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Best Bioware Romances


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These are my pics tell me yours. (mods are included) :)


Baldur's Gate - Xan (Our quest is vain.)

Baldur's Gate 2 - Haer'dalis (Wouldn't you rather a tune? A sonnet, some grand melody? Fine, have it your way, my raven!)

Favorite overall: Haer'dalis


Icewind Dale - Korin

Icewind Dale 2 - Rizdaer

Favorite overall: Probably Rizdaer but that's a tough one.


Neverwinter Nights - Aarin

Neverwinter Nights: HotU - Valen (I am yours to command.)

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Bishop ( That's as comforting as leaving the village idiot in charge of a trebuchet.)

Neverwinter Nights 2: MotB - Gannayev (I am emotionally wounded. Deeply, I think. What a curious sensation.)

Favorite overall: Bishop or Valen but I'm kind of leaning towards Valen.


Dragon Age- Zevran (We...are ridiculously awesome.)

Dragon Age 2 - Fenris ("I enjoy following you.")

Favorite overall: Another tough one but I would probably pick Fenris


These are the only ones I have played feel free to add others if you like. :)

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If mods are included then mine would be the following:


Baldur's Gate: Dynaheir

Baldur's Gate 2: Jaheira or Tyris Flare


NWN 1: Aribeth


Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Repbulic 1: Bastila Shan


Dragon Age: Leliana

Dragon Age 2: Isabela


Haven't played the NPC mod for IWD 1 or 2 enough to comment.

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Since Obsidian is lumped in, I am voting the Atton-Bao-Dur-Mical trio with Restored content as the most romantic experience I have had with a computer game so far, with Bao-Dur's 'the longest you have looked at me/make my sacrifice count' entirely non-romantic dialogues exploding the charts. I am looking forward to experiencing a whole bunch of romances though in SWTOR (my personal goal is to see at least 8), so... let me get back to you on that next year.

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BG1: Um, I like both the Xan and the Coran romances for BG1. I like Ajantis and Gavin, too, but those two fit my personal tastes (the other two go well with my good Bhaalspawn ladies... wish there was an evil BG1 romance option for gals, as well as a lesbian option). Branwen's is also a favorite (Dyna's is very nice, but only fits my bards, usually- Shar'Teel, while well written, does nothing for me).

BG2? Not Anomen. Of the Bioware romances, I think I like Viconia's best (but I still feel like her therapist, not her boyfriend). Rasaad is adorable, I hope someone makes an extension for his romance (not enough talks!) and a flirt pack eventually. Modwise, there's a lot of mods I like. Xan and Branwen are probably my favorite boy and gal romances, but I also enjoyed Dace and Angelo a lot. I haven't played the majority of SHS mods yet, so I'll need to try them. Yvette and Adrian are the top of my list to try currently.


IWD1, sadly, I'm having video errors and can't get to work, so I haven't been able to see Kuylok's work. :( I'm guessing the ranger would be my favorite, though. >.>

IWD2, I actually liked all the romances. I'm the one who way back then was begging for more Niksoh for my little halfling back in the testing days. Um, um, it really is a hard one. Probably Rizdaer, but I also enjoyed Jameal, Driel, and Peony. I'm not sure enjoy is the right word for Salomeya, but it certainly amused me.


NWN1, Valen. There is no other choice.

NWN2, none of the three males really appealed to me. As Gann will suddenly go from an atheist to a godworshiper just out of love for you, though, I'll give him extra points and say he's my favorite, though I really was indifferent.


KOTOR: Juhani. >.> I may be the only person in the world who likes this, but I don't care. Bioware's first lesbian romance! They must have been so proud.

KOTOR2: My imagined romance with Bao-Dur. Oh, and I liked Visas a lot.


MASS EFFECT: As a whole? Honestly, I liked all the romances. (Save for Jacob, who can go die in a fire after cheating on me. Jerk.) Tali is adorable, Kaidan is all sorts of sweet, Ash is the confident best friend turned girlfriend, Liara is so very devoted, Jack is an example of redeem the bad girl done right, Miranda is... okay, maybe not Miranda, but she is better then JACOB ARGH, Thane is sweet and hot and so very heartbreaking all at once, and Garrus is... probably my favorite, but I did like the others. Seriously. Even STEEEEVE and Traynor (though Diana is... bleh).


