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Outstanding bugs

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OK, since Dorner stickied his list of pending bug fixes, a number of new bugs have been identified. I tried to put this together to help newcomers and keep bug reports from being duplicated. Not all of these are confirmed. I've tried to be as objective as possible and exclude tweaks.


There were also a few calls to include bug fixes from other mods, such as the alignment corrections from Kish's Oversight and the elven Sleep/Charm fixes from aVENGER.



  • Other racial bonuses are also not appearing: thread
  • New warrior-class PC in ToB (fighter, ranger, paladin or barbarian) mising 1/2 attack from same-level continued PC
  • Elementals aren't supposed to be subject to Vorpal decapitation
  • Imported SoA-ToB swashbucklers only gain trapsetting back on level-up, so if the char is dualled from Swashbuckler it never comes back
  • Temple rewards for the Illithium quest make no sense
  • Start a specialist wizard and then dual-class. When the mage class reactivates, the spell table is that of a normal mage, not a specialist
  • As Brus did, Terl and Sir Ryan Trawl (Anomen's quest) would sometimes spawn multiple times when they appeared
  • Very rare bug with non-English BG2's where High Watcher Oisig would continuously respawn in the Athkatlan Temple of Helm
  • Several dragon breath weapons did far too much damage (effect was applied two or more times) due to an incorrect spell projectile definition
  • All other enemy clerics' Harm and Slay Living failed to work as the targeting was incorrect, and they would not attack afterwards so the spell expired
  • Saemon Havarian could be killed by the player in the ship battle, and the transition text/narration afterwards inevitably said he was alive and leaving the scene (as well, he reappears in ToB)
  • Commoners in the Copper Coronet (especially the three in the hidden area halfway to the back) would often go hostile after the battle to free the enslaved gladiators there
  • In the first Copper Coronet battle, one of the enemy guards would appear in the secret entrance to the sewers even if it had not been discovered/opened
  • Non-bard PC refusing to help Haer'Dalis when portal in FF open would receive the playhouse deed afterwards and Higgold would show up, as if they were a bard



