendship) mod. I'd like to think that I'm a pretty good writer, and English is my primary language - plus I'm female and lesbian :D ... I have plenty of time on my hands at the moment... But I'm hopeless at programming/coding - so I would definitely need help in that respect.

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plus I'm female and lesbian :D ...

And you're hired!


Seriously though, I imagine it will help a lot and its gonna need some decent writing to make this romance even remotely believable. If you want to start brainstorming some ideas for this then that would be cool. As I sent before I don't have a lot of free time for additional writing/coding at the moment due to my current projects but once you've written a reasonable amount of material I'm sure I could try and free-up some time to code.


Good luck!


PS: If you ever want to discuss this project on IM then my MSN address is in my profile.

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Maybe you should post this idea on other forums, like FWS or FWP or TeamBG, because they have more people than here. Get the views of the majority on this.

Already done. There seemed to be quite a few people interested in the project.

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