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IWDification is a mod to bring some of the elements of Icewind Dale into the Baldur's Gate series of games. A lot of this project is based upon the work of the IWD-in-BG2 conversion project, which later formed the backbone of IWDEE. The mod adds various elements such as selectable bard songs, two-handed axes, and over 70 new spells into your BG2, Tutu, BGT, BGEE, BG2EE, or EET game. Every component can be installed independently of one another.

What's New in Version v1   See changelog


"Fry, it's been years since medical school, so remind me. Disemboweling in your species: fatal, or non-fatal?"

  • Fixed bug where the icon for High-Quality Arrows was off-center. Also fixed bug where the icons for High Quality Longbows and High Quality Composite Longbows were swapped
  • Fixed a rare bug where items added from Randomized Weapons could get duplicated
  • Fixed a number of bugs inherited from imported IWDEE assets--affecting Siren's Yearning bard song; divine spells Animal Rage, Cause Disease, Circle of Bones, Cloudburst, Smashing Wave, and Symbol Hopelessness; and arcane spells Shout and Great Shout. These have also been reported to Beamdog for their inclusion in a future patch.
  • The new Water Elemental spell was summoning Air Elementals; also fixed a few issues with descriptions not getting properly updated
  • Due to timing differences, the new bard songs were lasting just over a round and blocking themselves, effectively making them work every other round
  • Fixed some minor install issues, notably, the install would fail if it deferred to another mod's Monster Summoning spells, and fixed a minor conflict with Angel's Made in heaven mod
  • Better feedback: Shout and Great Shout now add deaf portrait icons to their deafened targets; Darts of Bone will cause 'Ability Score Drained' icon to its strength drain effect; Circle of Bones will use 'Blade Barrier' icon for oBG2; Storm Shell will use 'Protection From The Elements' icon for oBG2
  • Various spells which create magical weapons--Iron Body, Lich Touch, Mordenkainen's Force Blade, Star Metal Cudgel, and Moonblade--had off-center icons in oBG2 games
  • Cleaned up some leftover EE opcodes in spells for oBG2 games.
  • Storm Shell no longer stacks
  • Fixed some big problems with the new portrait icons added in oBG2--namely that some were not getting properly updated; was leaving an EE-style icon description table; and they could be partially rolled back when another spell component was installed after. The last item is not completely fixed, but the oBG2 component has been moved to the end of the mod to make it less likely to happen. Spells which get their own unique icon will no longer show ancillary icons, e.g. Iron Body will only show an Iron Body icon, and not the extra Protection from Poison icon.
  • Righteous Wrath of the Faithful blocks haste for allies of the same alignment, but was not blocking Mazzy's custom haste spell
  • Fixed a bug on oBG2 where the underlying framework left a nonsense script in the override
  • For players using IRR or other mods that use the old-style Shield Amulet, it gets updated to block Mordenkainen's Force Missiles (other versions just cast the Shield spell directly, which was already updated to block MFM)
  • Bard songs should now better update class and kit descriptions for oBG2
  • For BGEE games, tried to be a little more forgiving in determining which druid kits get the revised abilities
  • Fixed a bug where Smashing Wave was not working on EE games
  • Resolved conflicts between Rogue Rebalancing and Garrick: Tales of a Troubadour with the bard song component
  • Bards who receive the new bard songs can now select the Enhanced Bard Song HLA.

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