DRAGON AGE: Zev. Oh, Lelianna was nice, too. I did like Morrigan, the one time I played her. Alistar is adorable, but just... not my type. Also, my imagined romance with Sten was very very special and beyond the ken of mortal understanding.

DRAGON AGE 2: Anders! I liked Fenris and Merill, don't get me wrong (and even Isabella wasn't bad- first game ever where I've liked all the romance interests, as I even am okay with Seb), but... Anders! Because sanity is something that should easily be disregarded. :3


SWTOR: Vector. Vector. Vector. Vector. Um, so far enjoying Andry (Nikki) and Quinn, too. And... on the we'll see route with Aric.



Hm, did I forget any games?

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Bao-Dur was awesome. And so very sweet. The bond he has with the Exile is so strong, and I really appreciated it.


Jade Empire, hm. I liked all of them, actually, in their own ways, but I'm going to be predictable and say Sky was my favorite.

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Alright, I'll bite.


None of the vanilla romances in BG appealed to me, so it's only gonna be mods.

BG1: Xan, because of the sheer amount of sweetness and vulnerability involved, even though I wanted to kick him every once in a while for being so doomed. Coran has second place for fun and sexiness. I've also been considering trying Branwen out.

BG2: Kivan, because I am a sucker for the broody wounded type who could really use a hug or ten. However, Xan comes so close behind-for the same reasons as in BG1-that they might as well be tied (played the bonded path before the happy ending was written...DEM FEELS). Edwin's romance is hilarious, but, unfortunately, it doesn't feel like him to me. I also wanted to like Solaufein, I really did...but oh, how disappointed I was. What I wouldn't give for a rewrite of that one.


NWN: Valen, because broody wounded type. Gentlemanly skills are a bonus. Also, dem horns and dat tail.

NWN2: I haven't played it yet...Saving my character for Sand (if that ever happens!). Although I might cave in and give Gann a spin.


JE: Sky was the only one that appealed to me, but I was a bit underwhelmed by how the romance was written. Also Cam Clarke's acting is...how to put it nicely? not quite my cup of tea.


KotOR: *stares longingly at Canderous* If only...I've contemplated trying to learn how to mod that game to write the damn thing myself. *turns around and throws bricks at Carth*

KotOR2: Haven't played it yet either, but I have a feeling I might like Atton.


ME: Garrus rules all. Unwavering support + hot-headedness + sudden boost of awesome + adorkable flirting = win. Tali is a close second for the amount of "d'aw" involved. Thane is third because BW slaughtered his romance in ME3. My sincerest thanks to the team that modded it. I also like Samara, for that regal aura of hers and that "I shouldn't love you but I do" vibe, even though you only get the barest payoff in ME3. And I am profoundly disappointed with how the situation with Joker turned out...because he was teased as a potential LI at one point and because both him and EDI deserved better than what the writers did to them.


DAO: Zevran all the way. Because I am also a sucker for the super-flirty type with hidden trauma. And because he is so damn positive about everything.

DA2: Anders, because goofy romanticism, humour and heartbreak. Fenris comes second because the brood is strong with him. And the snark too. Also, dat voice.

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KotOR2: Haven't played it yet either, but I have a feeling I might like Atton.
Atton starts as a very successful character, but gets crushed under the weight of his own backstory later on. IMHO, of course. They did it for a reason, I know, still a bit much. Then again, I have his conceptual art on my work desktop instead of the company's stupid corporate BS background. I'd put Bao-Dur in, but his CA doesn't do him justice. I do highly recommend KOTOR 2 though with the Restored content. It actually gets as much interactions as a modded NPC game, and that' saying a lot.
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Since it appears we can use mods for this.


BG1- Coran. Coran was already a lovable womanizer. Domi’s writing just made him a lot more awesome, at least in my opinion. I really liked the runes of Hanali flirts, as well as “I want the moon.” Love talk. I’m just sad that there isn’t a Coran romance in BG2.


