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Unearthed Arcana presents Faiths & Powers: Gods of the Realms

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Thanks for the update.  I did remove the comment about the multiclass component because I did the Galaxy Brain move and actually double checked the readme which explains all of this fairly well.

The shapeshifter note is helpful.  I'll have to remove that part from my Refinements install.

I'm going to have to discard this install because Lava's new Tangled Isle has a quest-breaking bug in it that an update fixes and unfortunately Weidu's reinstall function does not work as soon as it hits a mod with a ReadLN.  I'm going to keep going a bit further though to see if I run across any other issues that I can hopefully start troubleshooting sooner rather than later. 

I'm also suspicious that one of the mods has turned on some of the debugging feedback, which is why I'm getting a lot of "file was not altered" warnings.  My guess is it might be @Angel's Made in Heaven Item pack, but I don't know for sure and it doesn't really matter a lot since these seem to be harmless error messages.


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So, a second attempt to install Faiths & Powers multiclass failed.  I'm not sure if this is because I have too many kits installed, have done the install, uninstall, install sequence already or some other reason.

Error messages below:


Clearing the arrays.
Adding D5_CR_SHAUNDAKUL Kit ...
[./override/kitlist.2da] loaded, 53941 bytes
[./override/KITLIST.2DA] loaded, 53941 bytes
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [Multiclass Cleric kits (install AFTER all other kit mods!!)], rolling back to previous state
Unable to Unlink [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/OTHER.95]: Unix.Unix_error(1, "unlink", "faiths_and_powers/backup/95/OTHER.95")
WARNING: Cannot uninstall STRING_SET #537396, out of range 0 -- 537387
WARNING: Cannot uninstall STRING_SET #537392, out of range 0 -- 537387
WARNING: Cannot uninstall STRING_SET #537389, out of range 0 -- 537387
Will uninstall 219 files for [FAITHS_AND_POWERS_MULTICLASS/FAITHS_AND_POWERS_MULTICLASS.TP2] component 95.
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5sh01z.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5sh01z.2da copied to override/d5sh01z.2da, 1497 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/M_SQLIST.LUA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/M_SQLIST.LUA copied to override/M_SQLIST.LUA, 9496 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/L_en_us.LUA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/L_en_us.LUA copied to override/L_en_us.LUA, 66706 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/M_SQMENU.LUA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/M_SQMENU.LUA copied to override/M_SQMENU.LUA, 167627 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SH01ZX.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SH01ZX.2da copied to override/D5SH01ZX.2da, 1497 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SH01Z.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SH01Z.spl copied to override/D5SH01Z.spl, 346 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SH01ZD.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SH01ZD.spl copied to override/D5SH01ZD.spl, 202 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SH01ZX.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SH01ZX.eff copied to override/D5SH01ZX.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clabsh01.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clabsh01.2da copied to override/clabsh01.2da, 10291 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5lernpr.bam]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5lernpr.bam copied to override/d5lernpr.bam, 3132 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5lernwi.bam]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5lernwi.bam copied to override/d5lernwi.bam, 3132 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5shmsp.itm]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5shmsp.itm copied to override/d5shmsp.itm, 3914 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/tooltip.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/tooltip.2da copied to override/tooltip.2da, 7907 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5shmsw.itm]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5shmsw.itm copied to override/d5shmsw.itm, 4018 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5shnit.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5shnit.spl copied to override/d5shnit.spl, 8506 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5shami.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5shami.spl copied to override/d5shami.spl, 202 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5fpspt.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5fpspt.spl copied to override/d5fpspt.spl, 33802 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5shni2.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5shni2.spl copied to override/d5shni2.spl, 202 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP01.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP01.spl copied to override/QD_MCP01.spl, 21418 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCR01.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCR01.spl copied to override/QD_MCR01.spl, 634 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#cyric.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#cyric.2da copied to override/a#cyric.2da, 12144 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#feyw.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#feyw.2da copied to override/a#feyw.2da, 13956 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#koss.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#koss.2da copied to override/a#koss.2da, 12413 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#ogma.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#ogma.2da copied to override/a#ogma.2da, 13567 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#ooze4.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#ooze4.spl copied to override/a#ooze4.spl, 298 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5ooze1.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5ooze1.spl copied to override/d5ooze1.spl, 4754 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5ooze2.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5ooze2.spl copied to override/d5ooze2.spl, 3890 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#ooze.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#ooze.2da copied to override/a#ooze.2da, 7899 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5ooze4.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5ooze4.spl copied to override/d5ooze4.spl, 3514 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#red.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/a#red.2da copied to override/a#red.2da, 13347 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/cdshar2.itm]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/cdshar2.itm copied to override/cdshar2.itm, 986 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/cdilmatr.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/cdilmatr.2da copied to override/cdilmatr.2da, 12143 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/cdselune.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/cdselune.2da copied to override/cdselune.2da, 13357 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/cdxvim.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/cdxvim.2da copied to override/cdxvim.2da, 12750 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/nmsune.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/nmsune.2da copied to override/nmsune.2da, 12144 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/CLASWEAP.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/CLASWEAP.2DA copied to override/CLASWEAP.2DA, 21786 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/WEAPPROF.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/WEAPPROF.2DA copied to override/WEAPPROF.2DA, 357649 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/ABCLASRQ.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/ABCLASRQ.2DA copied to override/ABCLASRQ.2DA, 16886 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/ABDCDSRQ.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/ABDCDSRQ.2DA copied to override/ABDCDSRQ.2DA, 15008 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/ABDCSCRQ.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/ABDCSCRQ.2DA copied to override/ABDCSCRQ.2DA, 14875 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/ALIGNMNT.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/ALIGNMNT.2DA copied to override/ALIGNMNT.2DA, 29923 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/KITLIST.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/KITLIST.2DA copied to override/KITLIST.2DA, 53314 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/LUABBR.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/LUABBR.2DA copied to override/LUABBR.2DA, 8501 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/25STWEAP.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/25STWEAP.2DA copied to override/25STWEAP.2DA, 4387141 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/KIT.IDS]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/KIT.IDS copied to override/KIT.IDS, 5029 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/ABCLSMOD.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/ABCLSMOD.2DA copied to override/ABCLSMOD.2DA, 16716 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/DUALCLAS.