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About This File

This mod is a collection of player AI scripts designed for use in Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, the Enhanced Edition Trilogy, and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. With these scripts, you can focus on the fighting aspect of combat while these take care of the nuances in the background. Of note, these scripts allow easy pre-buffing of all characters with a keystroke, intelligent debuffing of enemy protections, and smart use of defensive spells and abilities.

Edited by morpheus562

What's New in Version v12.4   See changelog


Official release for version 12.4 which brings the following enhancements:

  • All Games
    • Updated enemy simulacrum scripts.
    • Fixed bug with SR if EEex is not present.
    • Added Battlerager's Reckless Abandon rage ability.
    • Updated ability use and attack checking to account for kits/weapons that can bypass pfmw.
    • Updated timing for bard song (if 1 turn bard song installed), so bards will attack between singing.
    • Character's will now identify if they need IH and they do not have it nor GWW.
    • Tracking to ensure charmed PCs are not attacked by the party.
    • More checks around use of Holy Power.
    • Corrected bug with MiH Mass Negative Plane Protection not properly being tracked in scripts.
    • Will now use Wands of Spell Striking to cast Breach and Pierce Magic.
    • Will NOT physically attack Slayer change Imoen.

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