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Solaufein's Rescue - jastey's Solaufein NPC mod for BGII (Kerzenburgforum)

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Sorry, I want to ask some more. ;p


About translation mostly:


Looks like only his personal (player initiated) dialogs are not translated?


Is there one or more specific topics/dialogs I must ask him in order for certain things to happen? You know what I mean, like in Weimer's Sola, at some point in ToB if you don't say something to him, really bad nasty bunch of obscenely op sobs will appear to harass you with their sarcasm.

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It's 2 thirds of his friendship track and his PID and most of the NPC banter that still need translation.


There is no hidden switch in the PIDs, just extra dialogues.


And thank you for your interest! I'm happy to see people playing the mod.

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The mod updates to version 1.5!


  • If interacting with the drider cocoons, texts will also be shown on screen (changed to DisplayStringHead)
  • Added more variable parameters to EET EET_NPC_TRANSITION (tp2 optimization, no changes ingame)
  • Added summoning for new ToB game (EET)
  • Crossmod with Ajantis and Gavin moved into Crossmod Banter Pack
  • Corrected: infer_charset -> infer_charsets
  • EE use pvrz-tis (no more black lines in areas)
  • Setup-c#solaufein.tp2 renamed to c#solaufein.tp2
  • c#solaufein.ini with mod info metadata added.

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