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Crossmod Banter Project: v15 Bug Reports

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Heh - I was looking at code, not at text! Sorry, hook71 - I'll pop those on the GitHub repo tonight. The duplicated folders you reported were removed in the realingment and renaming for AUTO_TRA, so that one is fixed :)


With the .tra files in place, proofreading in general should be easier to do.


EDIT: up on GitHub, except for the odd DV thing with { SOLA|Solafein|Solaufein }


Typos fixed and integrated into v16 TEST branch commit/hook71's Typo Hunt and Destroy

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Yes, it requires the BWP Fixpack changes.

The setup-crossmodbg2.tp2 seems to be compatible with EET but it doesn't consider the EET continuous journal system, so all chapter checks would be off.

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No, currently there is no active maintainer. The update to EET isn't very compliacted, though (for a modder). Integrating the so far not considered contributions and romance conflicts would be the real work.

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