  • Saemon Havarian would sometimes disappear after sending the player to retrieve the Sea Horn, which broke the quest and forced the player to use the Spellhold portal instead
  • Cutscene on Desharik's stolen ship could break the game when the Gith were attacked by the player/party if AI was on
  • Saemon Havarian would not initiate dialog after the battle with Desharik's pirates for his ship if Desharik died in the battle
  • Anomen's quests would never start for a female protagonist of a race that did not qualify for the romance (half-orc, gnome or dwarf)
  • Ring of Djinni summoning behaves differently than other summoning items: thread - Cam: kinda fixed, see this post
  • The Mimic in the Umar Hills cave was not immune to its own Mimic Glue so would entrap itself
  • The Umar Hills Shade Lord quest would be broken by Protection From Undead and/or cleric Turn Undead affecting Amuana's ghost so that the Wardstone or Symbol of Amaunator was not received
  • If Valygar was imprisoned/petrified and restored before Tolgerias was dead, he would drop his "Valygar's Body" item and it would remain after he rejoined.
  • If Hervo was killed/abused by the player with Valygar in the party, Valygar would go hostile but remain in-party unselectable and immobile
  • After using the the Druid HLA's Fire Elemental and Earth Elemental Transformation abilities, the "Shapeshifts Natural Form" ability/icon would return after resting
  • Minor script bug with Arledrian's (upper level of Gaelan Bayle's house) attack when the player sided with Bodhi
  • Dialog for Llarsh at the Council building would sometimes not recognize when Valygar had been found, so player could present the Corthala Tax Notice and the journal entry for this would never disappear
  • The 2nd level cleric spell "Chant" was not providing its THAC0/damage bonuses
  • Nine bows had incorrect THAC0 bonus, speed factor and/or range
  • Jaheira would not recognize when her cage door in Irenicus' dungeon had been opened for up to a minute if the player initiated dialog instead of her, and if spoken to would tell the player to hurry up and free her
  • Cutscene in upper levels of Ust Natha (priestess, drow and duergar) could be cut off at the edge of the screen and therefore unviewable
  • On both party rest dialogs in the Viconia romance in ToB, no resting would occur; on the latter she would gain all her spells back as if she had rested
  • Garren Windspear funk: thread
  • Schools for Wish/Limited wish may be wonky: thread
  • Dialogue loop with Dermin thread
  • Item restrictions not labeled consistently: thread, thread
  • Merchants handle charged items inconsistently: thread
  • Mimcs and spiders are misclassed: thread - Cam: mimics already fixed; spiders set as monsters (and not animals) is consistent and seems intentional
  • Some errors with the Elemental Prince creature files: thread
  • Possible bug with Bohdi's spawn scripting: thread
  • Various spells have missing/hidden save bonuses and penalties as well as miscoded effects: thread, thread
  • Minor scripting errors in 16 more enemy mage AI scripts
  • Warhammer +1,+4 vs. Giant Humanoids was not giving the THAC0/damage bonuses vs. giant humanoids indicated (no need to ids target an eff twice)
  • Default melee attack of Pit Fiends, Moon Dog and other creatures was supposed to be of +4 enchantment, but was only +1
  • Fell Cats and Demogorgon's Cambions were vulnerable to normal weapons, panic (so would sometimes lose morale) and other effects to to an invalid item reference
  • Captain Rerdes could be killed in Lady Galvena's room in the Brynnlaw Festhall and would reappear when player went back into the hallway
  • The Deva had only one memorized Globe Of Blades and Cure Serious Wounds, but the Fallen Deva had three of both
  • The Fallen Deva was using the Deva's AI script instead of its own, so its death animation was wrong; also contained a check for disease on the PC and casting Cure Disease so removed this as the check for this state was never implemented
  • Containers that summon guards if neutrals present when they are opened were "persistent" and neutrals coming into the area hours/days after container opened would sometimes go hostile/summon guards
  • Slow and Golem Slow's penalties of 4 to Armor Class and THAC0 would still affect a character under Free Action from any item or spell
  • Ust Natha tavern would get stuck in combat mode, so battle music would constantly play and game could not be saved there
  • Brus (Gaelan Bayle's nephew) would sometimes spawn multiple times on the second encounter with him
  • Sea's Bounty wench would fail to note if Edwin had been changed into a female
  • Both Full Plate +1 armours failed to disable thieving skills when worn and had an incorrect STR requirement (yep, stealth disabled twice though)
  • Tolgerias' (Gov't. District/Sphere) messenger Madeen would still tell the player to see Tolgerias and leave a journal entry even if Tolgerias was already dead
  • Tolgerias could be killed in the Council building and would still reappear in the Planar Sphere
  • Blades were not receiving their one-half penalty to their Pick Pockets ability
  • Keldorn's saving throws wrong at some levels
  • The offensive Cleric script casts Chaotic Commands at enemies, and the offensive Mage script at the caster
  • Shapeshifted "weapons" (paws, etc.) vulnerable to Dispel Magic
  • Bugs with Viconia's and Aerie's "morning after" lovetalks appearing a day late: thread
  • Some characters have non-logical EscapeArea scripts or exit through locked doors; could be adjusted case-by-case: thread
  • NPC dialogue with Bodhi does not reflect the fact that the player knows Gaelan's offer is reduced to 15K gold: thread
  • Minor spell turning can turn a seventh level spell: thread
  • Shapeshifters, ther abilities and their abuses really deserves it's own topic: thread, thread, thread, thread
  • Checks for active romances in 8 dialogs referred to the wrong variable names suppressing or changing dialog options; most notable when encountering Drizzt when protagonist could only tell him that Viconia was "useful" and not that he loved her
  • Lesser Clay Golems in CI spawn multiple times: thread
  • Mazzy can get two sets of Boots of Stealth at the Five Flagons (this also implies HD can get two gems as well): thread
  • Darkmail is unusable by archers, though it's not in the description: thread
  • Delon (boy in Gov't District; ranger quest) will give the quest over again (confirmed); this can ruin the stronghold (unconfirmed)
  • Several journal entries aren't deleted when they should be; need more details
  • Trolls give double experience when an instant-death spell (ie Disintegrate or Finger of Death) is successfully used on them. The game counts them as "dead" when they fall and again gives the XP when they are hit with fire/acid/poison while down.
  • Messed-up timer of Taso Kala (Ust Natha) on the quest to eradicate Ghaunadaur worshippers; she will now extend the time limit as she says she is doing
  • Marcus (Edwin's quest to retrieve his documents) would not recognize half-elven females
  • Dialog loop with Korgan where he would tell the story about his former group repeatedly
  • Missing pointer reference in the Viconia romance would terminate dialog if the player chose "No you don't..." in response to Viconia's "Do not stand so close to me..." banter.
