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PnP Healing Spells


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In Pen-and-paper, the healing spells do a random amount of healing.


C Light W: 1d8

C Moderate W [L2]: 1d10+1

C Serious W: 2d8+1

C Critical W: 3d8+3


In order to not have to redo the whole game, I suggest C Medium be left, C Moderate be left out. C Medium could be 1d12+2.

This would give a cleaner progression of power.

1st: 1-8 (4.5)

2nd: 2-11 (6.5)

3rd: 3-14 (8.5)

4th: 3-17 (10)

5th: 6-27 (16.5)

6th: full


And, for some reason, these spells have a "slow poison" component, which is clearly and completely odd. Whether to make the innate ealing spell random or not would be a decision of the modder; I made my so in my test mod.

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The main reason those spells are sh*t comes from the fact the game inflates hit points by not relying on die and giving maximum values to PC's and NPC's alike.


Also, most creatures are allowed a strength bonus to damage wheras according to AD&D, their strength is already taken into consideration when calculating hand-to-hand damage (since in AD&D, inflated maxed up hit points are nonexistant).


When damage and hit points are inflated at once, healing becomes quite obsolete.


I still vote for that random HP rolls mod Sim was going to release. :suspect:



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I've made some progress on that tweak, too... I make spells for rolling a first Hit Die and for rolling addition hit dice, and adding one hit point. put 'em the override script with a LOCAL and OnCreation(), and viola, random hit pointsfor monsters. Well, I also have to make 1d6 (for 0-level humans), 1d8-1 (which I do as 1d7 - so shoot me), 1d4 (1/2 hit die, Kobolds, for instance), etc...


Drawback is the larger number of override scripts.

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Drawback is the larger number of override scripts [To roll hit dice for monsters].

There is no need for any scripting. :(

Um, sorry? Yeah, if you decide every 1 HD Orc should have 5 HP instead of 8, you don't need to randomise.


But if you decide that each Orc should have 1 HD, determined at run-time, then you need to use a script to roll that hit die. The game engine is not set up to do it, as I understand the game engine to work.


Are you thinking you could set up the Hit dice rolling as effects? If you did that, then would they not re-roll each time they were loaded?

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I'm not going to give any advice, nor am I going to offer an opinion.


But I am concerned about lots of scripted activities causing stutter problems. Might it happen? I don't know. I don't really understand the technical aspect of the game. But I have seen in-game stutter.


If you can do PnP healing without overburdening people's processors, it sounds good.

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It is possible to break scripts with actions, though--one common example being if you move as soon as you start a Tutu game, you can find yourself with an odd number of hit points or not having lost Bhaalspawn abilities.

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Are you thinking you could set up the Hit dice rolling as effects? If you did that, then would they not re-roll each time they were loaded?


Yes. Opcode #18 does that. Because they would be applied to each creature only once (and when they first appear in the game), the die will not be rerolled every time you load the game for the same creature.


A computer capable of running BG2 can easily handle hundreds of scripts runnning at once. One or two more wouldn't make much of a difference.

They wouldn't, but things stack. And when you deal with many creatures on the map, the game slows slightly (the degree varies individually). The worst part is when creatures who appear in front of the party hesitate for 1-2 seconds while they "get their randomized hit points in order", before going on to other actions.



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Near as I can figure, BGII has a hard-coded limit of 4800 script blocks active.

At least that's what I THINK the 4800 means in the ^D display. If more than 4800 script blocks are loaded, it will slow down the frame rate to manage them all - even if the computer could easily handle 50,000 a frame.


To verify this, I'd have to install on an old, slow machine, and it's not that big a curiosity to me. But I definately got slowdowns using, for instance, the improved beholders scripts.


One thing that helps is OcCreation() blocks, since, I think, those are unloaded after the Creation is done.


I'll look into adding just an effect for the Hit Dice; would be much cleaner, you are right.

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