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Wikaede Revisited (full remake)

Moongaze II

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I'm going to fully remake Wikaede Revisited, as I was never happy with it in its One-Day form, as well as the forms after that. It'll be a private release at first, and once everything works as it should, I could probably make the final version public. In the meantime, sit tight and don't use any other version of Wikaede.




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gertjanvh: I suppose he is undecided yet, that's why there is no answer (based on what he wrote to me at BWL).


Never mind the Hadron. Moongaze will soon destroy the universe with paradoxes such as these.

Honestly, are you able to write anything normal and clear at all? I haven't seen anywhere a post by you or kulyok with something simple like "good luck", "I wish all the best". Always either some sort of cynicism, or some sort of criticism (or some sort of comment that's supposed be funny, like this one). Seriously, you and that lady could be the metaphor of cynicism...

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with something simple like "good luck", "I wish all the best".
That was, like, counting back three times of his repeating cycle of announcing too much projects, starting to insult people because they had given feedback, others because they haven't, and proclamaitions of being gone forEVAR. Now it's a bit hard to take anything serious if no results will be presented, at least from my side. Criticism, pronounced by some by cynisms, is understandable, imho.
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Why certain people judge (condemn) others without actually knowing the exact details and past?


I don't say that the certain (and several) things did and said by Moongaze are acceptable. They're not, and he also admits this. But I don't say he should be blamed for everything, because I don't know the past and the exact details of where it started. So it's a bit of exaggeration that he is "only" to be blamed. Perhaps for the recent years, but you can't know the details of the start. However, I do know that someone who is more sensitive than the average and gets involved in online forums too much -- where he meets people like many of you* -- will easily become desperate. After that, it's no wonder it may change someone, and results in bitterness. So I'm not saying that exclusively others should be blamed and Moongaze was a saint (as I don't know Moongaze, neither the beginning of the IE modding scene problems), but I don't think anyone has enough information to state "You are responsible for everything".


*many of you, who lack even the smallest sign of empathy and tolerance, and use the forums and some members as a toy for your own entertainment, regardless of how it may affect or hurt others who are possibly more sensitive (or just different) than yourselves.


I'm sure the following advice will be ineffective on most of those who it addresses, but seeing how Moongaze still couldn't forget this community, I'll share it, perhaps it will open the eyes of some readers:

You shouldn't judge someone who you don't know. Judge his specific acts that you actually *experienced*, *seen* (and not just heard from others or read somewhere).


It's like my Grey Clan Episode One. Somewhere someone said GCE1 affected the final battle of BG, and somehow more people started to TAKE IT AS GRANTED (until I was personally asked about it and the issue was cleared up -- no, it never changed the final battle). At least try to check it on your OWN before believing something, and don't judge something/somebody you don't know.


This has been the last time I wasted my time by asking most online visitors to refuse the brainwashing** and actually start to think on their own, especially before making a judgement or decision. The only reason I wasted my time here with this is Moongaze, because despite what he did, I'm sure he is also a victim as well. A victim of some cowardly nitwits who enjoy the strain they make for others.


**This is meant generally; has nothing to with IE modding politics or mods.

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