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IWDification is a mod to bring some of the elements of Icewind Dale into the Baldur's Gate series of games. A lot of this project is based upon the work of the IWD-in-BG2 conversion project, which later formed the backbone of IWDEE. The mod adds various elements such as selectable bard songs, two-handed axes, and over 70 new spells into your BG2, Tutu, BGT, BGEE, BG2EE, or EET game. Every component can be installed independently of one another.

What's New in Version Release Candidate 2   See changelog


  • Some general re-organization of the mod components:
    • Everything in the IWD Class Updates group was renamed in a more consistent scheme
    • Added Randomized Enemy Equipment as a component for EE games
    • Split the paladin class updates into separate components, IWD Class Updates: Paladin: IWD Abilities and Skills and IWD Class Updates: Paladin: Use IWD Spell Progression
    • Similarly, the two druid class updates are presented as separate components rather than as a menu
    • Added the IWD Class Updates: Bard: Use IWD Spell Progression and IWD Class Updates: Ranger: Use IWD Spell Progression components. All of the spell progression components are from Tweaks Anthology, and will not cross-install
  • Updated the core converter for the Arcane and Divine Spell Packs and bard songs for IWD Class Updates: Bard. The core converter now also handles the Additional Portrait Icons component. Amongst its improvements:
    • Portrait icons for the new spells were not working on EE installs.
    • Entropy Shield was supposed to block the damage from Flame Strike while allowing the visuals to play, but was instead outright removing the damage from Flame Strike. Evasion also wasn't being applied to the new Flame Strike variants.
    • Whirlwind's stun effect was bypassing magic resistance; Alicorn Lance also had MR issues
    • Removed some redundant cruft from various spells
    • Mold Touch really is fixed now. For real. Seriously.
    • Cloud of Pestilence had some incorrect durations on its immunity effects
    • missile.ids entries are now added alongside projectl.ids entries
    • Suffocate's slow effect could be avoided with free action
    • Summoned lizardmen now have weapons
    • Symbol, Pain's description is now accurate
    • Spiritual Wrath, Smashing Wave, and Lance if Disruption had incomplete projectiles sue to missing animations
    • Incorporated numerous cosmetic suggestions from Galactygon to help the new spells blend in with the existing spells
    • Harm no longer affects extra-planar creatures, bringing it in-line with other Cause X Wounds spells
    • Fixed some oversights in the cross-patching routines (e.g. making sure a new divine spell properly blocks/checks for a new arcane spell)
    • Rather than trying to (incompletely) block individual petrification spells and abilities, Iron Body now makes the user immune to petrification outright
    • Seven Eyes was not accounting for the various BG2 clones of spells it should be protecting from/reacting to, Eye of Fortitude was also requiring a target to cast
    • Fixed a bug that prevented installation on BGEE
    • Fixed a bug that prevented installation on oBG2 when Infinity Animations (specifically the beetle animation) was installed
    • Fixed animation/class/race issues for summons on oBG2
    • Fixed a conflict with One Pixel Productions over Cause X Wounds spells
    • Fixed a conflict with Item Revisions over the Wand of Monster Summoning
  • Thanks to TotoR, Smashing Wave and Wall of Moonlight now work on oBG2. He also provided (further) cosmetic improvements for Shout and Great Shout.
  • Based on feedback from Galactygon, Icewind Dale Casting Graphics now looks a lot better and includes casting sounds
  • The IWD Class Updates: Druid: Use IWD Shapeshifting and Ability Progression component was only being applied to un-kitted druids. The component will now test kits and, if they're also using the base druid abilities, make these changes as appropriate. The upshot being that Avengers now receive the new shapeshifting and abilities.
  • The spell components would fail to install in French; unfortunately these need an updated French translation to work and will now skip
  • With version Release Candidate 2:
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