  • Cor Deltryn (Anomen's father) was missing his two-handed +1 sword due to an invalid item reference
  • The Unseeing Eye was supposed to cast Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, but its scripting had errors
  • Trolls can be killed with damage other than fire and acid: thread
  • Exploit to build multiple artifact items from Cromwell thread
  • Staff of the Ram +6 missing piercing damage: thread
  • Timer in Ust Natha thread
  • Symbol, Fear has issues with duration: thread
  • Listed weight for regular mace is wrong: thread
  • Scarlet Ninja-To usable by FMT thread
  • Exploit to receive three Rings of the Ram thread
  • Garren Windspear appears twice thread
  • Lesser clay golems are susceptible to backstab: thread
  • Rod of Smiting bonus damage vs golems: thread
  • Many enchanted flails have incorrect damage listing: thread
  • Imoen213.cre doesn't have her script asigned. thread
  • Cleric and mage versions of Animate Dead have errors: thread
  • Enchantment levels on +x/+y wepaons are not consistently applied (may be considered a nerf or tweak): thread
  • Jaheir12 is missing a weapon proficiency star: thread
  • Valygar's armor protects from Charm, but does not display the appropriate icon on the character portrait: thread
  • Chain mail +2 has incorrect AC: thread - SC
  • Vithal, the mage in the Underdark, can be spoken to multiple time for XP bonuses: thread - SC
  • Anath, the wolf pack leader in the Umar Hills, has an invalid CON score: thread
  • Ambient noises missing in areas: thread
  • Familiar problems: thread, thread
  • Incorrect genders defined in CRE files: thread
  • Various mis-called actions in BCS scripts: thread
  • Edwin's animation still having troubles: thread
  • Nalia's funeral timer doesn't set and the Keep reward is amller if she is not in the party: thread
  • Imoen post-Spellhold is missing a battle cry: thread
  • Skalds not receiving their +1 damage/THAC0 bonuses: thread - Andy
  • It should be possible to return the Silver blade to the Githyanki in the Underdark: thread - Andy
  • Dragon in Suldanesselar takes non-droppable items, like Boo: thread - SC
  • Edwin can be lost by using a knock spell on Mae'Var's safe: thread
  • World map travel times are inconsistent: thread
  • Some of Sarevok's and Nalia's saves are incorrect: thread - SC
  • Helm of Glory, among other reward items, can be pickpocketed: thread - SC
  • Problems with Neb's Nasty Cutter: thread
  • Imp and Quasit poison damage is screwy: thread
  • Errors with the Protection from X scrolls: thread
  • Magically created weapons have inconsistent weights: thread
  • Creatures using incorrect soundsets: thread
  • My own bugfix for Haer'Dalis removes his damage resistances; a must-do
  • Pseudodragon only familiar that lost MR and AC in ToB (went from -2 & 50% to 0 & 35%)
    Cam: That, and about 817 other errors for familiars
  • If Cernd joined the party at level 13, he had no AI and his quest would never start
  • Greater Wolfwere regeneration rate would be reapplied and "stack" to unkillable levels from saving/loading (esp. noticed in Firkraag's dungeon)
  • Endless loop of the ogre Gorf The Squisher appearing and disappearing outside the Copper Coronet if Mazzy present in the party
  • Imoen failed to speak her dialog in 15 conversations in ToB areas due to an invalid internal name reference
  • Carsomyr's (both +5 in SoA and upgradable to +6 in ToB) Dispel Magic ability on hitting a target in melee was broken; barely worked at all
  • The Wave halberd did not slay Salamanders as it was supposed to do
  • Two kinds of Salamanders were flagged as undead, so were affected by the Mace Of Disruption, Azuredge, Turn Undead, etc.
  • Vampire mage Tanova (Bohdi's lair) wasn't flagged as undead, so couldn't be affected by Disruption, Turn Undead, etc.
  • Club Of Detonation became misclassified as a flail when upgraded to +5
  • If a party member was kicked out or left the party through other means (ie imprisonment or petrification) holding the Staff Of The Magi, they could never be made visible to invite back; Dispel Magic will now make them visible
  • Staff Of the Magi's Spell Trap couldn't be removed by any means (Pierce Shield, Ruby Ray or Spell Strike) by enemy mages
  • Staff Of the Magi's Dispel on Hit melee ability missing many dispel resources (ie removal of spell-weapons such as Shocking Grasp, Harm, Slay Living and Flame Blade) that Carsomyr's ability and Dispel Magic spell has
  • Glacias in (de'Arnise Hold) was supposed to be restored if Charmed/Dominated/etc. but this was not working - Andy
  • Changed Tolgerias' alignment from Chaotic Good to Chaotic Neutral to bring it in line more closely with his actions [Cam - Oversight changes it to NE]
  • The Crypt King (Athkatla Graveyard) was supposed to cast Horror, but his scripting was corrupted
  • Player was supposed to be able to haggle down the price of the magical rope from Visaj (Ust Natha) but this option didn't appear due to bad CHR checks
  • Familiars in Throne Of Bhaal areas were not healing when fed as they were supposed to do due to an invalid spell resource reference
  • The Imp familiar in the SoA areas had 18 HP instead of the 24 it should have
  • No familiars except the dragon types would report their health status correctly if asked
  • High Mornmaster Arval of the Athkatla Lathander temple was incorrectly of Lawful Evil alignment
  • Container in Docks house (safehouse in Paladin's quest) would report guards being summoned if opened (even if the only neutral in the area was a cat) but no guards would appear
  • Over a hundred other minor .DLG errors that had little or no effect on gameplay, plus created null .DLG files to override unused, leftover BG1 .DLG resources with errors in them, so that a check of BG2 .DLG's will now show zero errors
  • KIT.IDS was broken; triggers for character kits in dialog/script did not work
  • Redid Protection Scrolls fix (they would fail on characters with high Magic Resistance) with proper M.R.-bypass flags, instead of previous workaround of dropping M.R. to 0 for 1 second
  • Ring Of Gaxx displayed portrait icon of Protection From Magic instead of Magic Resistance
  • Gloves of Pickpocketing and Ring of Danger Sense could be worn by many classes who can neither pick pockets nor find traps
  • The Fallen Deva was level 25 though the Deva was level 30 (their spellset, weapon, stats. and skills are the same); both now 25 as this matches the Planetars
  • Edwin's animation when "transformed" was still bad; glided instead of walked, and the Boots Of Speed and Haste failed to work on him
  • Ring of Air Control Improved Invisibility acted like normal Invisibility
  • Redid previous fix for Neb's Nasty Cutter dagger, it now works as it was intended to and editor apps. reported an error with the previous fix
  • The Juggernaut Golem's (from the Golem Manual) attack weapon wasn't being "wielded" so did nothing; it did have the proper stats. as per its description (8D8+2 + 2D6/Stun unless Save. Vs. Spell)
  • The Juggernaut Golem was supposed to be immune to normal and +1 weapons, but was only immune to normal weapons
  • Redid previous fix for Quasit and Imp familar melee weapon as editor apps. reported an error with them
