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New v8 Beta Version of The Divine Remix Available


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@subtledoctor If you point me where, I can create PR. It's much less work than adding DRHofix into BWS.

I incorporated all of my fixes into the mod and did a pull request. Note, I only did minimal testing, looking for successful install and well-formed .2da files. But that all seems successful so I'm fairly confident in these changes.


Notably, this fixes the Shar Dark Bolts via weidu in the main DR .tp2 file, so you don't need replacement .SPL files from Angel.

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Should be no problem. It's just s couple added lines of ALTER_EFFECT to set the proper timing and duration modes, etc. If the Spell already has those set correctly, it won't make a difference.


Unless those replacement spells get around the bug by being structurally different, or something. I haven't seen them do I don't know. That's why I think the most conservative route is using the original spells and simply fixing them with a patch at the time they are copied.


(I'd argue that every spell added by every mod should be generated from a blank original, and all of their attributes should be defined by Weidu functions at install time. Then any spell in any mod could be edited and fixed quite simply, in the .tp2. I've toyed with doing this in my Revised Stat Bonuses mod, and it works well. But I guess it's neither here nor there...)

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Anyone have any trouble with the Wilderness and Forest Runner kits? Everything else seems to work, but these won't display the special abilities for me.

I noticed this too. When do you (@CamDawg) update this mod?

  • Feralan, Call of the Wild -> The description of this ability (when you right-click on its icon) states the following: "Ya load sixteen tons, what do ya get? Another day older and deeper in debt." This is clearly wrong and does sound like a random sentence taken out of dialog.tlk. This is not the case for BG2:EE or EET but the description is in any case incorrect (since it's the one related to the druidic spell "Conjure Animals").
  • Forest Runners lack their 'Inspire' ability.
  • Wilderness Runners do not get +10% resistance to non-magical fire and cold, cannot set snares and lack their 'Enhanced Charm Animal' ability.
  • Are you going to add some Paladin kits?
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I don't know if anyone uses this mod anymore and although BWP explain clearly that the divine Remix sphere system is bugged in V8 I have try to install it... and with the last version from GitHub, BWP is right...When you click on the "new game" button, the game crash. So I have tried to solve this issue.

As I have no notion of codding, I have dug a little bit in this Posts and find that @Angel has detected the issue - sb_num and sb_delta variable are used in different function in the macro.tph file. One way, for me, to solve this issue was to copy all the cd_spellbook_wrapup function at the end of the cd_spellbook function - I have attached a macro.tph with the modification. When done the game play well and there is no more issue with the new game button.
In addition, the "extend_clab_to_level_50" have to be //quote to avoid double work - it has already been done for all existent kit proposed by this mod.

In addition to this issue, I have detected some others that can be solve by modifying the .tp2 (mostly, hla(s) issues - see attached tp2)

With those modifications but without any further testing (I don't have time now) the sphere system and hla(s) seems to works smoothly.


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@TotoR @Angel

1. Classic BG2: I'm getting error when I'm trying to install ALL mod components:

ERROR locating resource for 'COPY'
Resource [divine_remix/spheres/lua#ooze.2da] not found in KEY file:
ERROR Installing [Implement sphere system], rolling back to previous state
WARNING: Unable to uninstall STRING_SET references from [divine_remix/backup/1000/UNSETSTR.1000]: Invalid_argument("index out of bounds")
Will uninstall 7366 files for [DIVINE_REMIX/DIVINE_REMIX.TP2] component 1000.
ERROR: error copying [divine_remix/backup/1000/spellbook_CLABPR02_1_0.2da]


2. Classic BG2: When I'm trying to install only component 1000 "Implement sphere system" I'm getting different error:

Copying and patching 1 file ...

ERROR locating resource for 'COPY'
Resource [divine_remix/spheres/ludr0.2da] not found in KEY file:
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [Implement sphere system], rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall 4517 files for [DIVINE_REMIX/DIVINE_REMIX.TP2] component 1000.
Uninstalled    4517 files for [DIVINE_REMIX/DIVINE_REMIX.TP2] component 1000.
ERROR: Failure("resource [divine_remix/spheres/ludr0.2da] not found for 'COPY'")
Please make a backup of the file: SETUP-DIVINE_REMIX.DEBUG and look for support at: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showforum=29
Automatically Skipping [Implement sphere system] because of error.


