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keeping Yoshimo


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Dan Simpson's walkthrough notes the following method for keeping Yoshimo for (nearly) the whole game:


"If you really want to keep Yoshi, have him in your party, then before you enter the Spellhold, go inside an inn (or any building), put him near the doorway and drop him from the party (and tell him to wait for you). Once you finished the whole Spellhold drama, head back to where you drop Yoshi off, as soon as you walk into the inn (or whatever building he is in), PAUSE the game and command your character to talk to him. When you talk to him, talk him back into the party. When the conversation ends and Yoshi is in your party, he will die from the geas. Just take him to a temple or resurrect him and he is as good as new."


Note: Yoshimo cannot be taken to Brynnlaw in order for this to work."


So before heading to Brynnlaw you remove him from the party. I would imagine that regardless of where you drop Yoshi you'd find him after Spellhold at the Copper Coronet.


Not sure how the fix works. Maybe Yoshi leaves premanently if you try to drop him prrior to leaving for Brynnlaw? Or he cannot be raised if you do?


I guess the official patch leaves this alone, but see that the Baldurdash Fixpack removes this "exploit," and so I would assume the BG2 Fixpack does as well.


Is there a mod anywhere that allows you to keep Yoshi?


It would be fine with me if the plotline about Yoshi being a traitor simply never fires. The PC and party are none the wiser.


When Yoshi dies via this exploit I have no idea whether there is any sort of explanation given ingame about the geas, though. If he simply collapses without an explanation, the party could just chalk it up to his having been poisoned while they were away due to his profession (eg, opening a poison trapped container, etc.).


Anyway, I'd like to have the option of using him post-Spellhold. As long as the conversations with Irenicus about his treachery don't fire later in the game.

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Tortured Souls does indeed let you keep Yoshimo, but the game is more of a partial conversion since it changes a great many things, including some key plot elements. If you like that idea, you can find out more over at Black Wyrm Lair.


Having said that, Tortured Souls does require a very special installation and does not play nice with a lot of mods you routinely install.


But there might be a better way to do more or less the same thing, using two other mods. It won't keep Yoshimo in the party, but it will improve the benefit of taking Yoshimo to Spellhold in terms of roleplaying and gameplay. Quest Pack over at PPG develops Yoshimo's story a bit more. You find that out when you complete the 'Yoshimo's Heart' quest. Zyraen's Miscellany, also PPG, lets you transfer Yoshimo's XP to Imoen or distributes it among the party so you don't spend all that time building Yoshimo up only to lose all his experience.

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I got this response on another forum:


Preventing Yoshimo from dying if you finish Spellhold without him in your party is a simple matter of setting one variable. Now I know this is going to look really weird, but run the following command and Yoshimo will stay alive when you drop him off in Brynnlaw:




Don't ask me how designers think of their variable names.


Lol, is this for real? Has anyone heard of this? I do trust the person, but wtf?

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It's not the first time I head of ButtPlugging being associated with Yoshi (I'm looking for clues in the script files).


EDIT: yeah, you need to use the trick of dropping him off in Brynnlaw (he'll still do his usual Irenicus cutscene if he's in the party).


Unfortunately, he'll still perma-die when you enter Suldanessalar (this is hardcoded in the exe, and TS makes he and Kachiko leave and rejoin in Saradush to avoid the problem).

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Thanks. Hmm, maybe I could have Yoshi perma-die, and then when I get to the Pocket Plane I should be able to resurrect him and have him join the party, right?


So maybe what I need is a NPC mod that gives me a thief to use between Suldanessalar and the Pocket Plane.

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Use Nythrun's Level 1 NPCs to convert Nalia to a straight thief and use her.


Oh, and you can't get Yoshi at the Pocket Plane. The Fate Spirit doesn't allow it. It apparently can't resurrect people, only move them. Although it only seems to really stick to that rule with Yoshi. I vaguely recall a component in a mod somewhere which fixes that though and makes the Fate Spirit unable to recall *any* dead NPC.

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Thanks. Hmm, maybe I could have Yoshi perma-die, and then when I get to the Pocket Plane I should be able to resurrect him and have him join the party, right?

The Party Summoning Thingy doesn't bring back Yoshi anyway.


So maybe what I need is a NPC mod that gives me a thief to use between Suldanessalar and the Pocket Plane.

You have exactly zero traps to defeat in the interim.

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If you really want him, do a run with TS. Unfortunately, TS is not just Yoshimo, it basically forces the party selection on you (Yoshimo requires you keep also Kachiko, and if you have to post in the forum without having Sime and Valygar too you'll become the forum's joke). Compatibility is a cruel joke as well - it's the only mod which is declared to be incompatible with Banter Pack, and generally all other mods are declared useless and incompatible because "TS already adds items/npcs/quests, so you don't need others".




EDIT: and you might also want to be advised that, over there, "INCOMPATIBLE" is sometimes used because of actual problems that break your game or one mod prevents a part of another from being enjoyed, and sometimes because it'd break the balance, make an encounter too hard or too easy, or make an enemy react improperly to something you do. Your hopes of being told exactly what the problems witnessed are are pretty slim as well.

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Thanks, when I posted in this originally back in '06 Berlinde was familiar with the mods I typically run (and do still), and she advised there are compatibility problems. Looks like a lot of mods didn't take TS into account. So TS isn't a good idea for me.


Looks like I'll have to wait for a Yoshi mod. I recall someone expressing an interest here in making one a year or two ago.


Anyway, no biggie obviously. Thanks for the feedback and direction on this everyone.

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Looks like a lot of mods didn't take TS into account.

More like the other way around. If you read the thread I linked, you'll be told that Flirt Pack is incompatible with TS because you should romance Sime or Valygar anyway, not Aerie/Jaheira/Viconia/Anomen, or Item Upgrade is incompatible because TS already adds new items and IU would make the game too easy.

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