  • Redid previous fix for "Habib's Mighty Scimitar" so that it works exactly as originally intended, without the bug of scimitars being stuck in a character's Quick Weapon Slots
  • Redid previous fix for Assassination HLA for fighter/thieves as it was not blocking picking Assassination multiple times, but was blocking picking Avoid Death instead
  • Redid Staff Of Curing fix (same M.R. bug as protection scrolls) with proper M.R.-bypass flags, instead of previous workaround of dropping M.R. to 0 for 1 second
  • Short Bow +1's proficiency was incorrectly set to Long Bows (was also not flagged as enchanted, but this would not have affected function)
  • The Sling of Everard was usable by Cavaliers
  • Wakazashi +1 was not flagged as magical though it is enchanted, so could get through Protection From Magical Weapons
  • The Unseeing Eye could be fought twice by first attacking Gaal after opening the path downward, then again after assembling the Rift Device
  • Exploit of repeatedly returning the Rift Device part to Gaal for the quest experience
  • Five entries in Sarevok's soundset were supposed to change if his alignment did, but failed to due to an invalid script reference
  • The animation for the Five Flagons Planar Portal was misplaced by three pixels/units to the left
  • 7th level wizard spell Mass Invisibility missing the AC bonus of 4 that its Improved Invisibility effect is supposed to provide (and was self-cumulative)
  • Three trapped containers in various areas couldn't be disarmed even if Find Traps & Pick Locks were both 100 or greater
  • The Ring Of Earth Control could also charm golems and other classes, though it is only supposed to charm Earth Elementals
  • The protagonist would unavoidably recognize the Spectator Beholder in Sendai's lair as being from the "Sahuagin City" even if it was never visited due to using the Spellhold portal
  • Overlay on the second weapon rack in the Brynnlaw blacksmith's equipment shop did not fit the rack "container"
  • The troll closest to the entrance of the Druid Grove mound was placed on an impassable area and thus unable to move
  • Scrolls of Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental bore the icon of Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental
  • If Jaheira joined the party at level 9/12, her DEX was 14 (as it was in BG1) instead of 17 (as it is for all other instances of her in BG2)
  • Druid grove trolls were misclassed as fighters/mages so would not be slain by Crom Faeyr or affected by other anti-troll effects
  • The two-handed sword Flame Of The North was providing its damage bonus of 4 against all evil-aligned opponents, instead of just Chaotic Evil ones
  • Rods of Absorption and Smiting were incorrectly usable by Fighter/Druids and Monks
  • Four key-required doors in various areas did not remove the keys from inventory when opened, which confused players as to what the keys were for (they had no other use)
  • Redid previous fix for Nalia's dialog in the multiple strongholds bug/exploit fix as editor apps. reported an error with it
  • Azuredge was not giving a STR bonus to damage when hurled, as all other throwing axes do
  • The upgraded Mace Of Disruption +2 did not give the "Undead Destroyed" feedback on a sucessful disruption due to reversed effect order
  • All of the upgraded Mace Of Disruption +2's graphics were those of a plain mace
  • Several hundred characters had no or incorrect alignments
  • Mordenkainen's Swords not suppressing graphics or strings for confusion: thread
  • Ring of Gaxx not dispaying portrait icons, possibly missing immunities: thread
  • Wong Fei Ioun Stone unusable by Wizard Slayers: thread
  • Pifwafi cloak usable by Wizard Slayers: thread
  • Wolfweres are well-nigh invincible (ringwolf.itm) thread
  • Graverobber is worth 0 XP thread - SC
  • Vampiric Touch heals caster even when target's MR resists spell url=http://forums.spellholdstudios.net/index.php?showtopic=11144]thread[/url] (fixed even more now)
  • Ring of Earth Control gives +1 to all saves while equipped (not mentionned in description)
  • Glacias can be charmed by items that should not work on humans: thread
  • Problems with Mazzy and Gorf the Squisher: thread
  • Thief in Samia's group disappears: thread
  • Tenth level spells have assigned spell schools, possibly change to schoolless (may be considered nerf/tweak): thread Cam: Consensus was bug, fixed
  • Statue in Shade Lord dungeon has a container that it covered by the statue avatar creature: thread Cam: used devSin's solution of making container available after Shade Lord's defeat
  • Player can get Riejik quest before the player is officially the Hero of Trademeet: threadCam: Fixed, but added to optional pack as it's not a clear bug
  • Bugs with Holy Symbols: threadCam : Added Ghrey's fix to the optional component
  • Level 20 and beyond rogue THAC0 is wrong, and kit bonuses for kits as well
  • Some multi-classes not able to place prof. points at high levels as no weapon slots available for them so can't level-up
  • If the third question of the guardian bridge in the Unseeing Eye quest was answered incorrectly, the scripting failed and the bridge could not be activated again, which broke the Unseeing Eye quest
  • Script bounce would occur if Jaheira was blinded (usu. from nearby Smoke Mephits) when approaching Khalid in Irenicus' dungeon
  • Rogues' Potion Of Frost Giant Strength was unusable by C/T and M/T characters (though was usable by true-class rogues, F/M/T and F/T)
  • Club of Detonation's +3 fire damage only occurred 20% of hits, instead of on every hit (only the extra 10 points occurs 20% of hits)
  • All battle music did not loop properly; ended and looped to "intro" sequence instead of set looping point
  • Three battle musics did not go to proper "end sequence" due to invalid tags
  • Underdark main area's "night" music was erroneously set as Trademeet's theme
  • Catti Brie would attack protagonist mages with arrows in the encounter with Drizzt though no one was hostile
  • Terrece (Jaheira/Ployer plot) would appear outside the Council building while the PC was inside and start dialog through the transition, which left the player talking to a shaded-out exterior wall
  • Two Copper Coronet based quests (Nalia/Isaea Roenall and Mazzy/Gorf) could break if player sided with Bodhi and did not have Yoshimo in the group
  • If the player bought the Umar Hills kids both the ale and bastard swords they wanted, they would only take one of the three swords
  • The Greenstone Amulet's beneficial protections did not the bypass Magic Resistance of the character using it, so could fail
  • The Greenstone Amulet also did not suppress portrait icons, animation and battletext reponses for any of the effects it protected against
  • Free Action spell was broken in the same ways as the Potion Of Freedom: Free Action effect expired immediately, extraneously protected against Charm, and did not prevent Haste spells from affecting the character
  • Mind Flayer "Devour brain" battletext appeared 300 seconds after an INT-drain attack instead of immediately
  • Maze effect was using the wrong animation (same as Imprisonment's); new animation effect will be seen
  • The "spell" effects causing the "good path" losses in the Abyssal test were incorrectly flagged as of the Divination school instead of schoolless, so Spell Immunity:Divination would block them
