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Brief (hopefully) downtime with the forums


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Hey everyone,


We are moving the g3 domain name to a new host. As a result, the subdomain - forums.gibberlings3.net - wasn't working properly because we need to get the host to point to it properly so we aren't getting incorrect links.


The forums and downloads should be up for now. You might see some images or avatars missing but that should be fixed soon.



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Yes, either a redirect rule is missing (for the same result as before) or incomplete (not passing parameters for a new scheme). I obviously can't help through the forum, but it'd be a shame to take a SEO hit due to all the links going into the same black pit.

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Do you need help with restoring the forum redirect? All the links are still broken, which is a darn shame ...


No thanks. The person who can restore it was notified already - we are just waiting for them. :) It's something that isn't in my hands as I don't have access to the server.

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