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[UI] EEUITweaks Mod Collection (All EEs)

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On 11/24/2021 at 5:03 PM, Christian said:

What exactly does better quickloot?

It's a nicer interface layout than the default quickloot UI, and has a couple of features that I find highly useful such as showing your current encumbrance/how much weight you're carrying, so you don't pick up items when you're at or near the limit.

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On 11/23/2021 at 3:29 PM, ithildurnew said:

@lefreut  ... or anyone else, is there some fundamental conflict between Adul's better quickloot and LeFreut UIs? Experiencing the same problem with the BG2EE version (on a BG2EE install). I really happen to like Adul's quickloot, so much so that if I'd known about the 2 being mutually exclusive I probably would not have installed LeFreutUI mod - unfortunately it was the first mod installed so too late to remove it. If there's a workaround to get Adul's quickloot installed on top of LeFreut UI that would be magnificent.

Bumping, still hoping for an answer.

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I would like to ask for a clarification.

I'm currently trying to install a lot of UI components on an EET install with patch 2.6:


EET:0;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) - EET core (resource importation)

EET_gui:0;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) - Gui - Siege of Dragonspear

BGEEClassicMovies:0;BG:EE Classic Movies - Replace all movies

BGEEClassicMovies:3;BG:EE Classic Movies - Restore BG1 Chapter and Dream Screens

EEUITweaks:1000;EEUITweaks - Mods Options

EEUITweaks:1090;EEUITweaks - Default Button Position

EEUITweaks:1080;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Portrait Picker

EEUITweaks:1100;EEUITweaks - Display max proficiency limits

EEUITweaks:2000;EEUITweaks - Transparent Sidebars

EEUITweaks:2010;EEUITweaks - Feedback Message Box Buttons Hack

EEUITweaks:2042;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Level Up Glow with Click

EEUITweaks:2060;EEUITweaks - lefreut's 1.3-ish Dialog Box

EEUITweaks:2110;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Keep Dialog Box active after death

EEUITweaks:2900;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Improved Record Screen

EEUITweaks:3000;EEUITweaks - Leveling Progress Bars Tweaks

EEUITweaks:3010;EEUITweaks - Leveling Progress Bars Options

EEUITweaks:3023;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Journal (quests expanded by default)

EEUITweaks:3070;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Simple Journal Fixes

EEUITweaks:3028;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Customize Screens Tweaks

EEUITweaks:3030;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Customize All Characters

EEUITweaks:3050;EEUITweaks - With Item Comparison

EEUITweaks:4005;EEUITweaks - Default Button Position

EEUITweaks:4000;EEUITweaks - Joined Store Panels Using lefreut's Solution

EEUITweaks:4010;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Steal Multiple Items

EEUITweaks:4020;EEUITweaks - Adul's Smooth Selling

EEUITweaks:5000;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Tooltip Scroll

EEUITweaks:5020;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Box 5 (Dialog Box) Override

EEUITweaks:5030;EEUITweaks - lefreut's Scroll Bar Override

EEUITweaks:5040;EEUITweaks - Non-Italicized fonts for descriptions

HiddenGameplayOptions:10;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Enable Debug Mode"

HiddenGameplayOptions:11;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Enable UI Edit Mode"

HiddenGameplayOptions:12;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Show Strrefs"

HiddenGameplayOptions:13;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Hotkeys On Tooltips"

HiddenGameplayOptions:14;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Show trigger icons on tab"

HiddenGameplayOptions:17;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "3E Sneak Attack"

HiddenGameplayOptions:18;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Critical Hit Screen Shake"

HiddenGameplayOptions:19;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Show extra combat info"

HiddenGameplayOptions:20;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Show Game Date and Time on Pause"

HiddenGameplayOptions:23;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Pause Game on Map Screen"

HiddenGameplayOptions:24;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Enable Fog"

HiddenGameplayOptions:25;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Disable Movies"

HiddenGameplayOptions:28;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Trigger Bored Sounds"

HiddenGameplayOptions:29;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Frame Rate" (experimental)

HiddenGameplayOptions:30;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Action Feedback"