  • Jerrod's Mace was also not giving the THAC0/damage bonuses vs. Demons indicated (effect definition was completely missing)
  • Normal darts were giving a STR bonus when thrown and doing slashing instead of missile/piercing damage
  • Pocket Plane challenge(s) would sometimes not complete properly, so the game could not be finished
  • Redid previous fix for Watcher's Keep exterior door to lowest level as there was still a pixel or two with the trigger sticking out
  • Hendak's cellmate would remain after all other slave gladiators had been freed and not recognize this due to a missing script reference
  • Cernd would do nothing and could not be spoken to again if the Grove was poisoned when he was out of the party
  • Exploit of repeatedly talking to the Spellhold statue while in possession of the required hand and crystal shard for the quest experience
  • The wizard spell Limited Wish's "I wish to be rich" wish failed to give the two thousand gold pieces that it was supposed to due to incorrect embedded scripting
  • When the Lanthorn was returned to elven general Elhan, he would award the 74,500 quest experience points twice
  • After completing the Planar Sphere quest to imprison Lord Ketlaar Argrim, he (and his two bodyguards) would still be present in the Council building
  • About forty spellcasting characters (found so far) had incorrect gender/sex, so their spellcasting voices were wrong
  • There were two Sir Donalus characters, both in the Athkatla Temple District simultaneously (Temple of Helm and Radiant Heart)
  • Restored the overlooked SoA fix for XP exploit with the tanner Rejiek Hidesman (and fixed a minor file corruption with it)
  • The Arcana Archives store dialog displayed the name "Pen And Parchment"
  • Kensais and helmets: thread
  • Welther gives multiple silver pantaloons thread
  • Broken bridge in UE quest can break the quest on wrong answer thread
  • Three kinds of magical darts had an enchantment level of 0
  • Ring of Earth Control gives +1 to all saves while equipped (not mentioned in description)
  • Elves and half-elves missing their natural charm and sleep resistance, fixed by aVENGER: thread
  • Missing NPC interjections in Watcher's Keep if played while in SoA: thread
  • Characters protected by MINHP items can be killed by attribute drains: thread
  • Golems summoned by simulcrums using the Juggernaut Golem manual die instantly: thread
  • Elves were not receiving their racial 90% immunity and half-elves their 30% immunity to charm and sleep type spells
  • 18 stores sold unlimited copies of various magical or non-consumable items; most noted was unlimited Harbinger two-handed swords from one of the Ust Natha merchants
  • Clerics (including dual/multiclass) of level 25 or greater would receive another Holy Symbol every time they rejoined the party
  • Redid previous fix for Detect Evil failing due to Magic Resistance; was still reporting M.R. as the animation effect was failing, not the spell effect
  • Barbarian Rage ability was giving a -2 to Save Vs. Spells instead of the +2 as per the ability's description
  • Gnoll on top level of Watcher's Keep was supposed to be an Umber Hulk, and had no melee attack as its default melee weapon reference was invalid
  • Prelate Wessalen of the Order would not wield his +1 two-handed sword as it was in the wrong item slot
  • About two hundred script compilation errors where resource references became invalid or null were present
  • Though the player/party was told to attack the traitor in the Shadow Thief guildhall, doing so would cause the rest of the guild to go hostile (which could prove instantly fatal and require a reload)
  • Nishruus still having issues eating/not eating items: thread
  • Exploit to generate more than one holy symbol: thread
  • Magical bullets--bull0[2-6]--have Allow Strength Bonus? set to yes. thread Sling of Everard allowed strength bonus, but we've already fixed that. SLing of Seeking does and SLing of Arvoreen does not, both as expected.
  • The Slayer form can be retained indefinitely through a complicated, multi-step process: thread
  • DART01 is inconsistent with other dart items; also there is an issue as to whether thrown weapons should get strength damage bonuses: thread Cam: strength bonus fixed, apr fixed too
  • Some of the Umar Hills Shadows/Fiends were misclassed as humanoids rather than undead, so Turn Undead, etc. would not work on them
  • 14 more instances of Jon Irenicus' alignment/race being incorrect
  • Spear of the Unicorn is missing protection from hold portrait icon: thread
  • Cavaliers showed "fear" icon in portrait/character sheet though are immune to fear
  • Some potions protect from spell effects but the effect animation still plays: thread
  • Over three hundred spells and items (player's and creatures') and creature definitions contained immunities to effects, but did not suppress the animation, battletext or (for player items) portrait icons of the effects (this sort of thing ought to be settled now)
  • Though Flame Blade's description clearly indicates it strikes as a normal weapon, it was still being blocked by Protection From Magical Weapons, and not by Protection From Normal Weapons
  • Creatures supposed to be unkillable (ie plot-critical) were still vulnerable to death from attribute drain (INT drain of Mind Flayers, and STR drain from Archer Called Shot) (this is fixed, though perhaps too robustly)
  • Several types of Djinni had no melee attack weapon due to invalid item references
  • Phaere was missing her Drow Elven Chain +3 due to an invalid item reference
  • Nishruus/Hakeashars were internally misclassed as Ogre Magi
  • Horror (innate and cast) was giving a +2 bonus to saves that was not in its description
  • Oil of Fiery Burning potion's fire damage was incorrect
  • Cleric/ranger protagonists could never obtain the cleric's temple stronghold and its associated quests (fixed as of v1)
  • Shadow Door, though it provides Improved Invisibility, was not providing the AC/save bonuses that Improved Invisibility does (fixed as of v1)
  • Staff of Power's held/carried icon/graphics were those of a common +2 staff, instead of its own custom graphics, and the icon for its Globe Of Invulnerability was that of the Minor Globe (fixed as of v1)
  • The Staff Of Power's Globe Of Invulnerability could not be removed by spell attacks from enemy mages (similar to the Staff of the Magi's Spell Trap) (fixed as of v1)
  • Multiple problems with Jaheira's romance and Harper quests, some or all may already be addressed with the romance fixes in Ease-of-Use: thread, thread, thread, thread, thread, thread, thread, thread, thread, thread
  • Devas were both of a null non-spellcasting class which overrode their level to 0, so their Dispel Magic would always fail; now are both Cleric classes (as are the Planetars)
  • Healer scripts don't recognize when allies have been dominated/charmed so heal them while fighting them; Planetars' healer scripts are the same if the Planetar is hostile
  • Protection From Undead scroll(s) would cause Kangaxx and Bodhi to be unkillable as they could not deliver their final dialog - Cam: Kangaxx fixed, Bodhi works already
  • Wizard spell Burning Hands is not arc-area-effect (only single target) and may do incorrect damage - Cam: added to OBC Weapon Animations as it's a borderline fix at best


