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Mask of the Betrayer


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Well, it looks like it's out and the first Europenian customers got their hands on the copies. Lol, that's it for peeking into those forums to avoid spoilers, and now I am faced with the dilemma. On one hand, I *really* want to play it, on another given NWN2 history, I'd rather wait a little till it's debugged. And I kind of decided not to buy it till I finish Bishop's Romance. Ah, the decisions, decisions....

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It looks like patching NWN2 to 1.10 kills MoTB though. I am glad I have 1.06 version, that seems to work the best for MoTB installation. I'll keep an eye on how many bugs are reported in the next 10 or so days to make my descision re: right away or wait a bit buy. But it seems that the feedback on the story/npcs/difficulty is very positive so far.

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I just want that damned 1.07 patch. :thumbsup:


That's been out for a while...


The version 1.10 patch is the newest :)


Yes, but don't install 1.10 if you intend installing MotB on top. There's problems with it, unfortunately :)


Yah, I know I know. I read those boards too. But I'll probably do with MotB what I did with NWN2: wait a whole year for the bugs to come out and -then- play the damn game! Obsidian's products are much too bug-prone for my taste.






...well ok. That wasn't very nice...

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Well, the expansions are generally much less buggy than the original games. However, if I start seeing the flood of the bug reports (so far the patching one was the only show-stopper) I sure am going to wait. But I sort of starting to see it as an incentive to get BR finished quicker, because I can take the same character right into MoTB.

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A copy of the MotB Dialog.tlk has been posted here which should fix the problems with classes and descriptions not appearing.


Also, if you've installed patch 1.10 then it's recommended you rename your dialog.tlk fine before installing MotB - otherwise it won't overwrite the original file (or worse, it overwrites it with only expansion text).

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I've been poking my nose on the bioware MoTB forum for quite a while now. And from the way things are looking, it sure seemed like an interesting game :) (storywise, RP wise, etc etc...) Although with some bugs here n there :)


Think I'd better zip my mouth now, otherwise I might be spilling some spoilers here :thumbsup:

I really can't wait to get my paws on it. But I guess I'll just have to wait~~~ :)

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I talked to the store today, and they are expecting it on the 10th, and oh miracle, it's going to be costing the same as in US, without the customary rip off of the Canadians :) So, I think I'll compromize on buying it right after I finish my current OC campaign, which means finishing the beta of the romance. Heh, to work, Domi, to work! :)

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Why is an American made game released in Europe first? It should be released in both markets at the same time. Logic failure on their part.



So that the European players can experience the initial bugs so that by the time the Americans get it, it's somewhat patched. (Just guessing)

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