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Vacation notice


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Vacation notice (18.2.-5.3.2005)


Both Darios and myself are leaving for a trip next Friday and will be gone for two weeks. While we will (likely) have an internet connection at our disposal during the trip, no work for Amber will be done during those two weeks. :)

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Some obligatory holiday photos:




Baby camels are cute & fuzzy! ;)




Darios and a new-found hairy friend are about to go for a little walk.




We shopped for some clothes and looks like our very own red wizard has launched his own clothing brand. :)

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But now you must be so full of creative energy that Amber will be finished in no time...right?  :D


*Smiles mysteriously*


Thanks Domi and Andy!


BigRob, you were probably right about the cursed thing. We just came back from shopping groceries (Darios was wearing his brand new Edwin jeans) and virtually everything that can go wrong did just that. In a very uninteresting, mundane way, but still... I hope that the curse will wear off! :bday:

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Vacation notice (18.8.-21.8.2005)


We are going away for a long weekend :) and will have no access to internet during the trip. So, dear testers, no bugs will be fixed during the weekend. You're still welcome to post them, though.


-Meira & Darios

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