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/DUALCLAS.2DA copied to override/DUALCLAS.2DA, 16565 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_D.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_D.2DA copied to override/K_CM_D.2DA, 70 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_E.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_E.2DA copied to override/K_CM_E.2DA, 70 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_G.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_G.2DA copied to override/K_CM_G.2DA, 70 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_H.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_H.2DA copied to override/K_CM_H.2DA, 82 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_HE.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_HE.2DA copied to override/K_CM_HE.2DA, 82 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_HL.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_HL.2DA copied to override/K_CM_HL.2DA, 58 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_HO.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CM_HO.2DA copied to override/K_CM_HO.2DA, 70 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clastext.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clastext.2da copied to override/clastext.2da, 55692 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/SODCLTXT.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/SODCLTXT.2da copied to override/SODCLTXT.2da, 55658 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clsrcreq.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clsrcreq.2da copied to override/clsrcreq.2da, 41531 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clswpbon.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clswpbon.2da copied to override/clswpbon.2da, 18132 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/hpclass.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/hpclass.2da copied to override/hpclass.2da, 7437 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/numwslot.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/numwslot.2da copied to override/numwslot.2da, 6393 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clascolr.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clascolr.2da copied to override/clascolr.2da, 34908 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clasiskl.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clasiskl.2da copied to override/clasiskl.2da, 46522 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clasthac.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/clasthac.2da copied to override/clasthac.2da, 11662 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/thiefscl.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/thiefscl.2da copied to override/thiefscl.2da, 52134 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5cllv1.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5cllv1.spl copied to override/d5cllv1.spl, 202 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5cstbo.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5cstbo.spl copied to override/d5cstbo.spl, 202 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5_abju.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5_abju.eff copied to override/d5_abju.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/spwi318.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/spwi318.spl copied to override/spwi318.spl, 12746 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/spwi618.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/spwi618.spl copied to override/spwi618.spl, 9058 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/spwi522.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/spwi522.spl copied to override/spwi522.spl, 10442 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/spwi701.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/spwi701.spl copied to override/spwi701.spl, 7010 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/spwi902.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/spwi902.spl copied to override/spwi902.spl, 2162 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5_class.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5_class.2da copied to override/d5_class.2da, 14647 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5_usabl.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5_usabl.2da copied to override/d5_usabl.2da, 49799 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5_spher.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5_spher.2da copied to override/d5_spher.2da, 43851 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5MGLV1#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5MGLV1#.EFF copied to override/D5MGLV1#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP10.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP10.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP10.SPL, 3898 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1A#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1A#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM1A#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1D#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1D#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM1D#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP02.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP02.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP02.SPL, 4330 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1E#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1E#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM1E#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP03.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP03.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP03.SPL, 1978 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1F#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1F#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM1F#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP04.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP04.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP04.SPL, 3898 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2D#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2D#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM2D#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP05.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP05.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP05.SPL, 1786 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2E#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2E#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM2E#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP06.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP06.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP06.SPL, 3898 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2F#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2F#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM2F#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP07.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP07.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP07.SPL, 2410 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3E#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3E#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM3E#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP08.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP08.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP08.SPL, 3898 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3F#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3F#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM3F#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP09.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP09.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP09.SPL, 2698 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4E#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4E#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM4E#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4F#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4F#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM4F#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP11.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP11.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP11.SPL, 2458 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5E#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5E#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM5E#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP12.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP12.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP12.SPL, 3898 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5F#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5F#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM5F#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP13.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP13.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP13.SPL, 2458 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6E#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6E#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM6E#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP14.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP14.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP14.SPL, 3898 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6F#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6F#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM6F#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP15.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP15.