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Grim Squeaker

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A duck walked into a bar and ordered a drink and a ham sandwich. The bartender just stared. "You're a talking duck!" "Yes. Yes, I am," replied the duck. "I'm sorry, but we don't get many talking ducks in here. What brings you to these parts?" "I'm working at the construction site across the street." The duck returned every day for weeks. When the circus came to town, its ringmaster happened into the same bar. The bartender said, "I know a talking duck. He should be in your circus. He's amazing!" "Sounds good," said the ringmaster. "Tell him to give me a call." The next time the duck entered the bar, the bartender said, "I've found you a new job and it pays big money!" "Really? Where?" "At the circus." "The circus?" "Yep." "That place with the big tent? With the big canvas roof?" "Right!" said the bartender. The duck looked confused and asked, "What in the hell do they want with a plasterer?"

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