  • Sendai's Harm affected player character(s) at range and without the required successful hit in combat (Demogorgon's also worked the same way, but he is a Prince of Demons after all) - Cam: Difficult to script proper usage with non-ranged harm, left as is
  • Melf's Acid Arrow and Glyph of Warding missing casting sounds. This is a bug in TotSC only, not BGII, hence no need to fix. - Andy
  • AERIEJ and GORODN dialogues are corrupted according to NI: thread
  • Swashbucklers not receiving their +1 THAC0/damage at level 20: thread [13:52] Andyr: Mark is off as not a bug. They do get the bonus, just looked in the CLAB.
  • Mae'Var (Docks thieves' guild leader) was supposed to cast mage spells, but was not able to due to wearing armor; he will now fling it on the ground prior to a battle he initiates [Cam - no one else can take off armor during combat]
  • Minor misclassification of the level 15+ monk fist weapon as a long sword; this seems to have had no effect at all on gameplay - No evidence found
  • Redid prev. fix for Cursed Scroll of Ailment targeting due to minor file corruption in an unused item field; did not affect its function Cam: Appears to work as intended; a BG item at any rate
  • Redid the previous fix for the thrown ability icon of Azuredge; now has new (better-looking) graphic
  • Both Maces Of Disruption and Azuredge's extra damage vs. undead had an undocumented Save. Vs. Spells (with a +6 bonus) so rarely worked; redid Azuredge to give damage as originally defined Neither have save bonuses, Azuredge's damage is correct -- Cam
  • Spells cast from items as well as some innates and abilities should get names: threadCam: Can't be done
  • Flasher Master Bruiser Mates hover in one place perm. if enemy dies before they explode Cam: Would mess with Skull Trap
  • Valygar's Corthala Family Blade katana was not giving a STR bonus to its damage Cam: Many weapons have 3 in the STR bonus field
  • Guardian Bridge 'punishment' monsters dropped unlimited sellable scrolls, gems and +1 two-handed swords
  • A few mages if "chunked" on the final hit while casting Mislead would turn into a spinning chunk that cast spells
  • Time stop cast via the Wish spell affects time stop immune creatures: thread - Seems intended.
  • Wizard Slayer MR: thread - Another issue of character import weirdness.
  • Downed trolls disappear if party rests thread - Cam: Unconfirmed, seems to be a false report
  • Blindness, SPWI106, mentions a THAC0 penalty but does not have one--or is a THAC0 penalty included as part of the Blindness (74) opcode? - Cam: Yes, apparently.
  • UE door not opening thread
  • Vampiric Touch being applied twice thread
  • All weapons with both melee and ranged (hurled) abilities had the same icon for both, so the player could not tell which was selected at a glance from the game screen
  • de'Arnise Keep quest not clearing journal entry thread - Cam: Every string I can find matching the report is being added to the solved quests
  • Three types of rogue traps/snares would sometimes apply their damage effects more than once (several snares allow saving throws to avoid a second chunk of damage which is displayed seperately, not a bug -- Nythrun)
  • Mage Robes of Fire & Cold Resistance were missing resistance resources for magical fire and magical cold respectively (no need to protect from an unused damage type -- Nythrun)
  • Extra 6-8th Level Spell HLA is busted for Sorcerers (it's not, though)
  • Sunstone Bullets had an extraneous (and strange) Slay effect attached (it's there to kill the Shadow Altar, not a bug)
  • Cloak of Non-Detection works differently than the spell of the same name: thread - Cam: no it doesn't
  • Oils of Speed reduce castng time, whereas the item description directly contradicts this: thread(they sure don't in ToB. is this a SoA bug or a non-bug? -- Nythrun) Cam: No, not in SoA either
  • Elminster is missing a few gender tokens in his dialogue with the Game Text Update: thread - Cam: only place where Elminster & Terminsel don't use a token is one line referring to the PC as 'him', but it's only accessible if the Jaheira romance is active
  • Redid previous fix for Cavalier's Resist Fear ability to also bypass M.R. in all resources; was sometimes failing - Cam: leftover note from Dorner, doesn't apply here
  • Redid previous fix for Aerie/Quayle dialog loop as editor apps. reported an error with it - Cam: leftover note from Dorner, doesn't apply here
  • Multiplayer/player-generated characters didn't have the same options on leaving/rejoining as other NPC's. They can now be asked to rejoin, wait, or go to the Copper Coronet (in SoA areas) or Pocket Plane (in ToB areas.) Also checks for inacessibility of CC in SoA areas. (This will be a bugfix rather than an improvement when applied to SoA as the situation is/was much worse: multiplayer/generated chars. will leave without recourse if kicked out or petrified/imprisoned.) - Cam: intended, also can be changed by BG2 Tweaks
  • The Imp and Quasit familiar were missing the immunity "item" that all other familiars have so were vulnerable to several effects (instead they had an item for immunity to normal weapons but as it was not "worn" it did nothing) - Cam: bug reporter is on crack as no familiars have this item; item is cruft and removed
  • Redid previous fix for Minsc's Berserk as though it worked properly, editor apps. reported an error with it (which fix for spin117 would that be?) - Cam: leftover note from Dorner, doesn't apply here
  • All four types of Golem Manual golems would go hostile and attack the player/party if they were attacked or damaged, either deliberately or accidentally, due to a leftover script reference from their enemy counterparts (summons tend to do that, is this really a bug?)
  • Sling of Everard has a bad flag that causes it ot be ignored by EquipMissile calls in scripts: thread - Cam: based on the script he was using to test, appears to be a scripting error
  • Some polymorphed forms can still cast spells: thread - Cam: nothing to suggest this is not intentional
  • XP exploit for turning enemies to stone and repeating: thread - Cam: only solution to this would be awful scripting hacks
  • Player can miss the animal-Trademeet militia battle entering the town: thread - Cam: could be fixed, but we'd have to disable the other entrance point entirely
  • Dryads should mark Windspear Hills on map: thread - Cam: might interfere with Firkraag quest
  • Inconsistent gender references in spell descriptions: thread - Cam: not a bug
  • Haz and golem not appearing thread, thread - Cam: Looked, looked again, and looked some more--can' find anything wrong with the sequence of events here
  • Weapons that add to attacks/round ruin GWW, Dual-wielding messes up WW and GWW HLA's attacks/round - Cam: wrap around issue with ApR stacking. Should look for a more generalized solution.
  • Some of the clerics and mages in Ust Natha would not cast their spells if hostile due to invalid script references Cam: without more detail, hard to say. We've cleaned up the pries* scripts quite a bit, which is what most of them use, so it's likely this is fixed by osmosis.
  • Redid previous fix for Brother Odren dialog loop as editor apps. reported an error with it - Cam: leftover note from Dorner, doesn't apply here
  • Paladin stronghold quests would appear incomplete, journal entries weren't removed and the 30,000XP quest reward was missed if paladin protagonist slew Firkraag before the quest was given - Cam: quest is not given if Firkraag is not alive; hence no quest reward should be earned. No journal entries need to be removed, as none are set.
  • Redid previous fix for Cowled Enforcer AI as some spell resources had turned into nulls - Cam: leftover note from Dorner, doesn't apply here
  • Some of Anomen's romance interactions would occur even if the romance was terminated - Cam: see berelinde-jastey exchange lower in the thread; appears intentional
  • The dragon in the Abyssal test presenting the "good" path reward appears intended as a Silver, but had a Black Dragon avatar/class/alignment - Cam: sure, but probably more UB than a fix
  • Redid previous fix for Mordenkainen's Sword Invisibility Exploit as editor apps. reported an error with it - Cam: leftover note from Dorner, doesn't apply here
  • If the troll Grae was instantly slain with Crom Faeyr or by other means, the Limited Wish quest could not be finished - Cam: don't break out the insta-kill stuff creatures from whom you need information, m'kay?
  • Minor oversight with Tirlana's conversation with Keldorn where it is not checked if Keldorn's wife is imprisoned - Cam: dialogue is vague enough to be valid even if Maria is imprisoned
  • Party checks on CN Anomen's first ToB banter with Imoen were missing - Cam: can not find any Imoen-Anomen ToB banters. Other Anomen banters in ToB have party checks AFAICT.
  • If Valygar was stealthed on arriving to his own home, his servant Hervo would call the guards and Valygar would go hostile even if he spoke directly to Hervo - Cam: Hervo's not a lich; if you want him to see Valygar, don't make Valygar invisible
  • Vithal (Underdark mage) would try to "help" the player by casting fire-damage spells on the Fire Elemental guardian - Cam: silly, but intended
  • If Valygar was made an enemy when not in the party, he would sometimes stop attacking and freeze when severely injured - Cam: can't find anything to support this
  • Hendak would (uncommonly) disappear/move from his place at the Copper Coronet after being freed (very likely solved but could not be definitely verified) - Cam: can not replicate
  • Nyalee's ritual would (uncommonly) fail to remove Yaga-Shura's invincibility, so the game could not be finished - Cam: can not replicate
  • A few enemy clerics would attack their allies and follow the protagonist without doing anything due to scripting omissions - Cam: without more detail, can't really examine. Could also be solved by existing corrections to pries* scripts.
  • If the Ust Natha Drow slave trader was spoken to after buying slaves, they would never appear out of their cages - Cam: tested, works fine
  • Minor error with the Solamnic Knights adding a journal entry about the golem even after player had starting assembling it - Cam: journal entry is not inapproproiate