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP15.SPL, 2890 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7E#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7E#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM7E#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP16.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP16.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP16.SPL, 1690 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7F#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7F#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM7F#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP17.SPL]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/QD_MCP17.SPL copied to override/QD_MCP17.SPL, 1738 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1B#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1B#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM1B#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2A#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2A#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM2A#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3A#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3A#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM3A#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3D#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3D#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM3D#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4A#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4A#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM4A#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4D#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4D#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM4D#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5A#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5A#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM5A#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5D#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5D#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM5D#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6A#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6A#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM6A#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6D#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6D#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM6D#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7A#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7A#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM7A#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7D#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7D#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM7D#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1C#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM1C#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM1C#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2B#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2B#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM2B#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3B#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3B#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM3B#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4B#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4B#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM4B#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5B#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5B#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM5B#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6B#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6B#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM6B#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7B#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7B#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM7B#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2C#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM2C#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM2C#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3C#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM3C#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM3C#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4C#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM4C#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM4C#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5C#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM5C#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM5C#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6C#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM6C#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM6C#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7C#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SHM7C#.EFF copied to override/D5SHM7C#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5FPSP2#.EFF]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5FPSP2#.EFF copied to override/D5FPSP2#.EFF, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/lub_0.2da]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/lub_0.2da copied to override/lub_0.2da, 875 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPLif#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPLif#.eff copied to override/D5SPLif#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPBen#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPBen#.eff copied to override/D5SPBen#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPDes#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPDes#.eff copied to override/D5SPDes#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPPro#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPPro#.eff copied to override/D5SPPro#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMExp#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMExp#.eff copied to override/D5SMExp#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPKno#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPKno#.eff copied to override/D5SPKno#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMTho#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMTho#.eff copied to override/D5SMTho#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMDre#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMDre#.eff copied to override/D5SMDre#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMVig#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMVig#.eff copied to override/D5SMVig#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMFir#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMFir#.eff copied to override/D5SMFir#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPLig#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPLig#.eff copied to override/D5SPLig#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMSha#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMSha#.eff copied to override/D5SMSha#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5mglv1.spl]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/d5mglv1.spl copied to override/d5mglv1.spl, 202 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_D.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_D.2DA copied to override/K_CR_D.2DA, 43 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_E.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_E.2DA copied to override/K_CR_E.2DA, 43 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_G.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_G.2DA copied to override/K_CR_G.2DA, 43 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_H.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_H.2DA copied to override/K_CR_H.2DA, 55 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_HE.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_HE.2DA copied to override/K_CR_HE.2DA, 55 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_HL.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_HL.2DA copied to override/K_CR_HL.2DA, 47 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_HO.2DA]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/K_CR_HO.2DA copied to override/K_CR_HO.2DA, 59 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMBen#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMBen#.eff copied to override/D5SMBen#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMKno#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMKno#.eff copied to override/D5SMKno#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPVig#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPVig#.eff copied to override/D5SPVig#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMAff#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SMAff#.eff copied to override/D5SMAff#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPAni#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPAni#.eff copied to override/D5SPAni#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPPla#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPPla#.eff copied to override/D5SPPla#.eff, 272 bytes
  Restoring backed-up [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPEar#.eff]
faiths_and_powers/backup/95/D5SPEar#.eff copied to override/D5SPEar#.eff, 272 bytes
Uninstalled    219 files for [FAITHS_AND_POWERS_MULTICLASS/FAITHS_AND_POWERS_MULTICLASS.TP2] component 95.
Unable to Unlink [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/READLN.95]: Unix.Unix_error(20, "unlink", "faiths_and_powers/backup/95/READLN.95")
Unable to Unlink [faiths_and_powers/backup/95/READLN.95.TEXT]: Unix.Unix_error(20, "unlink", "faiths_and_powers/backup/95/READLN.95.TEXT")

