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Guest Polarbear

Mmm, sorry, I didn't want to register for this. Actually I was browsing the readme of this promising mod (I haven't tried it yet, but I certainly will in the near future) when I found the Firewalker of Kossuth kit. Is the name "Kossuth" fictive? Or where did you get it from? It's rather strange because I am from Hungary, and there was a famous person in our history whose name is Lajos Kossuth. He played a huge role in the revolution and freedom fight in 1848 in Hungary (which actually failed due to lack of help from the outside). Search the net if you don't believe me.


Btw, I don't know why am I posting this. Well maybe you could change to name of this kit, or tell me how to change it in my game, because it just looks strange or rather silly to me. (Kossuth is not a figure I could imagine as a fantasy character, definitely not)


Sorry for this post, please don't take offense.


(Oh is there a hungarian mod-developer in your ranks btw?)

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I believe Kossuth is taken from AD&D source book and thus part of the Forgotten Realms universe. There are also other gods with borrowed names in Forgotten Realms. For example Mielikkki and Loviatar are taken from Finnish mythology.


I admit that it can be strange sometimes when names accidentally mean something in your language. For example Viconia's brother's name is Valas. And Valas = whale in Finnish. :) There has been also names like Taso-Kala (level-fish) and Vene (=small boat).

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Guest Polarbear

Yes, I think that's right. Adding names from mythologies or even medieval ppl is okay I say (I'd not have said a thing if it was st like Botond or Attila maybe). And even Valas doesn't sound that stupid (guess one could wear such a nick in Suomi, right?). But Kossuth is a bit much for me. He lived just a century ago, and his character is symbolic here. We do even have a Kossuth radio (a station) which is pretty old actually. And even a newspaper wearing his name IIRC. So its not like a mythologic god or something.


(Btw, if memory serves well there was a character in some game named Kirja (=book right?) and also Anya(=mother in hungarian), but these are fine I say!)


It is also so strange that they got Kossuth from a fantasy book.

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Guest Polarbear

Eh?? If this is true then I apologize.


It's still straneg tho. He also visited America, maybe that has something to do with this FR-thing.




His statue in america.




That's another statue of him. In Hungary this time.




A biography in English


BTW I forgot to mention the Kossuth-award which is given away every year or so. (I'm unsure what you have to do to get one though)

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Kossuth is also mentioned in IWD2, it is probably from ADnD.


And ADnD has taken this name from Hungarian, no doubt.

It is not a coincidence, this is not an ordinary name, too complex to be randomly created.


Either there is a Hungarian person who added it to ADnD, or someone who edited ADnD heard this name somewhere and added it. In the latter case, I don't say though that (s)he knew who Kossuth was.


By the way, PolarBear, I'm also from Hungary. :) I can usually be found in this forum or at Black Wyrm.

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I believe the creator of the Forgotten Realms is from Canada. Kossuth is part of the pen and paper game upon which Baldur's Gate, et. al. is based. Kossuth is a greater deity who is also referred to as The Lord of Flames and the Firelord. His alignment is neutral and his worshipers include druids, elemental archons, fire creatures and Thayans. His domains include destruction, fire, renewal and suffering.


For more information, go to Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Official Home Page. Use the search function to find out more.

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I'd like to take this moment to announce the new Revolutionary of George Washington kit for the next release. :)


Yes, Kossuth is from PnP, as are all of the other deities. Whether the game took it from the famous Hungarian of the same name or it's a coincidence, no idea.

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It may be both. I mean that it is a coincidence in the following meaning: the creator of FR was searching for names and somehow he ran across Kossuth or heard it somewhere.

It's impossible to randomly make up such a complex name. Other names mentioned by PolarBear (like Anya) are certainly not taken from Hungarian, they are short, not complex and common words, even if with different meaning in each language.


(Kossuth may be a greater deity in FR, ADnD etc. but the creators of ADnD were not even born when Kossuth was living).

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A quick google of 'Kossuth' returns 84 pages of links http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=kossuth&meta=


Some of the highlights of this search include a variety of hits for Kossuth County, Iowa (USA), which seems to be named after Lajos Kossuth.


So, while it may be indirectly named after Lajos Kossuth, the writer could have easily picked the name up from the Kossuth county, or just made it up on the spot like NIGHTMARE mentions is possible. Stranger things have happened.

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Hello again, I'm back and just regged in. :)


Well the name Kossuth is not at all common in Hungary (it's not like Smith or Young), so whoever put it in ADnD he must have taken it from L. Kossuth. Or from this county in Iowa. I didn't know that a county in the US was named after him, and even more, there is statue of him there (the first pic I linked). It is always good to learn something new.


Okay then, I guess I can live with this Kossuth the firelord FR-thing if I have to. :)


Camdawg: Yes, definitely, the Kossuth kit for me is something like this Washington kit would be to you and all the ppl from the US.


Baronius! It's always good to see fellow hungarians of similar interests. I'll check back here more often then. Btw are you a modder here or something like that?

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