  • Time stop issues: thread, thread - Cam: hardcoded behavior of timestop
  • Characters polymorphed into trolls via Cloak of Sewers have bad animation: thread - Cam: side effect of the polymorph opcode. :)
  • Shapeshifted PC/NPC can dual-wield (magically created weapons cannot be two-handed, scripting FillSlot would destroy rather than unequip, doing a drop-pickup routine would be fragile and slow)
  • Charged items and Bags of Holding interact unexpectedly: thread (stores are OMGHRADCODED, can't fix)
  • Exploit of re-equipping items that add to CON to heal char. (confirmed) - Cam - hardcoded, nothing can be done here.
  • Characters sometimes have an additional die of HP upon creation: thread
  • Imported characters also have strange HPs: thread
  • Remove Paralysis does not remove hold animation: thread

Edited by Nythrun
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A couple of other good sources are just using any of the tools in NI for finding broken resrefs, corrupted files, etc. For now I'd request that no one tackle dialogue or script fixes, as I've already got a number of fixes for broken triggers and whatnot already coded--I'm just waiting for WeiDU 168 so I can confirm they work.

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I'd like to wrap up the dialogue bugs, package together a build with the existing fixes and use it as a 'platform' from whcih we can build, hopefully within a few days. I suspect that eliminating the invalid dialogue and script triggers will go a long way to tracking down the remaining bugs (for example the dialogue fixes also fix the familiar cure medium wounds issue you reported).