Debug file attached.


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I've started my install over again so hopefully I'll get through it without problems.  I had several points in this latest attempt where I installed and then uninstalled a component.  Given the way that Weidu doesn't seem to like handling some mods right now for reinstalls I'm wondering if fragments got left behind and those are causing problems.  I will update when I get to that point again.

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More diagnosing help.  I uninstalled the Multiclass Druids and Rangers and was able to install Multiclass Clerics (with warnings).  I'm wondering if there is an actual limit to the multiclass kits allowable in the engine.

The various warnings were things like the following:


Copied [QD_MCP01.SPL] to [override/QD_MCP01.SPL]

WARNING: Internal ability name too long [D5NFEATS]. Skipping.
Copying and patching 1 file ..



[./override/BDSTWEAP.2da] loaded, 26535 bytes

WARNING: Could not apply "bdstweap". Skipping.



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I did a stripped down install where I tried to use most of the class/kit mods but skipped a bunch of other content and this time all the multiclass kits installed without problems.

There were still a bunch of "Internal name too long" and "Could not apply" warning messages for the Shaman and Cleric Multiclass kits.

Weidu.log attached.  I'm wondering if the Golem Construction mod is one of the ones causing problems.  I tried to get all the mods that added a kit or a class (including some NPC mods) or modified a kit or class, but I may have missed some.


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13 hours ago, Caedwyr said:

I'm wondering if there is an actual limit to the multiclass kits allowable in the engine.

There is a number of kits allowed by Weidu (255); but this is expanded (to 1280 I think) if ToBEx is installed. You cannot install ToBEx on the EEs but FnP_Multi spoofs it by adding a ToBEx config file to your gane folder, then installing the multiclass kits, then removing the fake ToBEx file. Maybe something in your game (or folder permissions) are getting in the way of that fake ToBEx file being created?

6 hours ago, Caedwyr said:

I did a stripped down install where I tried to use most of the class/kit mods but skipped a bunch of other content and this time all the multiclass kits installed without problems.

I tried to get all the mods that added a kit or a class (including some NPC mods) or modified a kit or class

If you still have this test install, can you check that the number of kits in kitlist.2da is more than 255? That will confirm that it is not a kit limit problem. (My current BG2EE install, for instance, has about 310 kits.)

7 hours ago, Caedwyr said:

I'm wondering if the Golem Construction mod is one of the ones causing problems

Possible. I don’t think I specifically tested with that, and I have the sense that it’s a bit more... funky than most. (That’s not an insult, more like admiration - my mods are funky too.)