Reverting those two lines fix the problem. Are you sure about those changes?



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@ALien : That's clearly a mistake. It should have been like the original Tp2.

I have attached the right version of setup-divine_remix.tp2 - this version of the tp2 have been test for the sphere system on the classic BG2 (with no mods) with and without all components of divine remix without error.


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Fist thing first: corrections made here are mostly Typos, I haven't created content (except for +1 charisma bonus for sune kit) as everything was already there;

To continue with this mod, I have noticed and corrected different unattended behaviours and issues:

  • There is a mistake in the divine_remix.tra files : entries @10133 is used twice. (corrected in the attached files - tra and tp2 @10133 changed by @10154)
  • holy symbol for Oghma kit in the .tp2 is fixed
  • alignment restriction for holy symbol of red knight (usable only by lawfull) and shar (allow neutral) is fixed
  • BW fixpack cdshar2.itm added
  • polished BAM center of A#SHA02, CDIILHLY, CDISLHLY, CDITMHLY
  • Once the sphere system is installed, cleric kits have no access to symbol. this has been fixed by adding AP_CDHLYSYM at level 25 in all the %class%.2da files and adding a required component for the installation of the sphere system (we now need holy symbol for all kit)
  • The kit description was not updated by the sphere system installation. This has been fixed
  • compatibility with the component "Treat mages' and priests' High-Level Abilities as innate abilities rather than memorisable spells" of stratagems added
  • And as said in posts above - fixed the cluab%class%.2da and lu%class%.2da table by edited the .tp2

There is only one file that I am not 100% sure : I don't understand why the original holysym.baf file was checking only player1 kit so I have modified it to be more in line with the version of bg2 fixpack.

In addition i have noted that there is no BAM, I don't know how to create them but maybe some one have them, for :

  • red knight holysymbol description image
  • feywarden holysymbol description image

In the attached file there is all files that have been modified.

edited :

The sphere system now works as intended for divine_remix cleric kits: the setup-divine_remix.tp2 : The original version was only selecting generic sphere for all kits

In addition, after taking a look at the forum, I have noticed that there are some issues related to kits. The following kits have been fixed:

  • Nightcloak of Shar: Add missing ability (Dark Bolt) in sphere version
  • Firewalker of Kossuth kit: a#koss.2da table and a#koss.tph file are fixed - the sphere version of this kit should work as intended.
  • Authlim of Iyachtu Xvim kit: cdxvim.tph and hla_cdxvim.2da files are fixed - the sphere version of this kit should work as intended
  • Heartwarder of Sune kit:
    • give +1 charisma after creation.
    • Add missing ability (Veil of Djalice) in sphere version.
  • Oozemaster kit: hla table is now hla of druid and no more of a cleric
  • Bowslinger kit:
    • altered weapon prof table to be in conformity with kit description "high mastery" - use to be "Grandmastery"
    • hla table is now hla of a ranger
    • the nmrnbsln.2da table is fixed - this kit should work as intended
  • Feralan kit:
    • Armor restriction is corrected - Feralan can't use scale, chain and splint armor now;
    • the NMRNFRRN.2DA table is fixed - this kit should work as intended.
  • Forest Runner kit:
    • hla table is now hla of a ranger.
  • Wilderness Runner kit:
    • hla table is now hla of a ranger.
    • updated "Enhanced Charm Animal" to be in conformity with bg2 fixpack
    • the nmrnwlrn.2da table is fixed - this kit should work as intended

To conclude :

  • descriptions typos (find in old posts) ,
  • missing weapon description for Kossuth and Oghma kit in french and english language files are fixed
  • fix hla table of TALOS and HELM
  • issues introduced by myself in the setup-divine_remix.tp2 file have been Fixed.





divine remix-fix.rar

Edited by TotoR
fix some more stuffs
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