BG2 Vanilla – Aerie. I’ve never played Viconia’s romance. Aerie is simply that innocent girl, kind of like Imoen, minus the thieving.


BG2 Modded – Kivan. I just happen to love broody rangers, and the same with Coran, Domi’s writing makes him a lot more awesome.


IWD Modded – Well, the only romance that I’ve ever completed was Holvir, and don’t get me wrong, I like Holvir’s romance, but I think I’m more of a Korin girl. So, I’ll reinstall IWD, and go through Korin’s romance.


IWD2 Modded – Diriel. Again, Domi’s writing makes him an awesome character. Also, two words, evil druid. I really love the dialogue in Kuldahar.


KOTOR – I didn’t get really far in this game.


KOTOR2 – Never played.


SWTOR – Kira. I’m not even going to spoil this one. Also, Xalek I wish you were a romance option.


Jade Empire – Never played this one either.


Neverwinter Nights – Valen. I’m not really going to explain this one, because, I’m pretty sure someone else has explained it.


Neverwinter Nights 2- Gann –of-Dreams. He’s voiced by Crispin Freeman. That’s my only reason for liking the poor guy. Otherwise, my heart belongs to Sand.


Mass Effect – Liara, Thane, and Garrus. I like Asari, Drell, and Turians. My absolute favorite though is Thane. I really don’t want to spoil why, either.


DA:O – Zevran. Uhm, I think this just left over Coran love. I secretly wish that there would have been romance options in Awakening. Go Nathaniel Howe!


DA2 – Fenris. Petty Reason: He’s voiced by Gideon Emery. Better reason: He’s that tortured soul, and brings out the whole ‘lost puppy syndrome’ thing.


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Atton starts as a very successful character, but gets crushed under the weight of his own backstory later on. IMHO, of course. They did it for a reason, I know, still a bit much. Then again, I have his conceptual art on my work desktop instead of the company's stupid corporate BS background. I'd put Bao-Dur in, but his CA doesn't do him justice. I do highly recommend KOTOR 2 though with the Restored content. It actually gets as much interactions as a modded NPC game, and that' saying a lot.


Hmm...that doesn't bode well for Atton then. I know Bao-Dur has a huge fanbase, but thinking that I might end up preferring a male character who doesn't have a romance track in both KotOR games is just a tad depressing. But yeah, I've heard a lot of praise about the restored content, I have both it and the game installed, actually. At this point, it's only a matter of getting around to starting.

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(Cough) there is no romance track for any of them, but with the restored content all three and some beyond that (let's say it anticipates Compton's old comment on winning a game by seduction) will sound like your character is the only woman in the whole galaxy. It's a very, very, very ego-striking game, and not at all depressing in that regard. But enough spoilers. Just play it with RC and chances are, you won't regret it! Sapphirelce, thank you for your kind words on my chars. :) (Sorry, IE won't let me paragraph, argh)

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BG1 - None. I really enjoyed Xan friendship though.

BG2 - Anomen!


IWD1 - Korin! (And Holvir!)

IWD2 - Not finished yet.


KotOR1 - Just started playing, but I don't think I will like neither Carth nor Juhani much.

KotOR2 - Haven't played but been watching youtube. I think if I ever play this, I will like Atton/Bao-Dur/Mical trio.


DA:O - None. I like Cullen but don't think he counts as romance option.

DA2 - Same as above.


ME series - Garrus!


NWN2/MotB - None.

NWN: HotU - Undecided... I'm still playing this game. I just finished chapter 2 and started Chapter 3 but I didn't get any love confession from Valen. I heard that romance is bugin HotU and some dialogues don't trigger...


Can anyone help me out with HotU romance? :) I would be really grateful if anyone can provide me with the romance guide or dialogue list? I will probably give a go at installing Valen romance bug fix but from what I understand that only restores dialogue not triggering at the beginning of Chapter 3. I'm wondering if that is caused by missing some dialogues in Chapter 2. I did talk to Valen 3 times in Chapter 2 - after I was done with both islands and elder brain, but didn't get any dialogues after defeating eye tyrant and vampires.

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