6 hours ago, Caedwyr said:

There were still a bunch of "Internal name too long" and "Could not apply" warning messages for the Shaman and Cleric Multiclass kits.

Those are fine, they can be ignored.

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I've already scrapped that install while I was trying a variety of things.  I'm actually thinking I may eliminate a bunch of the kit mods since I really don't like how they end up getting presented at character selection.  However, I'll also do the full install attempt again which should reproduce the problem I encountered before as well as the successful attempt and check the kitlist.2da files in both to help troubleshoot this.

As an aside, if there is any way to sort the kits on the character creation screen so everything after the trueclass is listed alphabetically, it would be a nice thing to do for presentation purposes.  It's the type of thing that would probably go in every kit install .tp2 or .tpa file to make sure the kit list has been tidied up nicely.

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14 hours ago, Caedwyr said:

any way to sort the kits on the character creation screen so everything after the trueclass is listed alphabetically, it would be a nice thing to do for presentation purposes.  It's the type of thing that would probably go in every kit install .tp2 or .tpa file to make sure the kit list has been tidied up nicely.

I sketched out the method in your other thread. Very theoretically, you could write up a Weidu function that kit mods could include... but half of the mods people use are unmaintained, so it would never be used uniformly. Better would be to create a “kit sorter” mod that could just be applied once at the end of an install. 

Incidentally, you can reduce the number of multiclass kits added by FnP_Multi if you think it adds too much to menus. After installing FnP’s single-class mod, there should be a file called “d5_class.2da” in your override folder. In one column, there us an entry for each kit that determines which multiclasses it gets. It looks very simple, like “f_t_m_k.” Just delete the letters for each class you don’t want for that kit. (K stands for “monK,” and is only used if you install MOoFv4.)

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Thanks for the feedback.

Something I'd like to clarify is if there is a Trueclass non-kit cleric available after this mod is installed?  The readme seems to suggest that there may not be, but I'd like to double check since it isn't completely up to date and I want to be able to check that the interactions between mods are working as intended.

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1 hour ago, Caedwyr said:

if there is a Trueclass non-kit cleric available after this mod is installed? 

There is not supposed to be. If you don’t choose a deity, who is giving you spells??

Functionally, single-class unkitted clerics will get spells, just for the odd occurrence where one shows up in the game and you don’t have NPCEE or SCS NPC Customization  to give them a kit. But for technical reasons, unkitted multiclass clerics do *not* get spells. 

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3 hours ago, Caedwyr said:

I think the rule is that in the forgotten  realms it is specialty clerics only.  Generic D&D allows for pantheon or concepts to empower clerics.

Anyways thanks for the clarification. 

Personally I think it should be fairly murky.  What about priests of Waukeen, or Amaunator, etc.?  Maybe the deity is not needed, maybe just the earnest, organized belief is enough. Maybe there is no deity - maybe it’s just an apparition generated by all that earnest, organized belief. 

Who knows? I loved Planescape so much because it showed you that that world and all those rules could work just fine even if questions like were not answered. Like, is the multiverse a big wheel? Of course not you goob! The 397th layer of the Abyss is not actually any “closer” to the 398th layer of the Abyss than it is to the paradise of Elysium. But it can be helpful for your brain to have a visual!

Anyway, one way or another, you need that earnest, organized belief to get spells. You can’t just wake up one day and decide you want to do healing spells and wear armor, and giving up bladed weapons for no rational reason is an acceptable compromise. I’m all for alternative sources of eldritch power - our Mystics and Occultists  are a taste of that, as are Beamdog’s Shamans. I even (especially) love the Zakharan “Priest of 10,000 Gods.” But “Generalist Cleric” does not get it done. If I’m DM (and as a modder, hey! I am), my response is “try harder!”

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Yeah, I like to leave things a bit more open and from what I've seen the official word for the Forgotten Realms has gone back and forth several times on the matter.  Golarian (Paizo) is the one I was thinking of where every priest has to have a patron deity even though the base game system allows for clerics of a concept.

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