HiddenGameplayOptions:32;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Show Area of Effect Range"

HiddenGameplayOptions:33;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Enhanced Path Search"

HiddenGameplayOptions:34;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Expire Trap Highlights"

HiddenGameplayOptions:35;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Show Learnable Spells"

HiddenGameplayOptions:36;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Render Search Map"

HiddenGameplayOptions:37;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Add in-game option "Render Dynamic Search Map"

However, a few components from EEUITweaks are skipped:

1) lefreut's Customize All Characters
2) simple journal fixes
3) Joined Store Panels Using lefreut's Solution
4) lefreut's Steal Multiple Items
5) Adul's Smooth Selling
6) lefreut's Scroll Bar Override

which is a bit confusing, since according to the original thread on beamdog forums, all of those components should be compatible with the EET SoD gui platform, while a couple other components that should not (like lefreut's portrait picker) were successfully installed for me.

What I would like to know is: are those components being skipped because actually incompatible with the SoD EET_gui, or are they simply redundant, like I don't need to install them at all 'cause they're already included?


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Hello @Gwaihir

1) redundant with lefreut's Customize Screens Tweaks.

2) redundant with lefreut's Journal.

3) no longer needed since patch 2.6.

4) redundant with lefreut's Store Screen Tweaks.

5) incompatible with lefreut's Store Screen Tweaks.

6) disabled since patch 2.5 (because this patch broke it).

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On 2/20/2022 at 5:45 PM, yota13 said:

When will you traify the mod and it will be available for translation?

This mod modify the UI, it does not add any new lines to the dialog.tlk. Most components either use no strings or use string ref so they are language agnostic.

There are some components that use new string and they come with a/some lua file(s) (in the form of en_XXX.lua), that one could translate.

Oh and the setup is traified.


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Guest neuroghast

Hi there.

I'm having two issues after installing LEUI and EEUITweaks, in this order.

1) when using BillyYank multi portraits mod, I'm "forced" to chose a female character; it will only display women portraits and won't let me get back or try to choose the male gender in any way. I uninstalled this componnent and it get back to working properly with the default portrait picker.

2) When choosing my weapons proficiencies, the game goes completely unresponsive. With further testing I noticed it was happening with every class but fighters. I thought it was an issue with display max proficiency limits, but uninstalling it was useless. I then tried uninstalling Adul's Unhide Chargen Options and everything was working again.


Some observations:

- This was happening in both BG:EE and BGII:EE, as I was modding them both at the same time;

- I was starting both using the InfinityLoader.exe from EEex;

- I tried starting BG:EE via steam and when doing so I was able to avoid the second problem even without uninstalling the unhide options. Is there any compatibility problems between EEex and EEUI?

- I've added the weidu files both from before and after meddling a bit with them. Shouldn't be too different, but maybe it can be useful. And since I forgot my password and I'm posting as a guest I can't upload files directly here, so I threw them on a wetransfer link, hope you don't mind.

- When clicking on any small button (+ and - from scores, adding or removing weapon pips) the game sound like I pressed them 2 or 3 times. Not sure if this is relevant, as it could simply be an annoyance or could hint to something else.


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A big 3.9 release that should hopefully fix the bugs that have been reported.

  • Make BillyYank multi portraits compatible with LeUI (BG1EE, SoD & BG2EE skins).
  • Make BillyYank multi portraits compatible with LeUI-IWDEE.
  • Make Mr2150's Portrait Picker compatible with LeUI (SoD skin).
  • Mr2150's Portrait Picker is not compatible with Lefreut's UI (BG1EE skin).
  • Fix duplicated sounds when clicking on + and - from scores (FayDarkAutoRoll & lefreutCharacterGen).
  • Fix Adul's Unhide Chargen Options typo that causes heavy cpu usage.
  • Update textures for Inventory, Mage & Priest Spells, Journal, Record and Load & Save screens for LeUI components (BG2EE skin).

For the portraits components you also need to use the newly released update from LeUI (v4.4.6) for them to be fully compatible with each other.

Edited by lefreut
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