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Dynaheir (and misc) SoD content

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Curious about all the NPC's, but Dynaheir especially; was there ever talk of updating or adjusting SoD character behaviour amd dialog to better match the BG1 arcs?

Dynaheir and her romance interaction is especially jarring given her reactions, attitude amd accusations towards charname near the expansions conclusion.

Don't get me wrong, I love the content we got as far as both the mod and the SoD expansion goes... but, given the dissonance between Dy (and others) in the NCP project and Dy in SoD I'd prefer to see her exit the stage gracefully rather than endure the beamdog version. 

I know, it's their character they bought to write as they saw fit.. but maaaan is it discouraging.

I suppose I'm just bellyaching at this point.  Anyone else feel twinges of this particular argh?

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They completely butchered most of the personalities from the original game, and I'd advise you to just don't play this mess that is SoD. Seriously. The BG1 NPC project NPC's are far better than anything else NPC-wise in SoD.

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I've played through and enjoyed SoD a couple of times.

As far as butchering the personalities... ehh, before the BG1 NPC Project the cast if BG1 were pretty much blank slates.  

I would definitely agree that the npc's are -Much- better written in the mod than SoD, but you can't blame BD for trying, nor for not taking into account a fan project.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All that said I think it would be very cool to see this or a new mod put the original cast present in SoD more in line with the original authors, but I don't even know which of them are still active / would be interested in such a venture.

Failing that, I wouldn't suggest that anyone attempt to continue someone else's work without their permission (nor would I have the experience or patience to try myself, had I the permission).  

I dunno, just expressing a kinda wistful frustration I suppose.

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1 hour ago, jastey said:

I don't think you'd need permission to write a mod that continues Dynaheir's characterization from BG1NPC into SoD. I think Domi wrote a lot for Dynaheir, but she's no longer active.

Hmmmm, a proposition both intriguing and terrifying....

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@AL|EN Look at what's happening around the world. We left reality a while ago. ;)

On a serious note, I don't think one needs permission to write a mod for SoD that tries to catch the characterization of an NPC addon-mod for BG1. What would be critical is if the author would try to sell it as an official extention of BG1NPC.

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Guest Janissary
7 hours ago, Psionica said:

Dynaheir for BGII ! 😛

Ehhhh, (Spoilers, I guess?) Dynaheir makes it pretty clear that she dies during Jon's ambush, and three to five of the talks at the end center around the tragic end.  Writing around that conclusion would seem pretty contrary to the spirit of the mod.

The SoD section though, yeaaaah that's a pretty far departure from Dy's character, and the couple of times I've ran through the game with her after the BG1 romance I've had to grit my teeth and pretend not to notice.

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5 hours ago, Psionica said:
11 hours ago, Guest Janissary said:

Dynaheir makes it pretty clear that she dies during Jon's ambush

How does Dynaheir know she is dead if shes dead? She forcast it?

Yes.  She literally prophesies her death.  

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I think it would be the most efficient solution to detect SoD upon installation and then simply move the respective talks of impending doom slightly further down the line (into SoD). Not perfect, but in lieu of someone willing and able to replicate Domi's characterisation probably as good as we get.

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