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some bugs

Ishad Nha

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I have a problem then with my settings, presumably. I will just check that the original game plays this area okay.

There may be a cache problem too.


Write Magic problem was caused by me pausing the game while I tried to copy scrolls That is fixed.

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Cache contained seven Are files, this may have been the problem. Cleaned an AR0405 Are file and Mos file out of Cache, this seemed to help. Slaver Compound was totally cleared without any crashes.

# Enable all gui enhancements ? [integer]

Originally this was: GUIEnhancements = 15

Then I changed it to: GUIEnhancements = 0

In between altering the GUI Enhancements and cleaning Are files the problem went away.

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I was using the original game multiplayer function. There may have been a crash at some point. Not too clear what happened here.

I had one crash in the Daleson area of AR1302 then I totally cleaned out the Cache. After that I was able to complete the level.

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AR0070, Movie02A, Movie02B, Movie02C:

Cutscene where JI kills mages and seizes Spellhold is buggy. Thank God for MoveToArea.

Party is at (0,0) hence player can't see the action without scrolling. Then you must use the console to get the party back to Athkatla.

There have been a few crashes at the Keep. No apparent rhyme or reason. Reloading from a user-defined save game seems to work. (User-defined = not Quick and not Auto.)

Keep cleared, now back at Athkatla, will be heading off to Trademeet.

Ribald has a couple of rings for sale that are not identified.

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Philosopher side-show in Trademeet not working correctly, goes nowhere.

Crash at lower left corner of Druid Grove, as you go past the Troll Mound. Eventually hit upon the idea of the Protagonist going through the crash area by himself. Troll Mound had crash after crash, that has been left till later.

Kyland Lind did not fight to the death the way that I expected.

Jaheira can't shape shift back to her natural form! None of the buttons work. (All spells are disabled, including the power to return to her natural form?) Mercifully, resting does the trick.

Druid Grove thugs: Ertof Dand is unkillable! (Thugs show up if you try to rest in the grove.)

Grove cleared, except for the Troll Mound.


Culprit seems to be an Amulet/Necklace in his possession, Minhp1.itm, Jaertof.cre shows no other possibilities.

In the Jaertof.dlg file, Action 0 is DestroyItem("MINHP1"), but the effect seems to last anyway.

Type: Minimum HP (208)

Targettype: TargetSelf (1)


FIFTY_PERCENT_DAMAGE does 162HP to Jaheira, easily killing her.


Currently it is playing like a version 0.90 or 0.95, it is normally quite smooth.

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Crashes are not that big a deal because they are hopefully unique to my computer.

At some point in Druid Grove the clock stopped advancing when we rested. May have been that snafu with Jaheira's Druidic shapechange. I am doing the Grove again to see where the problem starts.

Ertof Dand, Item 3 was: Item: MINHP1.ITM (No such index), this has been removed to stop the villain being unkillable.

Next problem is:

FIFTY_PERCENT_DAMAGE does 162HP to Jaheira, easily killing her.

Spells involved are the Innate spells:



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Unfinished Business: finally Boo has been kidnapped! Bad news, there is a defective cut-scene in the upper part of the Sea's Bounty inn. It never shuts off, then you lose the cursor for good measure. (To top all that off, you must kowtow before really annoying people whom you can't kill.)

I can always replace Minsc with Keldorn or Valygar. Party talked to Aran and now they are cleaning out the Crypts under the Graveyard.

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(Problem with Unfinished Business was a flaw in the script for AR0314.BCS: if you go there before Boo goes missing you crash the entire Boo quest. There is only one trigger, it does not check if Boo has gone missing:






CreateCreature("WWDelag",[698.271],11) // Delag

CreateCreature("WWSten",[745.253],0) // Sten

CreateCreature("WWEff",[633.324],5) // Eforf

CreateCreature("WWVivi",[788.285],2) // Vivick



Quest was completed okay and then Keldorn replaced Minsc. Now the crypt beneath the Graveyard is being cleared out.

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