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Viconia knows Holy Smite


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Wait, why is Viconia having access to Holy Smite supposed to be a bug, now? *checks to make sure an evil PC cleric has access to Holy Smite* Don't get me wrong, I like Aerie, but just because she can't or won't cast Unholy Blight strikes me as a very weak basis for generalizing to Viconia being unable to cast Holy Smite.

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Evil characters do not get Holy Smite or Holy Word added to their divine spell selections and good characters don't get Unholy Blight or Unholy Word. These spells are flagged as being restricted by alignment (offset 0x1e).

When I create an evil cleric, s/he has Holy Smite. If they're flagged to be unavailable to evil clerics, the flag is somehow not working. It's possible I've missed it being fixed for PCs in the fixpack already, but if not, you should add it.

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Odd, we're getting conflicting results. On my clean, patched ToB install, starting a ToB game with an evil cleric = no Holy Smite and no Holy Word. Same on my clean, patched SoA install.

Hm, odd. I don't know what could cause this, but until/unless we start getting bug reports from people whose evil clerics can cast Holy Smite, I think we can call it something odd on my computer.


Edit: Yes, Cam and I tracked this down. I still don't know exactly what's causing evil priests to have access to Holy Smite on my computer, but it's just me. Carry on.

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Note to self: don't use Fixpack after version 3


You honestly feel that not gaining the benefit of an untold number of additional bug fixes is worth a single NPC having a single spell that really isn't that great anyway?


I have a sneaking suspicion you may be alone in this view.

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Now, now. It's the guest's perogative to express their opinion and we should be encouraging feedback. That being said, unless there's a logical objection to inclusion (i.e. something of the nature "I don't like it" doesn't qualify) it's really not adding to the discussion of whether to include this.

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Saying "I won't use your mod unless you do what I tell you to" isn't really feedback, it's more a poor attempt at blackmail.


EDIT: and of course, if stating that you don't like something without providing a reason is unlikely to achieve anything, it's even more unlikely if the majority of other people do like that something.

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