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Of things piquant

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I am looking for ideas for Kivan's flirts - a LOT of ideas, since we all know, that imagination generally deserts me the moment I type in the dreaded:


+ ~RandomNum(8,1)~ + ~(Kiss NPC ###)~ + NPCKiss1.1


I am looking for things that can be repeated or could have multiple outcomes, mostly PC-initiated, but NPC initiated are fine as well. :O

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Maybe things related to Kivan's being a ranger like:


- taking a leave out of his air

--> The PC caresses Kivan's air sensualy

--> The PC pull out a lock of Kivan's hair, Kivan groans


- wiping a little mud from his cheek

--> Sensual caress again

--> Spreading mud all over Kivan's face


- massage him :D

-->Sensual option again

--> Tear Kivan's muscle


-sucking one of Kivan's finger wounded by the bow, but that may be a little too... Viconia :O

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*shocked* Are you insinuating he is able to be hurt by his own bow?! Back, knave!! :O


Perhaps a few very inappropriate things, such as the ability to offer to stroke his bow...


Pick him a flower if in a forest, muss his hair, stare into his eyes, hug him from behind, whisper sweet nothings into his ear, uhm... tell him you love him... Pretend you are dreadfully hurt. :D

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How about trying to seduce him? Like, smiling at him or waving your hair in the air. Ooh, she could do something to get him to blush! Cute! I also liked the idea of pretending you're awfully hurt and thus getting him to fuss all over you. :O PC could also ask Kivan to massage her or massage him instead. Hmm. PC could carefully rub some healing salve on his strained fingers - the old injury, you know.


What I miss in other mods and the good old Bioware romances, is that no one properly comforts the PC, but she has to be strong and help every one else, despite the fact that her own life is horrible, stressing and quite hopeless at times (Okay, atleast Anomen and Edwin try but not before ToB). I'd like it if she could get some comfort, too - perhaps Kivan could sooth her after a nightmare, or she could simply complain to him how miserable and hopeless she feels and how she misses Imoen, and then Kivan could say or do something nice, various things.

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How about the PC laying her head in his lap at rest or Kivan can lay his head in her lap.

Have Kivan give her smoldering looks,that gets a reaction or PC can look at Kivan as well........A caress of the hand or fingers,something light.PC can curl up on his lap,play with his hair,sing him songs,(You and I by Celine Dion would be a nice one....)He could read to her or her to him...You could have him help her over logs and things,so that it would be an excuse to touch her...Have him get jealous,maybe even a little posseive,seems to me that with all that Kivan has been through,he would be a little concerned about where she was or if she was hurt.He might not want to let her out of his sight,at least until he has calmed down and relaxed.

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I have the head in the lap NPC-init flirt in ToB. In SoA, a Bard PC has a choice of a few (bad, but original) poems/songs to recite to him in a PC-init, and in some of the dialogues. Kivan will probably recite a short poem in one of the NPC inits in ToB. :O

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Is the testing-proof-reading over with...I`m sorry I wasen`t able to help you more but my grandfather died over christmas and it has been hectic....

not only that but I cant get Kivan to talk to me in TOB this is loike the 3rd time around with it..Hpefully I will get it right this time....

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Hi dear, I am very sorry to hear about your grandfather - you have my sympathy and sincere condolences.


I did not yet code Kiv's ToB portion, trying to finish all the flirts before I do that to have the ToB ready xpt the interjections. The guys are still hunting the grammar boars in the jungles of English. :O

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I'm sorry about your grandfather, Zanari. I Wish I could say something that would actually help you feel better, but I fear I will only make it worse.



As for the flirts....are you going to have a gift giving flirt? I always liked the thought of giving my loved one a nice present. Or being on the receiving end of said present....

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.........................................Minor BG1 Npc project spoiler.......................................







Thankyou every one for your well wishes

My Grandfather had Alzheimers,So in a way I`m kind of glad that he passed away.

He won`t have to suffer any more and it makes me feel immensely better knowing that.

But I still miss him very much.....












I do have a question about BG1-Npc Project and Kivan.The question is in BG1-NpcProject,you have the chance to romance Xan(and it is sweet)but if you don`t finish his romance by chapter 6 then Xan makes a coment about making a mistake and ceases to romance you,correct.With Kivan in BG2 in a talk he mentions Xan`s romance and shouldn`t he also mention the fact that Xan objected to your Heritage?And ceased to find you romance material.

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