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IWDification is a mod to bring some of the elements of Icewind Dale into the Baldur's Gate series of games. A lot of this project is based upon the work of the IWD-in-BG2 conversion project, which later formed the backbone of IWDEE. The mod adds various elements such as selectable bard songs, two-handed axes, and over 70 new spells into your BG2, Tutu, BGT, BGEE, BG2EE, or EET game. Every component can be installed independently of one another.

What's New in Version v3   See changelog


"Whenever I get lonely, I can look over my shoulder at this disfiguring scar and think of you."

  • Added Spanish translation, courtesy of Gorlod
  • Added IWD Class Updates: Bard: Selectable Bard Songs for Jesters and Skalds component
  • In the Randomized Enemy Equipment, the High Quality Mace was being built from a base flail, and the HQ Flail from a mace. While the HQ weapons would not break, they could still generate broken weapons in the wielder's inventory.
  • Fixed a bug with Randomized Enemy Equipment where creatures could generate multiple copies of their newly-randomized equipment (notably the hobgoblins at the FAI could have multiple copies of their weapons)
  • The kit/class text descriptions for IWD Class Updates: Paladin: IWD Abilities and Skills was correctly adding the new abilities, but was also leaving the outdated text instead of replacing it
  • Resolved a possible conflict between Spell Revisions and IWD Class Updates: Paladin: IWD Abilities and Skills; specifically, IWDification was not correctly updating the duration for the paladin's Protection From Evil ability.
  • Fixes for the Arcane and Divine Spell Packs:
    • Various arcane scrolls were either not being added or only one scroll was being added, specifically: Conjure Water Elemental; Demi-Shadow Monsters; Emotion, Courage; Emotion, Fear; Monster Summoning VI; and Suffocate.
    • Entropy Shield had an offcenter visual effect for casting, which has been fixed
    • Mind Blank correctly blocked petrification effects, but was not blocking the 'Petrification' feedback in the combat log due to a typo
    • Fixed a bug with Expanded Portrait Icons where it would misalign all of the portrait icons
    • Fixed a bug where the Beast Claw icon was offcenter for oBG2 games
    • (Great) Shout and Smashing Waves had a cosmetic bug of duplicate projectile animations on oBG2
    • Fixed bug where spell scrolls added by the spell components were lacking a description image

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