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Please update forums/website news/download

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Mod has been updated, the link here should work.



The mod apparently was updated January of 2015; the link provided in the above post by author reports a version '2', but the updated version isn't reported in the main G3 website news, and the link provided in the main G3 page still links to a version 1. Would be helpful it this were clarified; maybe adding version number to the file name is a good idea as well.

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Guest Icarus300


According to the above thread the latest version is .... 8... updated in 2016? Yet the latest version in downloads seems to be 2 from much earlier. Anyone aware what the story is?

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1 hour ago, Arthas said:

question: why did mod's version go from v2 to v8, instead of v3?

See thing is, it was v3, v4, v5, v6 and v7, before the v8 came up, if you just look at the linked posts version data... but the G3 download centers file was not updated, just the dropbox one, was. Assuming a little here.

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Oof... Someone dropped the ball a little.  😯

Still, thanks for updating the download page finally... better late than never I suppose, although it's too late for my current run (installation order has it before SCS and other major mods; there's no way I'm reinstalling all those at this point).

Hopefully I won't run into serious bugs still running version ... 2... holy cow... that's 6 updates that have been MIA for who knows how long.


This is a highly underrated,  conceptually wonderful mod imho, much better than 90% of NPC related mod content out there; some of the writing/characterization is arguably better than Beamdog/EE added NPC content. It's a real pity that it's being treated like a one legged stepchild (no recent updates/bugfixes, newer version not available for download etc.)

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Guest Morgoth

The other version being linked is in a way worse shape than cirosan's work. So bad that roxanne made her own and started correcting her own. No problem if you dont want to spread a legit version, but don't get mad when people choose roxanne version if cirosan's one is rotting inside this forum.

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I didn't mean to imply that it should be, just raise its visibility for other people like me who might come across this thread not knowing about the newer version (which after all needs more playtesters in order to become stable). I don't think it's fair to equate Cirosan's work with Roxanne's - he recived explicit permission from Kish to continue working on the mod and also documented his changes thoroughly. I wish the community could finally start moving past this entire nasty Roxanne business instead of bringing it up again and again...

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Morgoth: had Roxanne decided to work with the community and not against them, her bugfixes could be in the official mod version. 🤷‍♀️ But I'm sure the reason this mod wasn't debugged and updated yet is because we all just dawdle away our time with other needless stuff. @Isewein this wasn't addressed at you.

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