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As an avid Final Fantasy player as well as the FR games, how names are pronounced has allways fascinated me.

Recently playing the Ajantis romance for bgtutu, and I'd like to know how everyone pronounces his name, or if there really is a correct way to say it.


For the record, so far I'm thinking Ah-yan-tee (the y making a silent j sound that is very hard to write down.. kinda jjjjh... bah)

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I sorta just pronounced it as I read it...and I am American so maybe that has something to do with it too.


Ah-jan (pronounce the j and have the an pronounced like "yams", which are good). And tis, pronounce like Shakespeare. This is probably wrong, but it's what stuck when I was 13 years old.

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I say A-d-zh-antis (which is incorrect, but I am used to it), with all the a's pronounced as "ah"'s. I think I will never get over reading the names 'lietrally'. I had no idea Jan was actually Yan, until I've heard it in the game. I still call him Zhan.... I tend to turn my "j" in "dzh"'s as in Joy. But anyways, different from G, which I read as "G" in great.

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