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[Poll] TotLM and HoW implementation


HoW and TotLM implementation  

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It's a good standalone yet doesn't throw so much XP and items on the party that it would destroy the balance of the rest of the game.


ToTL doesn't even give an XP reward for actually escaping castle Maluradek

That's going to be pretty funny:

escape the trivial Chateau Irenicus fighting goblins, mephits and some weak people = massive XP

escape the torturous Castle Maluradek fighting some seriously annoying enemies = 0 XP

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I think it makes a lot of sense to separate out ToTLM and make it accessible in Athkatla. At the same time I think it's worthwhile to respect the original structure of the game, so I think this works best as an optional component.


I personally feel like IWD and HOW shouldn't be touched. Make it so Lonelywood is first accessed by talking to Hjollder and then once in Lonelywood, just have it as something you can travel to and from normally. Anyone installing this mod can probably regulate when they want to do IWD and HOW content themselves.

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I'm not attached to the original implementation. However, people who play IWD in EET will likely have already played IWD. They will expect these adventures to begin in a certain location. There's nothing to say that you can't for instance have this NPC appear in BOTH IWD and BG2 to lead to HoW and TotL. An option is best in my view.

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Bill Bisco's idea of letting Hobart appear both in Lonelywood and in Amn, is actually not bad at all.


Remember that Hobart travels by teleportation, and he's chosen you as his next victim to lure to Castle Maluradek, so it makes perfect sense that he would stalk you and that you could meet him in multiple locations until you finally agree to go with him.


This way, players could choose when to do TotLM without any installation options to complicate things.


This solution doesn't makes as much sense for HoW though, because unlike TotL it's tied closely to Icewind Dale, even though Hjollder also effectively uses teleportation.

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I like the idea of Hjollder and Hobart appearing multiple places personally. This is an opportunity for fun dialogue as Ineth notes. It's not unreasonable since both of them use teleportation.


Given the travel back and forth between areas is possible in EET, you could consider time of day or month as a factor of where they are. But that is also probably a lot of work. Also, in ToB will the pocket plane ability cause an issue? I.e. will the players be able to escape the Totl and talk to Hobart again?

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Just wanna weigh in and say bob_veng's idea seems the most appealing and logically coherent to me, although if he hadn't made a good case and I hadn't thought about it, I probably would have said leave it alone. I only mention that because it might be wise to consider expertise opinion over popular opinion in this case, as some, like me, aren't as familiar with the mechanics or aware of the benefits to game structure. If you're big on world map freedom over cohesive gameplay mechanics/or a purist, it would make sense to have both a "leave it alone option" and Veng's staggered idea, but the latter gets my vote as creating a more unified and immersive gaming experience.

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For what it's worth, I'm a big fan of the Honorable Mr. Veng's idea. To provide maximum flexibility, though, it should be an optional component.





I'm strongly in favor of splitting ToTL from HoW and from splitting HoW from IWD and placing these parts in EET in a staggered way


I would encourage splitting the IWD stuff like this: make IWD accessible from the start, HoW significantly later (Hjollder reaches out to you in, for example, Athkatla and isn't present in kuldahar), and ToTL much later (i once proposed putting Hobart in Brynnlaw because Brynnlaw is so boring)


I fully agree to that view. I had even suggested to delay the initial journey to IWD until at least you did the Nashkel mines (you should have made yourself a bit of reputation as an adventurer already.). I had a plot ready to tie the IWD episodes closer into the main story but that was not much welcome. I also like your idea of travelling back and forth like with the rest of the worldmap rather than spending months away from the main game and in some disconnected story.

i am afraid we are very much alone with this opinion - and providing a mod that would introduce such gameplay features to EET will probably not receive much acceptance, (Which means that I will do it anyway.)



That makes three of us :D

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