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If someone could go through the SP Fixpack and see what bugs they fix that are not covered by Baldurdash it would be much appreciated. :)

This would be the best place to start; although it covers much of the same stuff, I found Extremist's solution to be of a higher quality than Baldurdash (sometimes substantially so).


IIRC, he points out new stuff ("You won't find this at Baldurdash!").

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Blindness, SPWI106, mentions a THAC0 penalty but does not have one--or is a THAC0 penalty included as part of the Blindness (74) opcode?

There are a lot of places where this is the case; the only solution I've found is to troll through every place where the effect in question was used, and see if BioWare ever explicitly included the bonus/penalty. If not, it's most likely built-in (there were a few instance where Baldurdash "fixed" things like this by adding spurious bonuses that were already implicitly given).


Some no-nos:

  • Free Action is a permanent, one-time effect (it doesn't need to last the duration of the ability, as it works like a state toggle)
  • All protection scrolls should probably be set to 0x03, with the exception of Protection from Magic (I think the normal ones are supposed to be dispellable); additionally, I couldn't even reproduce the problem with ToB
  • Several dialogue fixes are corrupt (Aerie, Odren), and the updated PC CREs are in CHR style (with all effects and items at the end of the file)

Sadly, I don't have my list of "where things went wrong" anymore.

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Out of curiosity, have all of the BD bug report stuff been copied over now? If I get a chance, I may try to consolidate everything, just to make it easier on everyone to figure out what's changed, what hasn't, what can be combined, etc.

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Out of curiosity, have all of the BD bug report stuff been copied over now?  If I get a chance, I may try to consolidate everything, just to make it easier on everyone to figure out what's changed, what hasn't, what can be combined, etc.


That would be useful, icelus.


Do all of the bugs marked in red in this thread still need to be fixed?

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